How To Get Rid Of Your Leftover Halloween Candy (ASAP)
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How To Get Rid Of Your Leftover Halloween Candy (ASAP)

This morning, you probably found yourself in one of the following scenarios: a) Your children visited every house within a 5 mile radius last night and you now have more candy than they can possibly eat; b) You overestimated how many trick-or-treaters would come to your door, and now you have more candy than you can possibly eat; or c) A combination of both A and B. 

Sensing a theme here? The best way to make a dent in that giant pile of candy is to repurpose it into something even better, like homemade candy fudge or loaded cookie bars, and then share it with everyone you know (coworkers, friends, extended family, etc). 

See below for some of our Leftover Halloween Candy favorites from the #feedfeed community

1. Toast with Coconut Whipped Cream & Gummy Candy

Photo and Recipe by @myberryforest

Surprise your kids with a fun after school treat that will use up some of your Halloween gummy treats. The recipe linked here is for a simple 3 ingredient vegan coconut whipped cream. 

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2. Loaded Cookie Bars

Photo and Recipe by @handletheheat

Loaded Cookie Bars are one of the easiest ways to use up a sizable portion of leftover candy. Throw in all of your favorites for a chewy, delicious post-Halloween dessert. 

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3. Leftover Candy Boo Bark

Photo and Recipe by @simplybeautifuleating

At this point, you're probably sick of Candy Corn, but if you still have one or two bags lingering around the house, reutilize it in this easy chocolate bark. Feel free to customize this recipe by adding the chopped candy of your choice. 

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4. Peanut Butter Brownie with Leftover Halloween Candy 

Photo and Recipe by @howsweeteats

This is no ordinary brownie; think giant brownie baked as a tart, spread with smooth peanut butter & chocolate hazelnut ganache, and finished with crunchy candy. Slice and eat like a pie, or cut into regular brownie portions for a portable dessert. 

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5. Chocolate Bar Fudge

Photo and Recipe by @emilybakedthis

A pile of extra Halloween candy is the perfect excuse to make homemade fudge. If you've never made fudge at home, what better time to try than now? (It's easier than it looks.)

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If you're still looking for ways to get rid of your candy, visit the Halloween Candy Leftovers Feed on our site for plenty more recipes. 


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