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Al/SS bimetal cookware options

by ar1338 1 hour ago

Second attempt at posting b/c of malfunctioning spam filter: All I am aware of at present is the viking HA, All Clad MC2, and All Clad LTD, as well as a Carlson pan. I like the MC2 and LTD, b...


Kamala Harris buys $500+ of cookware at E. Dehillerin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 hours ago

Some how I missed the controversy till now over VP Kamala Harris spending $500+ at E. Dehillerin during her recent diplomatic trip to Paris. In the video of her shopping she says, " I just want to ...

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New Hammersmith Brooklyn Copper Cookware by way of New Jersey

by alexrander 1 month ago

I’m so confused. New Hammersmith Copper Pans and website? I don’t know anything about it.


by penrichardson 3 years ago

Need a new nonstick for eggs. Looking at Demeyere AluPro Nonstick. I have always bought cheap teflon before, and a ceramic one that I don't like at all. Any experience with the Demeyere or other...

Did I steal this Paella Pan

by JTPhilly 8 years ago

13.5 inches 4,5 lbs marked "Mauviel France" for $15.90 I grabbed it from the thrift store shelf and ran out of there like a thief - the words Mauviel, France and the appearance of copper were e...


Thickness Master Listing

by mobiledynamics 7 hours ago

I take delivery of what I know will be a thin pan, even for tri ply standard. Eh, it was -free- due to a GC, and will muster as a large pretty mixing bowl. I have a MM in hand so I'm actually able ...


Thermapen One

by kaleokahu 3 days ago

OK, I was perfectly happy with my Taylor version of a Thermapen--it worked well, had the same basic features as the original Thermapen, and frankly I didn't care if it took 5 seconds to register. ...


Tin Blemish

by mobiledynamics 16 hours ago

Picked up this pot awhile back and it has seen minimal use - handful of time. I just noticed this which I did not pick up on previously. What am I looking at ? Is it potential poor bonding of tin, ...

New Santoku Knife

by olunia 17 days ago

Hello Everyone, Looking at purchasing a new Santoku kitchen knife and really like the Wüsthof knives and most of the knives that I own are from the Classic line. I'm ready to upgrade and am l...


Help me pick a Saute Pan (Sautoir)

by mkqq 2 days ago

Hello all, I have a few Demeyere pieces and they are great, as well as a Le Creuset 6.7L Dutch Oven. I got a Le Creuset 30cm Braiser but I find its usable surface and volume (3.5L) too small, so...

From All-Clad TK to Hestan Insignia.

by Angelus2013 2 months ago

Explains why All-Clad TK had been discontinued and reintroduced as All-Clad Collective. Chef Thomas Keller is now collaborating with Hestan to have another line of cookware. Unlike All-Clad TK, how...


Defects in handles of new Falk Signature cookware

by TXGuy 1 day ago

I finally bought some copper pieces from Falk to try them out and am disappointed at what I just received. Both the lid and the vessel have defects (I might call it "pitting"?) in the Signature sta...

Mazzeti silver clad copper pans (and other copper pans)

by MatusK 7 years ago

Hello, I am new here! The main reason to join was to find out more about copper pans. I am planning to get a large pan (or sauteuse) with diameter 28 - 30 cm which should replace our Greenpan in...


Cookware to brown

by penrichardson 3 days ago

My son is wanting to buy his wife a piece of cookware that she can brown meatballs, round steak, chicken, etc., but will not have grease flying all over the stove. I currently use a Fissler Profi ...

Turbo Pot High Performance Cookware

by Swis1950 7 years ago

How many of you out there has used or tested Turbo Pot. This cookware is awesome. Does what it says it will. Cooks faster and more evenly. Had a major Casino in Las Vegas test it against Vollrath a...


What do you use to bake brie?

by VFish 7 days ago

I was in Home Goods a couple weeks ago and they had a "brie baker" with a lid and a little wooden spatula for serving. It was some kind of stoneware with a cardinal knob on top but it seemed too b...


Williams Sonoma Oven Mitts

by cookingofjoy 6 days ago

My favorite oven mitts and potholders are from Williams Sonoma from maybe twelve years ago. The reviews for the current oven mitts and potholders are not so favorable (shrinking, thinner, falling a...


Low RPM Hand Mixer, ISO

by zackly 5 days ago

I have a three speed Cuisinart hand mixer, probably 7-8 years old. I use it rarely but it is my preferred tool for mashed potatoes. The problem is the lowest speed is not low enough to prevent an e...

Is there REALLY one better food processor?

by juliehc 27 days ago

My ancient (35+ yrs old) Cuisinart food processor finally gave out, and I have been reading reviews on new ones for about three hours, and am no closer to a good decision. There are conflicting rev...

Cast iron over copper - can CI make heat uneven?

by ar1338 14 days ago

Let's say you place a copper plate over a theoretically perfectly even heat source of the exact same size and which only heats from underneath, and you measure the evenness of the heat on the other...