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Creating a Food Podcast

A year or two ago, my friend Marlo approached me about joining up to do a podcast. Marlo is also self-employed running a Soft Baked Biscotti company called Marlo's Bakeshop. We both knew nothing about podcasts, other than being on the other side as listeners. So, we embarked down a fun and challenging road together as complete novices. 

One of our hurdles was recording equipment. Apparently to record a podcast you need a microphone and something to record digital audio. Shocking, I know. Luckily, in a former life I use to dabble in video editing. I had an old computer with an outdated version of Final Cut Pro, a sketchy hard drive, and a desk to work on. So, Marlo came over and we sat in my tiny bedroom with our outdated recording equipment and gave it a shot. 

Where to start... The blank page is a writers adversary, and this was no exception for two cooks. What do we talk about? What do people want to listen too? We toiled for a while and decided that we should talk about our strengths. Hers being the dessert (sweet) side, and mine being savory (salty). We approached it from an angle where what would a baker and a chef do with the same ingredient. And thus, our podcast was born. This was no easy task, it took a while! But now, what to say? 

If you have ever been on camera, you cringe at how you look and sound. This is no different. We recorded, we talked, we did our best radio personality impressions and after about 10 or so takes, we had our intro. Which, actually is still our opening. Now that that was out of the way, we talked. And talked. And talked. Pretty soon we had over 25 minutes of recorded audio. No one wants to listen to us for that long we thought. So, I started editing. Still not remembering all the tricks, I hacked us down to a respectable 10 minutes. We thought 10-12 minutes would be perfect. Short and sweet, and leaving a little room to go longer on more passionate topics. Not a bad start! We thought. 

Then came the laborious part. Where do we host? We need a website. We need this and that... We didn't know what we were doing! After a ton of research (Thanks Marlo!) we had a site, an iTunes page, and a Soundcloud account. This was a lot more red tape than we anticipated, but it got done. And, 25 episodes later we are still rolling! 

We hope you will give us a listen. And please feel free to ask questions, leave us comments or reviews! We'd love to hear from you all. 

About the Author

Chef Kellan Hori

After six years in the kitchen and many extraordinary events, Kellan has become more than a chef, he’s cooking up experiences. From small intimate dinner parties, cooking lessons, and family meals to large corporate bar-b-ques, beer dinners, and holiday soirées, the Kitchen has it covered. Kellan and crew are not just cooks and servers, they’re hosts, cocktail gurus, and burgeoning sommeliers. With a focus always on the food, Kellan’s Kitchen also pays great attention to hosting, vibe, comfort and the vision of the host. Everyone must walk out with a smile, full belly, and sometimes a nice buzz.