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Vintage All Clad LTD 2 Qt saucier

by Jirachi 1 hour ago

Good afternoon Chowhound, I'm on the hunt for a sauteuse évasée bombée style pan from the original All Clad LTD hard-anodized line and I was wondering if anyone has one they would sell to me. I lov...

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Lagostina Lagofusion 28 cm saute pan / rondeau

by damiano 3 months ago

In another thread on induction cooking by VFish, there has been some discussion on the Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion line. As that thread has expanded quite a bit, and to make future searches easi...


Porsche vs. Jeep vs. Cadillac (basic cookware)

by khall56 4 days ago

The title may seem odd at first for this community, but I think you'll understand quickly enough. I'm separating from my spouse of over 30 years, so I find myself with the daunting (yet strangely ...


La Chambra... Can it be used to bake Sourdough Bread?

by whiddledog 5 days ago

Recent purchase to replace a beautiful 40 year old French made bean pot that I broke one of the handles on :-(. It is still usable as a humidifier on top of the wood stove. Maybe it's because I di...


What's the proper way to clean a cast iron dutch oven used for deep frying?

by TKB21 2 days ago

I have a large cast iron dutch oven that I use often to fry french fries and chicken. I just got done with re-seasoning it due to the grease build up on the sides from accidental overflows and drip...


Help with Lodge cast iron skillet surface burn

by HFH 6 days ago

I’m a novice cast iron user, though I have an old cast iron skillet of my mother’s she also used as a Dutch oven (it says ‘Chicago Foundry’ on the bottom). It’s surface is so smooth, but eggs stuc...

Are copper pans over 3.5mm thick overkill?

by Jirachi 12 days ago

Good afternoon chowhound, I am always on the lookout for vintage, tin lined, French copper pots and pans 3mm thick and thicker. I am familiar with the sort of classic opinion of 3.175mm (1/8") as t...


Carbon Steel wok coating

by Oddlesofnoddles 5 days ago

I just bought a carbon steel wok from Amazon that has some kind of coating that prevents it from rusting. I followed youtube instructions rather than the actual instructions and only partially remo...


Demeyere industry 5 chipped after first use?!

by curiousabe 4 days ago

So I just received a Demeyere industry 5 frying pan earlier today, decided to take it for a spin and fry some vegetables on medium heat in canola oil and only using a silicon spatula. However af...

polish cast iron?

by AndyHc 12 years ago

I purchased a cast iron skillet on the basis of expected durability. To me, this skillet appears to have the surface left by the casting process. It has a made in China sticker on it. I know cast i...


Chipped Staub?

by phet7178 4 days ago

I posted here a while back about my excitement re my new Staub Dutch oven. It’s taken me a while to give it a run but, in this lockdown comfort food mode, I got it out a few days ago to make a soup...

Omelette pan

by mikefly 2 years ago

Hi, I did some searching and found several chains - but just for kicks, here is my specific scenario and question. I have an electric stove. My kids eat eggs for breakfast. My cast iron tak...

Where to purchase Mattarello (Italian pasta rolling pin) preferably in the NYC area?

by qwerty1 5 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a mattarello rolling pin. I know that it's not commonly found in the US and I wondered if anyone could recommend a good reputable place or website for purchasing a...


Porcelain Dutch oven?

by bloodboy 7 days ago

My girlfriend has asked me for a meatloaf recipe. I found this: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/08/the-food-lab-all-american-meatloaf-excerpt-recipe.html She wants to go all out and ma...

Advice all round 24cm (9,44'') frying pan

by VanquishNL 18 days ago

Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a pan; Demeyere Proline / Multifunction or another brand and type without anti-stick coating. For half of the time I will use it for baking pancakes (the higher wa...

Refilling a disposable pepper or salt mill

by Lgalen 13 years ago

I'd like to try to get the top off of my empty Trader Joe's salt mill. My McCormick pepper mill is also nearly empty. I'd like to try to reuse them with whole spices such as cardamom, cumin, etc....

Fake ‘Gaillard’ stamps on used Copper Cookware!

by alexrander 12 days ago

I took notice of Betsy’s blog entry at Vintage French Copper, last week concerning old copper pans getting a fake stamp placed on them. The stamp, specifically was of the rather prestigious “Gai...