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Induction vs copper/gas

by dcole 24 hours ago

I have long been in need of new skillets/fry pans. I have a great Demeyere “searing pan” which seems as thick as the Proline skillets, just very short sides. The rest are cast iron, carbon steel ...


Staub Frying Pan Convex On The Inside?

by KevPang 1 day ago

Hi Guys, Got this 28cm Staub Frying Pan about 2 months ago. Cooked with it a few times, but I realized something: 1) Base is not completely flat, if I tap on the edge of the pan with some pr...

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Help - nonstick pots are tasting "soapy"

by chicaraleigh 12 years ago

Maybe not the right board but this certainly doesn't fall into "general chowhounding". At least I hope none of you are eating soap! Recently I've noticed when I make rice or pasta in 2 of my non-...

Is Metalic Titanium a Good Material for Cookware?

by SamCurt 1 year ago

Before I start the discussion, I'd like to clarify one thing: throughout this post the word "titanium" refers to more or less pure (95%+ purity) titanium that looks and acts like a metal. I'm not t...


Copper Woks?

by lize_bird 4 days ago

I'm confused about why this would even exist. Aren't they reactive? And not great for high heat?

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics 10 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see them anywhere else, yet they are abundant in Home Goods. It got me thinking. Does...


Iittala Tools cookware - anyone with experience using this ?

by CHSeifert 1 day ago

I just stumbled upon these pans and pots from Iittala called ‘Tools’ I think they used to be made by Hackmann, but are now under the Finnish brand Iittala. They have a smashingly good lookin...

A few new stainless steel pans

by Tom54321 12 days ago

Hello all, I’m looking for some buying advice on a few pots and pans. I will be moving from the UK to Israel in late summer and would like to buy before I go. There is an awful lot of informatio...

Best chinois, mesh strainers?

by bloodboy 25 days ago

My niece told me she just broke her old mesh strainer (making tomato paste). This is a great opportunity for me to add more things to her collection that I've been working on over the years. I've a...

Winter Clearance Sale @ Cooks' Junction, Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Passing along the flyer for the winter clearance sale at Cooks' Junction in Los Altos, CA. Cooks' Junction 261 Main Street Los Altos CA 94022 650-941-6530 https://www.instagram.com/cooksjun...

What SS cookware has *not* warped for you on glass/smoothtop?

by Cadwr 13 days ago

Hi, I'm new here but not new to cooking as I've been married 20+ years. Most of my original wedding SS got tossed and I bought a lot of Le Creuset, an eclectic mix of SS skillets (whatever was at K...

NEED: Wood burning + Natural Gas Pizza oven

by DBennun 15 days ago

Does anyone know of a pizza oven sold in the US which can use both natural gas and wood? The natural gas would mainly be used to get the wood fire going quickly. Could be for inside or outdoor use....

Nespresso vs. Keurig?

by zackly 1 month ago

Most mornings I make a pot of coffee using a Cuisinart Grind and Brew Machine. It makes decent coffee if you use good beans. Sometimes I make single cups using a Keurig. Environmental concerns notw...


Cast Iron or Enameled grill pan for fish

by starzzz 5 days ago

I caught an episode of Gino D’Acampo on YouTube where he grills a fish, similar to a Sardine, in what appears to be an cast iron enameled pan e.g Le Creuset/Staub or similar. The general consens...

Japanese knives

by Pertti 3 months ago

Hi, I've been stung by the J-knife bee. Would appreciate some brand and model suggestions, as well as if you have read some nice resource around the subject, I'd like to look into it too. We ...

Copper wok, anyone?

by marachino 14 years ago

Hello, hounds- Hoping some of you might help. I bought an all-copper (unlined) wok on a trip to China last February and have some concerns: 1. Does copper need to be "seasoned" like other met...

Who makes the thickest carbon steel frying pans?

by CHSeifert 18 days ago

I already own a duo of De Buyer Mineral B Pro carbon steel frying pans for searing steaks. They are 3.2 mm thick (24 cm frying pan) and 3.5 mm thick (28 cm frying pan) I’m now looking to get the...


New santoku out

by Eiron 6 days ago

The new owner picked out beautiful Ipe for the handle and requested a stunning custom coral colored mosaic pin fill. :-) The mysterious "MM&M" monogram on the back will have people pondering its m...


Portable induction plate recommendations

by JohnLearnsToCook 5 days ago

After many happy years with my Bosch induction hob, I have moved countries and until my wife and I find a place to buy (which may be a few years, as it depends on how well kids settle at school), I...

The even induction cooktop, if there is one

by Pertti 6 months ago

I'm not looking for a new cooktop right now, but had the idea that it would be nice to know what would be the most even heating induction cooktop or tech in general. I believe most here know by now...