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True flat bottom pans?

by rutledj 13 hours ago

Does anyone make a decent non-stick fry pan that actually has a flat bottom. Almost every one I've tried in the last few years are domed in the middle. All the oil\juices run to the outside edges. ...


A 4 qt pot or saucepan for soups and sauces

by curiouspeter 5 days ago

I got a 6.7 qt Fissler. It is nice and useful but a bit big for everyday use as I cook only for two people. I want to get something in the 4 qt range to make soups or sauces. Should I get a 20cm...

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Help choosing electric range

by LOL303 2 years ago

I live in a beach condo in Florida and we are remodeling our kitchen. I need to use electric and keep to a standard 30 in range, but the reviews are so conflicting! I am interested in a samsung fl...

Darto Deals

by kaleokahu 1 month ago

Darto is offering free international shipping through August 31st


Special Pasta Bowls, ISO

by zackly 1 day ago

I would like to get some large, individual pasta bowls that are spectacular. I've checked out the chains, Crate & Barrel, Pier One, Amazon etc. I don't know what I want but like the Supreme Court ...


Fall and Winter Sales, Specials

by drrayeye 3 days ago

Here ae some opportunities to get us started: All Clad VIP seconds sale is going on right now. Looks interesting--but no spexcial bargains I noticed. Zwilling/Hencles has a Fall sale for Staub, ...

Kanso Zhen Fusion Cleaver Shootout

by drrayeye 3 months ago

The Kanso 7” Asian Utility knife has already won acceptance in the American market—both in sales and in user ratings, but it is not a nakiri nor is it a cleaver—a perfect example of a fusion knife....


How to Age Wilton Armetale

by mp3clark 3 days ago

Hi all! Trying to age some of my vintage armetale cook and dinnerware for a more rustic vibe. I’ve seen some people manage to get their pieces almost black by putting them in the dishwasher, but mi...

Favorite place to order grill or smoker parts

by nofunlatte 3 years ago

My Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5-in smoker is in semi-dire need of a charcoal grate (the one that the charcoal ring sits on top of). Does anyone here have a favorite place from which you've ordered pa...

Technique's to limit mistakes due to cookware limitations

by ceasar2k6 25 days ago

Now, we all know that some cookware/dishes give more leeway with better cookware. My question is though... I have many friends who don't care what they use to cook and many times I see them fai...

Your Best Thrift/Estate/Yard Find?

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

Prompted by tcamp, the joys of stealing a great piece of cookware at junk store prices is had to beat. For me, it's like finding that long-lost Whistler painting. So what was it? Aloha, Kaleo

Cooking in a Copper Fish Poacher?

by redlights 12 months ago

I think the final frontier of my copper collection would be a Copper Fish Poacher/Poissonniere. I don't allow purely decorative pots and pans in my kitchen because I don't have the space for them, ...

Wilton Armetale Silver - did I ruin it?

by AmblerGirl 15 years ago

I recently bought a beautiful (and expensive) set of Wilton Armetale silver serving trays - the kind that can even go in the oven to keep your food warm. Well, I was very dumb and did not read the...

What’s an oven for?

by saacnmama 12 days ago

Still designing my fantasy kitchen here in Berlin for an apartment I don’t have yet. We are looking for a pre-war apartment with no built-in kitchen. I’m looking forward to making my kitchen just t...

What’s in my dream kitchen?

by saacnmama 2 months ago

I honestly don’t know. Between a trans-Atlantic move and storage locker theft, I’m starting over. My kitchen was made of hand-me-downs, gifts, & sales. Now I want to figure out a cohesive set of co...

Salad spinner

by jammy 9 days ago

My old salad spinner gave up the ghost. I can't remember the brand and it didn't do the greatest job, so now I'm looking for a robust spinner that will really get the greens dry. It needs to be on ...

Shun dual core santoku user comparison

by drrayeye 14 days ago

Please refer to photo, left to right: Kai Seki Magoroku nakiri Shun Kaji santoku Shun dual core santoku Miyabi birchwood guyoto The nakiri is a home cook standard from Japan about thirty y...

The real time benefit of thicker copper cookware?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

So I wonder…..is thicker copper cookware always better? Where do you see the law of diminishing returns when it comes to copper cookware thickness? When is copper too thick? Can copper be to...

Can Fissler Original Profi pots be stacked or nested?

by curiouspeter 9 days ago

I have a 24cm/6.7qt stockpot. The underside of the "condensate-plus" lid is not completely flat, so I am not sure if I can just flip it around and stack something on top. The handles are very nice ...

Which one is more nonstick, ECI or stainless?

by curiouspeter 11 days ago

Between enameled cast-iron and stainless steel, which one is "nonstick" at a wider range of temperatures? I am looking to get a frying pan. I can use stainless for things without the food sticki...