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Japanese knives

by Pertti 1 month ago

Hi, I've been stung by the J-knife bee. Would appreciate some brand and model suggestions, as well as if you have read some nice resource around the subject, I'd like to look into it too. We ...

Brandani Cast Iron Pan

by Libranflight 3 years ago

Found at TJ Maxx, wondering if anyone has any input on use, performance and care. Thanks!

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Demeyere Plancha

by rararobb 2 months ago

It appears Zwilling is offering again the larger sized plancha. Specified as the 7 ply. I know it’s been popular in this space so I wanted to share in case anyone is interested. Marked as cleara...


by penrichardson 2 years ago

I am still looking at bakeware, and as when I asked before several suggested Pillivuyt and Apilco. For those who have used both these and the Le Creuset (not the CIE, just the ceramic), can you te...


Vintage Vitamix lid

by Nyleve 2 days ago

Argh. I love my old weirdo Vitamixer Maxi 4000. Today the clip that holds the lid on the container broke off and I wasn't able to repair it. This thing is a beast and, of course, parts no longer ap...


Deep Scratch on Mauviel Copper Pan

by raya_sc 3 days ago

Hello, I'm new to the copper pan world and am glad to have found this community of experts. I just received my copper pan but sadly there's a deep scratch on the copper part, as though someone slic...

new preseasoned cast iron smells fishy (rancid?)

by cristina3611 6 years ago

We just purchased a pre-seasoned lodge camping dutch oven and a griddle. I read that another round of seasoning would be good before using, so I rubbed canola oil on them and baked at 400 deg for ...

Fall 2020 cookware deals

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

So what deals have you seen lately and are you planning on purchasing something special once the price is right ? I just got a good deal on a duo of Zwilling Pro 20cm/8” Chefs knife. One is a ...


Two more knives go home!

by Eiron 6 days ago

Husband-and-wife knife pair done! The small one is a 4" (105mm) paring knife with African mahogany handle and forest green metallic pin fill. The larger one is a 6" (155mm) santoku with Caribbean ...

Look at this even heated cast iron pan

by MartinG 9 days ago

Good stove, Good pan. Well tasting pancakes. The eveness in this Skeppshult cast iron pan is almost perfect, much better than in my carbon steel pans. It was not preheated in any way - I just pl...

Container for storing and microwaving soup that doesn't get too hot... or more "precise" pot holder/oven mitt?

by Cassandra2 8 days ago

I use Pyrex glass containers for storing and microwaving soup, and then I just eat the soup out of the Pyrex bowl. However, after I've microwaved the soup, the Pyrex is very hot, and I find it diff...

Vent holes in pot/pan lids - net positive?

by iyc_nyc 10 years ago

Okay, so I have an esoteric question. Is it a net positive to have vent holes in one's cooking pan/pot lids, and what are all the pros and cons? I've noticed that the higher end cookware (e.g., All...


Stainless steel oval roaster options?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 6 days ago

If my search overlooked something, please point me to it! I'm looking for a preferably stainless multi-ply oval covered roaster. I'm open to other materials but I prefer the durability of stain...


Classic Enameled Stockpot with tight lid versus "waterless" cookware

by treflelilac 4 days ago

I recently bought a 6 qt. 360 cookware "waterless" stockpot and used it to simmer down a turkey carcass over a 48 hour period and didn't have to keep checking it to add water. I am looking for an a...

Vermicular pots

by bloodboy 2 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with these Japanese made enameled cast iron pots? https://shop.vermicular.com/en/index.php I've seen information on them on Japanese boards but no-one has mentio...

Let's celebrate autumn: take out your enameled cast iron cookware!

by damiano 2 months ago

So, after a hiatus of 6 months, today I took out my Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven and made a wonderful lamb stew. Recipe by Penelope Casas. Boy, have I missed my Le Creuset! Who else has been...

Using a Pasta Insert as a Steamer Basket

by Philly Ray 7 years ago

I have a pot that came with a steamer basket and a pasta insert. But sometimes, I find that the basket is too small for things like dungeness crabs, lobsters, etc. Has anyone ever used their past...

What is this mortar & pestle?

by bloodboy 7 days ago

Does anyone know what type of mortar & pestle this is? I can't seem to find any information on Google. Someone I work with just acquired this and I saw it on her website. I'm not sure what it's ...

Mauviel lids without tiny handle

by AFiller 8 days ago

I'm looking for a lid for my 16 cm Mauviel M'250C2 saucepan, but all the lids that fit the pan (the M'250C, M'150C, and stainless) all seem to have really tiny handles -- so tiny that I don't think...

Any artisan J-knives with a Kramer like blade profile?

by CHSeifert 7 days ago

I’m so fond of the Kramer blade profile, that it’s my preferred blade profile on a gyuto and a santoku. Whether it’s the Kramer Meiji or Kramer Damascus, doesn’t matter, I own both and they hav...