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Le Creuset enamel pots: problems

by erialc 4 years ago

I have several Le Creuset pots which I use for just about everything -- making jam, soup, pasta, etc. I am always careful to use wooden utensils, never metal. And I've never boiled any pots dry. I'...


How Safe Is the New Teflon?

by obillo 8 hours ago

The safety of non-stick cookware coatings is a vexed question. Anyone interested in this issue should look at “The Devil We Know,” a documentary on Netflix. Teflon was made with Perfluorooctanoic a...

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Is there any way to keep plastic cutting boards from warping?

by Citizen_Snips 7 years ago

I've owned 3 plastic cutting boards since I've started cooking and each one has started warping in less than a year. I know putting them in the dishwasher can cause this, but all of mine started w...


Mandoline slicer recommendation?

by CHSeifert 1 day ago

Hey, I need a mandoline slicer for home use. Preferably compact and easy to store. I will use it for one thing and one thing only: Dauphinois potatoes. Budget is max $200 What do you ...


The best box grater out there? Your choice!

by CHSeifert 16 hours ago

I'm looking to get the best box grater out there. I'm making more salads these days and also like to make squash/zucchini pancakes. I'm looking at the Cuisipro box grater. Link: https://www....

Has anybody installed a charcoal grill in their kitchen?

by Pwizduo 5 years ago

Do you ever actually use it? Did you add a chimney or will just having it under the hood be good enough? I love grilling and since I'm installing a new kitchen I always knew that I was going to ...

Favorite Metal Mixing Bowl(s)?

by susannyny 10 days ago

The devil is in the details! I'm interested in purchasing a metal mixing bowl to do my own chopped salads. I know, it's a metal mixing bowl .... why is this so hard? Because of those darn Amazon...

What's the deal with Silga Teknika?

by loves2cook82 2 years ago

I was at HomeGoods yesterday and spotted this for $60. I don't know anything about Silga though, and the attached tag didn't give any information regarding the construction. I did a quick search ...

Lagostina Lagofusion 28 cm saute pan / rondeau

by damiano 2 months ago

In another thread on induction cooking by VFish, there has been some discussion on the Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion line. As that thread has expanded quite a bit, and to make future searches easi...


Silicone tongs

by VFish 3 days ago

I don't remember where it was recently discussed how slippery silicone tongs are, but I have found a pair that work very well and thought I'd share! These are actually silicone coated and have a g...

Winter 2020 Cookware Deals & Delights

by am47 2 months ago

Given that we're officially into 2020 and it's winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway; sorry, Australia) I thought now would be an appropriate time to start a new deals thread. For today's gem,...

Good wine bottle opener

by VFish 3 months ago

Hello, we are now down to just my old waitress folding bottle opener as all others have broken. I'd like a good quality bottle opener, but would prefer something easier to store than one of those ...

Let’s see your Le Creuset & Staub collection?

by CHSeifert 18 days ago

I have sold a few of my Le Creuset ECI pots. But this is what I have kept. I rarely use my Le Creuset and Staub pans, but when I do, I always find that they give me a fine cooking result. I...

Made in China Kitchen Knives: getting objective product information

by drrayeye 11 months ago

Time was we went to look at kitchen knives up close and personal--got to hold them or even cut up a few carrots with one. It still happens sometimes with a limited range of knives--especially at S...

Above range microwave

by trumpster 4 days ago

have they gotten bigger over the years. i went to replace an above range microwave 16 5/16 inches high 1.4 cubic feet in size. just about every unit is 1.6 cubic feet to over 2.0 and 16.5 inches h...

Water in My Chopper Attachment (Immersion Blender)

by wifeypoo 3 years ago

I've seen this is a common issue, and have endlessly searched, to no avail, for a solution. I have a Kitchenaid Immersion Blender that comes with a chopper attachment (a plastic container with...

Pampered Chef reviews? Love their stainless steel mixing bowls!

by RollWithIt 3 years ago

I was packing up my kitchen today and noticed on the bottom of my favorite mixing bowl that it was made by the Pampered Chef. After looking it up I realized it's kind of like a Tupperware brand, y...


Is this pitting in my copper pan?

by cheesyonion 7 days ago

I've got a new Falk copper rondeau, and I've noticed that there is a mark on the stainless steel inside. I can feel it (albeit slightly) when I rub my finger past it, but I don't know what it is. C...

Panasonic toaster oven?

by fauchon 13 years ago

Has anyone tried the cube shaped TO from Panasonic? The reviews all say it toasts perfectly. I'd like to know about the oven part...I plan to do simple things like bake potatoes, roast vegetables...

Vintage copper finds at the flea market

by Eiron 12 days ago

I unexpectedly found some decent vintage copper yesterday. I’ve been looking for a bare copper mixing bowl for a while now. Every now and then I see a bowl at Marshalls/TJMaxx, but I always hesitat...