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Carbon Steel Problem

by gerhardw 1 month ago

About a month ago I got a small carbon steel pan. I've been cooking eggs in the every day and occasionally have tried...

GlassOfCab commented 23 minutes ago

Outdoor wok burners?

by OaklandGal 27 minutes ago

Another thread about woks got me wondering if anyone else here uses an outdoor high heat gas wok burner? (I know, I k...


OaklandGal commented 25 minutes ago

Vintage roaster?

by breadchick 23 hours ago

Short version: beloved aunt passed away. Lots of kitchen stuff. I got quite a bit, and am wondering about this "roast...


medlar commented 1 hour ago

Wok - what kind do you prefer ?

by CHSeifert 18 hours ago

So I own the Mauviel M Cook wok and think it's fantastic. My GF owns a Tefal Non Stick wok, which she used 3-4 tim...


OaklandGal commented 1 hour ago

Cuisinart 14 BCNY discs popping out of stem

by gamma50g 17 days ago

I have a Cuisinart Custom 14 food processor and purchased the DLC 7 9 set discs (as I read its compatible with the ...


ncostel67 commented 1 hour ago

Parts for cuisinart

by Missyme 9 years ago

I have a Cuisinart DLC-7 Pro food processor that is probably 25 years old. It still works beautifully, and I don't wa...


ncostel67 commented 2 hours ago

My Silicone Baking Mat Is Greasy

by jsommer7345 2 hours ago

I have read about how some bakers have issues with getting the greasy stains off their silicone mats. There hasn't be...


alexrander commented 2 hours ago

Lurker comes out from the shadows - Staub questions

by GlassOfCab 4 days ago

Hello everybody! I've been lurking for two and a half years but I finally joined tonight. I first found your site ...

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White Enameled Cast Iron–Stains from cooking surface

by GlassOfCab 3 hours ago

Do those of you using white enameled cast iron have issues with your stove staining them whether glass, coil, or the ...

GlassOfCab commented 3 hours ago

Do I need one of these? (I'm just a home cook.)

by walker 4 days ago

I just read about the Tourne knife on Serious Eats; I'd probably buy the cheaper Victorinox one since I love their pa...


acgold7 commented 4 hours ago

Russell Range Info Please -- any info?

by MPmill 9 years ago

We're remodeling our kitchen and we've been offered a used Russell Range. We haven't been able to find any info abou...


pfarbish commented 5 hours ago

Bluestar support

by jamescbrown 24 hours ago

We've had our Bluestar 30" range for many years (RCS30). It's got great burner heat range, the infrared broiler is g...

dcrb commented 6 hours ago

Cookware New

More Unidentified Stemware

by ssshkazeg9 7 hours ago

Please help me identify this stemware. I don't know what the manufacturer is, and would appreciate your help.

Cookware New

Need To Identify Stemware Manufacturer

by ssshkazeg9 7 hours ago

I have a couple different sets of wine glasses, but do not know who the manufacturers are. If you can help me, I woul...

Is Demeyere Atlantis stockpot worth the price?

by abloh 2 years ago

Hi all, It's only recently that I started to geek out on cookware, after my supposed 5-quart dutch oven started sh...

drrayeye commented 7 hours ago

Stockpot claded vs disk bottom?

by krafts 2 years ago

I am about to get a stockpot. I can't decide whether to get claded or disk bottom. Can you please tell me what is the...

Neo1 commented 10 hours ago

2018 Cookware Deals and Delights

by Libranflight 24 days ago

Thought I would start off a 2018, because I could not find one. Hope you all have a wonderful 2018!!


damiano commented 15 hours ago

More copper advice please

by OaklandGal 4 days ago

Hey guys, sorry another thread asking advice. Any idea how thick this beautiful old pan might be? I am guessing 2mm? ...

TJFRANCE commented 15 hours ago