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Brooklyn Copper Cookware large 11" rondeau - making duck ragu

by Toronto416 5 minutes ago

BCC have begun producing larger diameter pots, and the 11" 5QT rondeau is the perfect size for cooking for a dinner p...


Toronto416 commented 1 minute ago

Stainless Steel and Stockpots

by penrichardson 2 days ago

I have started replacing my old cookware with Demeyre 5 Plus. I need a new stockpot but have read not to spend a lot...


penrichardson commented 2 minutes ago

Small saucier: Atlantis (Silver 7) or Faulk?

by cameronreddy 1 hour ago

Great prices right now on these two pieces. Sur La Table has the Atlantis for $149, and Falk currently offers the 18c...


alexrander commented 41 minutes ago

Cookware Heat Transmission

by dcrb 2 days ago

I have been pondering this for quite some time so I pose this to the forum. Stainless is a poor conductor of heat, m...


am47 commented 2 hours ago

2018 Cookware Deals and Delights

by Libranflight 17 days ago

Thought I would start off a 2018, because I could not find one. Hope you all have a wonderful 2018!!


zackly commented 5 hours ago

ISO Kraut Source lid

by CocoTO 1 day ago

Looking for a Toronto source for this product ... it's listed at 30$ US on their website and shipping comes to an add...


slacker1 commented 6 hours ago

Feedback on Daubieres

by gooster 3 months ago

OK, the allure of shiny, pretty objects has me in it's grasp. Please save me! For those of you with copper daubiere...


Toronto416 commented 6 hours ago

Why I chose Staub over Le Creuset as a new cook

by dborlando 3 days ago

At 50, I finally got the courage to learn how to cook, and the initial experience has been both daunting and rewardin...

drrayeye commented 12 hours ago

Any Cleaver Fan's - Whaddya Say

by mobiledynamics 2 days ago

I've got a couple of cleavers in the stash . Nothing special.... I've got a friend who's going to HK. The last tim...

drrayeye commented 12 hours ago

A Good Ol' Fashioned Disk-Bottom Saucepan Shootout

by MrFettuccine 8 days ago

Meet the contenders: 18cm Cuisinart Chef's Classic 18cm Demeyere Atlantis 18cm Matfer Bourgeat Excellence 18cm Pa...


damiano commented 13 hours ago

Fissler Rondeau/Atlantis Dutch Oven - Chili? Thick Stews?

by Politiceaux 3 days ago

All, I have a 5.5 qt Atlantis and a 7.2L Fissler 28cm rondeau on order for my upcoming switch to induction. I...


damiano commented 13 hours ago

Question about my tin lining

by manolotraveler 6 months ago

I just picked up another copper pan on ebay (sorry, wallet) and the lining looks a bit different from the other coppe...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 16 hours ago

Gumbo & Chili Pot

by penrichardson 2 days ago

Replacing my old cookware with Demeyre 5 Plus. We seem to have a need for a big pot to cook Gumbo and Chili. Any su...

drrayeye commented 16 hours ago

Zwilling Forte? Other Thick Aluminum?

by cameronreddy 2 days ago

The exterior of the box says it’s made of pure 5mm thick aluminum. That should be pretty darn good. And, with only th...


GH1618 commented 19 hours ago

Matfer Bourgeat copper pan on eBay question

by OaklandGal 8 days ago

There’s a used MB fry pan up on eBay that has rust on the cast iron handle, which seems an easy fix, but does this lo...

TJFRANCE commented 22 hours ago

24 cm Copper Rondeau or Saute?

by enjay_eats 1 month ago

Hello y'all. I cook for two on a GE Profile gas stove whose burners are not very large. And because of this I typical...

TJFRANCE commented 24 hours ago

Why does my pizza stone stink?

by dubedo 9 years ago

I received a pizza stone from Crate & Barrel as a wedding gift and have tried several times to make pizza on it. It'...


TexasHomeCook commented 1 day ago

Help Identyfing Thick Copper Pans

by Vinomattic 2 days ago

Hello. I've been reading for years, but don't post much online. Thanks for all of the great information and entert...

kaleokahu commented 1 day ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...


JustCharlie commented 2 days ago

Best way to remove burned oil stains from stainless frypan?

by Yahi 12 years ago

I'd use EasyOff, but I heard that's not good to use, although I don't know why. What product would best remove these...


mobiledynamics commented 2 days ago