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Here's how to locate/purchase Le Crueset cookware on sale

by tanyacakes 12 years ago

Hello, I came across what I felt was one of the greatest secrets about this fantastic cookware back in the early 19...

Cpt Wafer

Cpt Wafer commented 11 years ago

Cooking in Cast Iron

by annimal 11 years ago

I'm new to cast iron, having just recently lifted a skillet from my mom. I've seasoned it and baked in it a few times...


JoanN commented 11 years ago

Personalized Aprons

by jenhen2 11 years ago

I want to pick one up for an x-mas gift, but William Sonoma won't embroider enough letters. Does anyone have a source...


CindyJ commented 11 years ago

Pressure Cookers - what do you use "low" pressure for?

by MikeG 11 years ago

I'm vaguely considering a PC and have noticed that some models only have one pressure setting - 15 PSI - which seems ...


MikeG commented 11 years ago

Hurrah for Pressure Cookers

by jerry i h 11 years ago

I have now made peace with mine, and I enjoy using it on a regular basis. I can cook: chicken curry in 10 minutes...


alphafood commented 11 years ago

So what is it about suntoku knives?

by Howard_2 11 years ago

Could someone tell me what is the advantage to the "suntoku" knife--the kind with those little scooped-out places on ...


amkirkland commented 11 years ago

Hand Mixer Recs Needed

by sivyaleah 11 years ago

I'm in the market for a new hand mixer having lost/misplaced my old one in a move. I have a KitchenAid stand mix...


rainey commented 11 years ago

Can atoaster really make eggs and toast at the same time?

by bolivianita 11 years ago

Was thinking of buying this gadget for my sister and brother in law who are both inept at cooking. Can it really wor...

The Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen commented 11 years ago

SANYO rice cooker with bibiimbap setting

by augustiner 11 years ago

in the january fine cooking issue, there is a review of high-end rice cookers. one of them, a Sanyo ECJ-F50S, has a d...


ML8000 commented 11 years ago

badly double-burnt pot problem

by leeau 11 years ago

My mom got me an IKEA/365+ pot with steamer insert (both stainless steel). While steaming my chestnuts, I let the wat...


jerry i h commented 11 years ago

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Demarle Home party?

by rebategirl 11 years ago

I'm going to a Demarle party this week and I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations.

cleaning Mr Cofee

by AnneM 11 years ago

I bought a Mr Coffee with a thermos pot as opposed to glass. Well, I'm seriously thinking of throwing it out and look...


AnneM commented 11 years ago

Totally Bamboo

by staceymn 11 years ago

Just wanted to write and let everyone know about the excellent service I have received from "Totally Bamboo"! A numb...


jcanncuk commented 11 years ago

is any one familiar with "cooks tri-ply" cookware from jc penny

by t.day 11 years ago

they have a 10 piece set for $149.00 I'm not sure if it's fully clad or not, and I cant seem to find anything on the ...

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester commented 11 years ago

HELP! Seasoning cast iron pans!

by Displaced California Foodie 11 years ago

I am following the directions included with my cast iron pans for seasoning: Should my kitchen be full of smoke durin...


Hungry Celeste commented 11 years ago

Best Crockpot or Slow Cooker?

by MaggieMuffin 11 years ago

Hi, I am thinking about investing in a good crockpot/slow cooker since I love to braise and make soups and stews....


spigot commented 11 years ago

HELP! Seaoning cast iron pans

by Displaced California Foodie 11 years ago

I am following the directions included with my cast iron pans for seasoning: Should my kitchen be full of smoke durin...


S. Britchky commented 11 years ago

thinking of buying a vacuum packing machine...

by ali patts 11 years ago

This (oddly enough) seemed like the best board for this, but if not please shout! I'm thinking of buying a vacuum...


jfood commented 11 years ago

Returns to Le Creuset

by saraeanderson 11 years ago

Anyone have any experience? I was browning some sausage in my dutch oven when all of a sudden the lining started cra...


Jane917 commented 11 years ago

Members Mark Tri-ply cookware?

by t.day 11 years ago

I'm looking for the best set of cookware I can buy for my wife south of $200.00 or better yet $150.00. I read an old...


t.day commented 11 years ago

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