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First regret, then love

by BigG 2 days ago

I've noticed throughout my cooking life, I've gotten things that I didn't use for years. Then, one day, I used them a...


BigG commented 1 hour ago

cookware for tomato sauce and other acidic foods?

by bauerbach 8 years ago

To start, I try to conserve money and cabinet space by choosing multifunctional cookware... But, I love tomato sau...


alexrander commented 8 hours ago

Can anyone identify this stamp on a vintage copper pot?

by Joygetty 1 day ago

Hi! i was wondering if anyone has seen this identifying mark on the bottom of a copper pot or piece of cookware befor...


Querencia commented 13 hours ago

For Breville Oven Owners--Toast Times

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

This morning I used my BOV800XL to toast bread for the first time, and was surprised by what I learned. First, it ...


mobiledynamics commented 13 hours ago

Alternatives to Nonstick for Scrambled Eggs?

by Tereleczek 9 months ago

I'm tired of nonstick pans - I am thinking of 2.5mm carbon steel (De Buyer Omelette pan) or 5mm bare aluminum (Ballar...


MacGuffin commented 17 hours ago

Appliances - What Are Your Regrets?

by mobiledynamics 7 days ago

Part 2 of my multi part Appliance dissertation. Any appliance duds you have? Mine are not really duds, but just op...


kaleokahu commented 23 hours ago

Le Creuset Japanese Grill

by alarash 4 years ago

I just bought this on craigslist and it is no longer made. Anyone have a PDF of the instruction manual, or know what ...


rzsamuels commented 1 day ago

Slow cooker or instant pot for parents of twins

by Nyleve 4 days ago

Was talking to my daughter-in-law the other day. By the time they get the one-year-old twins down for the night they ...


DuffyH commented 1 day ago

Wok seasoning

by tobi419 10 days ago

I am not sure if i seasoned my wok well. The first time i did, the bottom inside of the work looked well seasoned. I...


Angelus2013 commented 1 day ago

What's the oldest kitchen appliance you own and use?

by Ketteract 5 days ago

Here is my Mary Proctor Starflite toaster from the '60s. It has not one, but *two* color settings, and still works l...


mercurygirl commented 1 day ago


by mobiledynamics 2 days ago

Going to lend my induc. hobs to one of the guys who works on my toys (cars). Turns out he is redoing his kitchen. T...


mobiledynamics commented 1 day ago

It’s Fall, 2018: Cookware Deals and Delights

by The Chowhound Team 10 days ago

Summer's over; let's continue the conversation here for the new season. Older posts: — Part I - https://www.chow...


DuffyH commented 1 day ago

Which over the range microwave to buy?

by dulcie54 3 years ago

I currently have an over the range micro and it needs replacing. Since I don't have exterior ventilation in my condo...


OliverTwist77 commented 2 days ago

Robot Coupe vs Cuisinart vs Others?

by elampen 7 years ago

I am looking to buy a good food processor. I have a Cuisinart mini-prep, but it is too small and doesn't have all th...


zackly commented 2 days ago

More Electronics--This Time for Coffee

by kaleokahu 3 days ago

New on Kickstarter is the FrankOne, a 1-cup confefe-maker that does electronically what the AeroPress does manually. ...


dcrb commented 2 days ago

Appliances - What's on your countertop?

by mobiledynamics 11 days ago

I am a cookware wh0re hoarder but deep down I'm a minimalist at heart On the counter, sits espresso maker, grinder...


Hiracer commented 2 days ago

Chinatown Alley Tea Pot Lids

by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

A month ago I walked to and from dinner through Ross Alley in Chinatown. On the return leg, this group of tea pot lid...


ratgirlagogo commented 2 days ago

Weird Ring on Thermo-Clad Nonstick

by Angelus2013 1 month ago

For anyone who owns a Thermo-Clad nonstick pan or specifically their omelette pan, do they have this ring on the coat...


Angelus2013 commented 3 days ago

Dark dot on a new Bruntmor braiser

by amber2018 3 days ago

I just received an Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Braiser from Amazon and I noticed that there is a dot in the pan. It ...


kaleokahu commented 3 days ago