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San Francisco Chef's Go-To Guide for Post Work 'Shifters' and Eats
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San Francisco Chef's Go-To Guide for Post Work 'Shifters' and Eats

The Shifter. The coveted cold boozy beverage after a long day in the kitchen. There isn't much more a chef wants than an ice cold beer after standing over a stove and sending out hot plates of food. Luckily, San Francisco boasts some amazing late night spots. Bonus, most of them have a killer late night menu. 


NOPA - This hip and trendy neighborhood staple has been feeding and tending to the late night service crowd for years. Their kitchen is open until 1am, and has one of the best burgers and pork chops in the Bay.  To top it off, their in-house brew and Manhattan menu quench even the mightiest of thirsts after a long shift.

Photo Credit: Eatingwithziggy.com

Genki Ramen - Nestled in the Inner Richmond, Genki is a dime for late night food. They boast an unparalleled late night happy hour with $3 gyoza, sesame wings and $3 drinks. There's not much better than cold beer and Japanese appetizers after a shift! http://www.genkiramen.com/

Picture Credit: Genkiramen.net

El Farolito - The pinnacle of late night eats, the Burrito. El Farolito is, in my humble opinion, one of the best burritos in SF. AND they are open until 2:30am. Oh, and like a true taqueria, they serve ice cold beer. This burrito has saved my life a number of times. 

Picture Credit: SF Gate

Alta - Easily one of the best kept secrets (although maybe not any more) for late night food and drink. Alta's kitchen stays open until 1am and serves up some of the best cocktails in SF. Oh, and their snacks like, Deviled Eggs & Puffed Beef tendons, could not be better drinking buddies to their awesome cocktails. 

Picture Credit: Alta Ca

Brazen Head - An industry staple. Somewhat off the beaten path in Cow Hollow, the Brazen head is a safe haven for all industry folk. Dark, quiet, and pours stiff cocktails. And their kitchen stays open late, with classic offerings like prime rib, and french onion soup. A win-win-win. 

Picture Credit: themenupage.com

15 Romolo - Hidden in the heart of the old Barbary Coast, Romolo has been slanging craft cocktails for over 17 years.  The kitchen also stays open late with a burger that will quell any hunger you may have.  Bonus, they serve cans of beer if you aren't feeling a whiskey drinks. 

Picture Credit: 15 Romolo

Taquería El Farolito
The Brazen Head
15 Romolo
Taqueria El Farolito

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