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Wok seasoning

by tobi419 14 days ago

I am not sure if i seasoned my wok well. The first time i did, the bottom inside of the work looked well seasoned. I...


Angelus2013 commented 10 minutes ago

Knife rubs on forefinger while chopping

by annazianna 1 hour ago

Hi, I have a Wusthof ikon santoku which I love and use all the time, but the only thing I don't love about it is how ...


acgold7 commented 16 minutes ago

Which type of range would you pick?

by dmarie979 9 hours ago

We are doing a complete kitchen gut and I'm trying to decide on appliances. We are doing a 36" range with an addition...


alexrander commented 18 minutes ago

Alternatives to Nonstick for Scrambled Eggs?

by Tereleczek 9 months ago

I'm tired of nonstick pans - I am thinking of 2.5mm carbon steel (De Buyer Omelette pan) or 5mm bare aluminum (Ballar...


MacGuffin commented 2 hours ago

For Breville Oven Owners--Toast Times

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

This morning I used my BOV800XL to toast bread for the first time, and was surprised by what I learned. First, it ...


kaleokahu commented 3 hours ago

SS Clad cookware that won't warp?

by hellosir 9 months ago

I have an electric coil stovetop (exposed coils that pans rest on), with 8" and 6" coils. A year ago I bought a Cuisi...


NMak commented 6 hours ago

Puppieni Copper Cookware? How does it rate?

by CaliforniaJoseph 4 years ago

I'd never heard of this manufacturer but was pleasantly surprised when I bid on, won and received this 13" pan for th...


Meekah commented 6 hours ago

Hand Hammered Woks Comparison: Williams Sonoma and Wokshop.

by Chemicalkinetics 6 years ago

We had a couple of posts regarding hand hammered woks, and I happened to have bought two recently: one from Williams ...


wabi commented 9 hours ago

Cookware New

2018 Stainless steel wok query!

by suznews 11 hours ago

Hi. I've been poring over previous posts and responses and wanted to see if there are new options. I'm back from livi...

Want a dishwasher that not only washes,but dries the dishes thoroughly

by Registrar 3 years ago

I just purchased a Whirlpool. The one I had before was great, washed the dishes fully and dried them fully. So I ch...


gamma50g commented 12 hours ago

Demeyere 5 Plus

by penrichardson 1 day ago

Does anyone know if Zwilling has discontinued Demeyere 5 Plus line?


drrayeye commented 19 hours ago

Cutlery & More

by penrichardson 1 day ago

I found a set of cookware I would like to purchase on the Cutlery and More website. Does anyone know if they do a pe...


Politiceaux commented 1 day ago

New Boardsmith Chopping Block for Me

by W8lkinUSA 3 days ago

I just wanted to share images of my new Boardsmith end-grain chopping block since I haven't seen much Boardsmith acti...


W8lkinUSA commented 1 day ago

Used copper pot, let's talk about tinning.

by TJFRANCE 3 days ago

I often see announcements of copper pots that condition: "no lack of tin", "tin in place", "tin natural oxidation, n...


TJFRANCE commented 1 day ago

All-Clad "Outlet" in PA?

by CindyJ 9 years ago

I remember reading about a place somewhere in the Philly 'burbs" that sells All-Clad seconds at deeply discounted pri...


medlar commented 1 day ago

Non-stick pans, metal utensils, and TV chefs

by Midlife 7 years ago

Every time I go near a non-stick surface with a metal spatula, spoon or tongs my wife gets upset that I'm going to sc...


devries commented 1 day ago

It’s Fall, 2018: Cookware Deals and Delights

by The Chowhound Team 13 days ago

Summer's over; let's continue the conversation here for the new season. Older posts: — Part I - https://www.chow...


DuffyH commented 1 day ago

Anyone else have trouble creaming butter and sugar in a kitchenaid?

by loukoumades 8 years ago

Recipes always say to beat softened butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. I can never get this in my kitchenaid. Bu...


sunshine842 commented 2 days ago

Knife Advice for Offset Knife Fan

by tealightful 4 days ago

Hi all! Trying to wade through the knife world and after extensive research, I’ve only confused myself even more. Aft...


drrayeye commented 2 days ago