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Offer advice on cookware, appliances, and kitchen gadgets, including knives, blenders, rice cookers, frying pans, toaster ovens, and roasting pans.

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Paderno Grand Gourmet vs Demeyere Industry 5 (or Commerical vs. Consumer)

by prairiedog 2 days ago

I think I've read just about every thread regarding quality fry pans every written on Chowhound :) thanks to everyone...


gooster commented 4 minutes ago

Buying Advice Demeyere Silver 7

by SSBarber 3 days ago

Have been looking at cookware for awhile and finally decided on the 12 Pc Demeyere Silver 7 set at Sur la Table. It'...


gooster commented 25 minutes ago

What can't you live without in your kitchen?

by jrboston 6 days ago

What is the one small appliance or gadget you simply could not live without? The one that you would keep if you had ...

alex9179 commented 40 minutes ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...


Kyriakos_Gogakis commented 43 minutes ago

Advice: Cooking Tools for one who has next to none

by pucelle 4 days ago

I had planned to slowly build my kitchen collection over the years but after 31 moves over the last 10 years that did...


masha commented 3 hours ago

Hard water stains on stainless steel cookware

by Sonia 12 years ago

Whenever I boil water in my stainless steel cookware (All-Clad, Cuisinart), tiny hard water rings appear where the bu...


TylerBizz commented 6 hours ago

Dishwasher Detergent, is There an All in One that works?

by zackly 2 years ago

I've been using Finish All in One Powerballs since they first showed up @ Costco. The results have been less than spe...

DuffyH commented 10 hours ago

Help with selecting a new cooking range

by NYCDeke 7 months ago

I have a Bertazzoni range. I love the look of it; it like its cook-top performance; I do not like the oven. I am con...


damiano commented 21 hours ago

Older Cleavers - Anyone Know Anything About These?

by Mothership 4 years ago

I recently bought these two cleavers at an antique/flea market. I don't have any knowledge of cutting tools or cleav...

kaleokahu commented 21 hours ago

Best Glass Mixing Bowls?

by kushnerom 7 years ago

I got these beautiful bowls from Williams Sonoma but they chip like crazy after just a few weeks of use and I even at...


susanrdrgz commented 1 day ago

Spring Swiss Made vs Spring Culinox

by Marsha R 2 days ago

I have a fondue set marked Spring Swiss Made but all the research comes back Spring Culinox. I know that Spring Culin...


PSRaT commented 1 day ago

Salt pitting only with liquids?

by MartinG 2 days ago

When I hear/read about salt pitting in stainless steel cookware, it's always the same: "Never add salt before the wat...


MartinG commented 1 day ago

Stainless With a Flare...

by PSRaT 20 days ago

backstory: we have an ancient motley collection of (mostly) Revereware (copper flashed bottom) pots that are very lo...


PSRaT commented 1 day ago

Please help me identify this au gratin pan

by Jamis 3 days ago

Hi, I just bought this pan at an antique store. It is 12" long oval, 8.25" wide and 1.75" deep. Weighs 1 lb 10.5 oz...


Jamis commented 2 days ago

Borough Furnace Braising Skillet

by yeldogt 5 months ago

Anybody have one? I happen to have one of the original skillets from a couple of years ago -- we use it often. I c...


NikolaiB commented 2 days ago

Question about cooking with Le Creuset--high heat?

by AppleSister 11 years ago

The instructions that came with my dutch oven say to keep the flame at medium to medium-low. But a lot of braising r...


GuyCook commented 2 days ago

Prima Matera vs. Proline 5 Star Fry Pan

by Robenco15 22 days ago

Hello everyone, Switching from gas to induction (new home) and I am very excited about induction. I'm also mournin...


alexrander commented 2 days ago

Cooking with new combo microwave convection oven help

by Suejelly 3 years ago

My faithful old microwave died and my new one is so different. Last night I blew up a glass dish trying to microw...

alex9179 commented 2 days ago

Cleaning vintage aluminum cookware?

by Sirrith 12 months ago

Hi all, I just bought a vintage French croque monsieur iron made from cast aluminium. As it's a used item, it has som...


delb commented 2 days ago

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