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Offer advice on cookware, appliances, and kitchen gadgets, including knives, blenders, rice cookers, frying pans, toaster ovens, and roasting pans.

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Your perfect cookware setup?

by CHSeifert 3 days ago

What is/would be your perfect dream cokware setup ? Frying pan ? Sauter pan ? Braiser ? Pots ? Dutch oven ? S...


Chazzz commented 22 minutes ago

Pierre Vergnes Copper cookware

by Steveburnz 1 year ago

Hi all I have recently inherited a 14 piece set of Pierre Vergnes copper pans. I am aware that they are quite valu...


ccjohnston commented 2 hours ago

Woking Dead?

by KungWok 4 days ago

Hello , I just bought a carbon steel wok and tried to season it and maybe I shouldn't have done it.... The bott...


KungWok commented 3 hours ago

Russell Range Info Please -- any info?

by MPmill 8 years ago

We're remodeling our kitchen and we've been offered a used Russell Range. We haven't been able to find any info abou...


hunteradisor commented 6 hours ago

Nixtamatic Masa Grinder

by TamaleTrolley 1 year ago

I wanted to leave a review of the Nixtamatic masa grinder because I see references to it all over, and several recomm...


Jennifer2017 commented 8 hours ago

Cuisinart Replacement Blade

by anndillman 2 months ago

Has anyone received their new blade yet? Any idea of how long it will take to get one?


alexrander commented 21 hours ago

Serrated knife

by walnut 1 day ago

correct me if i am wrong but i thought the cutting motion when using a serrated knife is back and forth sawing, or lo...


medlar commented 21 hours ago

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Pan (De Buyer)

by DTats0311 1 month ago

Guys I'm obviously doing something wrong. I followed the instructions that De Buyer gave me... Didn't work. Then I di...


srdeo commented 21 hours ago

48 in duel fuel brand review?

by jrboston 11 days ago

Looking for reviews of 48in duel fuel ranges; bluestar, capital culinarian, aga, wolf. Any thoughts? I'm more intere...

dcrb commented 1 day ago

Help! Which CI handle defect/imperfection would you choose?

by MartinG 5 days ago

I continue to buy Bourgeat copper pans, because I really like to cook in them. At the same time, I continue to have p...


MartinG commented 1 day ago

Shun Hikari knife series

by drrayeye 4 days ago

This is Shun's answer to the Miyabi Birchwood:

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Winter 2016-2017 Deals Thread

by CenturyLife 3 months ago

Per Kaleo's request, it's winter now so say hello to the Winter 2016-2017 Deals Thread!


therealdoctorlew commented 2 days ago

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven 6.75 vs. 8 Quart Dimensions

by monicatotoro 4 days ago

Hello! I'm debating between the oval 6.75 and 8 quarts Dutch oven. Does anyone own these and have the dimensions o...

rasputina commented 2 days ago

Is this pot stainless steel or aluminum?

by junebug03 5 days ago

I have a set of (likely cheapo) pots that my parents bought me years ago. I've used them for years thinking they wer...


junebug03 commented 2 days ago

Dating vintage Henckels carbon steel chef knife

by carnicero 3 years ago

Pics here: Found at a second hand store and wondering if anyone could help me date and/or...


hilliage commented 2 days ago

One Mortar & Pestle to rule them all!

by Gelatodolci 6 days ago

Hi to all! ;-) Been looking for a mortar and pestle for various jobs, one that applies well for various cuisines,...

Gelatodolci commented 2 days ago

De Buyer carbon steel pan - soap cleaning ?

by CHSeifert 3 days ago

I know soap and carbon steel is not the optimum combination. But I would like to try and cook with one of the De B...


ChrisJM commented 2 days ago

Appropriate cutting board for Japanese knife?

by dannynyc 6 years ago

I just purchased my first Japanese knife (a Masamoto VG gyuto) after years of using Wusthofs. I generally use a bamb...

mikie commented 2 days ago

Replacing cookware, help needed

by Lvello 3 months ago

I am looking to replace my old, worn calphalon nonstick set that is about 9 years old. I'm looking to replace with qu...


randallhank commented 3 days ago

Silver7 sauté pan early thoughts

by HabaneroLady 2 months ago

My birthday falls during the holiday season, and I decided to get a Demeyere Atlantis sauté pan for my birthday. Sin...


HabaneroLady commented 3 days ago

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