“When I am eating something truly delicious, I always find that I have a problem deciding how fast to eat it!” says mattstolz. “Do I eat it really slow to have as much time as possible savoring and enjoying it? Or do I eat it fast so that there is no delay in getting the deliciousness into my mouth?”

“You’ve restated (in a slightly altered form) the old conundrum of ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too,'” says Servorg. “So maybe try eating the first half really quickly to conserve the heat in the food and then linger over the last half, since it’s already cooled (so what difference can it really make at that point?).” After all, what’s the point of having cake if you can’t eat it?

Besides, you can’t fight fate. “Aroma, visual stimulation and anticipation of pleasure all come into play … and the sadness of seeing those last few lonely crumbs remaining on the icing streaked plate after the inevitable finally occurs leading to your blood sugar spiking through the roof…,” says Servorg.

ipsedixit says it depends on the amount of the food available. “If it’s a small scoop of decadent ice cream. Slow and steady. A big gallon bucket of the same ice cream? As fast as I can without dying from brain freeze,” she says.

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