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E. Dehillerin---what to buy?

by Pirendeus 3 days ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris (possibly once in a life time) and plan to visit E. Dehillerin. Any suggestions on somethi...


Sirrith commented 22 minutes ago

Drop in cooktop 36 inches: best kind?

by cmandtp 2 days ago

ignitors on DCS by Fisher and Paykal cooktop went after 11 years. repairman said it was from cleaning fluid build up....


alexrander commented 2 hours ago

Is there a name for the flippable spice jars in professional kitchens?

by drjlm 22 hours ago

Hi folks, I'm something of a curry afficionado and trying to set up my home kitchen with all the tools that the pr...


MikeG commented 4 hours ago

Anyone Know the History of Gaillard Copperware?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

I am an American cook who loves French copper cookware, and the best I've ever seen bears the mark "Gaillard". Doe...

kaleokahu commented 7 hours ago

Cookware New

DEYMEYERE..differences between two skillets

by erica 8 hours ago

Apart from $100, what are the major differences between the Atlantis 12.5' fry pan and the 5-Plus 12.5". I am looki...

Domed Lid - When is it useful? Is it better than a flat lid?

by hobbybaker 7 years ago

Hi, chowhound members I have a 10 inch All-clad fry pan, which has no lid when I purchased it . As I own no saute ...


RDD commented 11 hours ago

Can someone recommend an excellent slow cooker? Some new ones I've tried disappoint.

by Headlands 10 days ago

I've tried a Hamilton Beach 6 qt and a Crock Pot 4 qt, both with programmable timers. Both of them cook WAY to hot fo...

paulj commented 12 hours ago

Lacanche range and copper cookware

by Sonny1958 2 years ago

Will using copper cookware be a problem? I recently placed an order for a Sully. Yay! Anyway, I have heard tha...


alexrander commented 12 hours ago

Vegetarian Essential Cookware

by veggiecookware 6 days ago

For various reason, I am having to start my cookware collection from scratch. I know I'm going to go with Falk, but I...

MplsM ary commented 13 hours ago

Cuisinart Replacement Blade

by anndillman 3 months ago

Has anyone received their new blade yet? Any idea of how long it will take to get one?


Hunga Hoits commented 13 hours ago

Oil-seasoning copper cookware

by Computta 3 days ago

Has anyone ever tried coating the outside of a copper (tin lined) pot with some kind of oil to prevent it form formin...

kaleokahu commented 16 hours ago

Zwilling Discounted Wares

by phdchemist 10 days ago

I have just picked up a couple of pans from the Zwilling Outlet store at Woodbury malls at 50% off the outlet price (...


phdchemist commented 1 day ago


by walnut 2 days ago

what is the best knife to cut pies, is it a serrated knife or a smooth blade knife? how or what do you cut pies with.


damiano commented 1 day ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

ProLine Range Hoods

by GroundCharles 1 day ago

We are looking for a wall mounted range hood for our kitchen renovation. The hoods available from ProLine (http://ww...

Frying in Copper

by veggiecookware 5 days ago

I've been trying to figure this out and am hoping someone with more experience can weigh in. Can anybody tell me how ...

kaleokahu commented 1 day ago

Repaint my Le Creuset enameled whistling kettle

by mplimarthur 2 days ago

My kettle has some 'burns' and I wish to repaint the area. Can someone recommend a good enamel spray heat resistant ...


JRC14 commented 1 day ago

De Buyer Mineral B Carbon steel 28cm pan tips ?

by CHSeifert 8 days ago

I just bought this pan for my father. Problem is he cooks bacon eggs and a tomato each day. I understand acids wi...


MucousMembrane commented 1 day ago

Japanese omelette pan

by anndillman 2 days ago

Any suggestions for a nonstick pan for rolled omelettes.


sr44 commented 2 days ago

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

by krystinamarie 3 years ago

Hey there, Hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out! I have a 7.25 quart enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven....


mplimarthur commented 2 days ago

Kitchens with Butcher Block Counters -- What's Around Your Sink?

by jessinEC 6 years ago

We are redoing our countertops and originally planned on using Carrera marble for most of it -- keeping the main work...

mikie commented 2 days ago

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