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Your thoughts on specialised cookware!

by CHSeifert 3 days ago

I have watched my mother cook A LOT in the kitchen since I was a child and continued to do so as I grew older. I never really thought much about cooking techniques and specialised cookware (spe...

Viking Range Hood Cleaning Nightmare

by liveforfood 8 years ago

Has anyone had the following similar experience with their Viking Range Hood? We have a VCWH 3048/SS model over our 30" Viking Range. I clean it often, about every two months, and find it to be s...

Great Cast Iron Skillet?

by skyisred 2 months ago

I'm searching for a great cast iron skillet. I have a small Lodge, its alright, but the roughness of the surface annoys me. I've read that smoother skillets develop a better non-stick and are easie...


Counter microwave recommendations

by OaklandGal 16 hours ago

My 5 year old microwave is not functioning properly and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations or experiences with microwaves with convection? I only use the mw to heat up Asian noodles, pre...

Kitchen Aid or Bosch?

by craziekaren 3 hours ago

Hi, I have decided to buy a stand mixer, was planning on a KA until I was researching and saw Bosch mentioned here. Now I am considering the Bosch Compact. The KA I am considering is the mini 3.5...

It Is Impossible to Find a Functional Stainless Steel Steamer Basket.

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 7 years ago

It's time for my every-other-decade replacement of my stainless steel steamer basket. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a Progressive steamer basket for about $8. As I took it out of the ...

Vintage copper cleaning challenge: Burned-on adhesive

by betsy_VA 1 year ago

Hi folks -- Welcome ideas on whether and how to tackle the residue from a price sticker that is marring my otherwise fabulous vintage Dehillerin pomme-Anna. As the photos show, there is a rectangul...

Do I Need/Should I get a 3 qt, 4 qt, or no saucepan?

by WSP_Lee 21 days ago

I'm tempted by the current Demeyere prices at SLT. I know I really don't need a 3 qt or 4 qt saucepan, but would it make my life easier to have one? I currently have a 2 qt & 3.5 qt saucier (edi...


What would you like, and what would you like to see in a Kitchenware/cookware store?

by Andrew7291 4 days ago

In terms of pots/ pans, bakeware, utensils, gadgets, unusual hard to find items - maybe used in foreign cuisine, i.e., rolling mats, etc, must- haves and latest must-have gadgets, coffee makers, el...

Help me identify this toasting flute!

by lindsayvh 9 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me identify the toasting flutes my husband and I were gifted at our wedding in 2015. The person who gave these to us I believe received...

Large Carbon Steel Pan Recs? (15-17")

by cellenly 9 days ago

I love my Carbon Steel Wok & my 12 5/8" Matfer pan. But the 9.5" surface on the 12" pan is just too small for our family of 4. I need to go bigger. Anyone have recommendations for their large ca...

What is the Best enamel cast iron!?

by justwonder 3 years ago

I Apologize i sure this gets asked All The Time. I'm going buy my First ECI .i used my friends LC to make a beff stew & I'm hooked! It was a 7.25 round. But when i looked online WHOA $$$$! So i sta...

7ish qt top quality stock pot

by skinarabbit 16 days ago

I’m looking for a 7ish qt stockpot of very top quality stainless

Jade 36 gas range top?

by OaklandGal 5 days ago

Does anyone know anything about Jade residential gas range tops? I can’t locate any info online and it looks like they are no longer manufactured. Any info appreciated - btus, reliability etc etc. ...


Copper Pots Tips "En passant par la Lorraine"

by TJFRANCE 6 days ago

My advice for using tinned copper pots (which are also valid for teflon-coated pots). These tips will help you keep your tin for years! For cooking (ref-1 on photo): Use wooden utensils for co...

New (to me) espresso machine

tim irvine
by tim irvine 2 months ago

I just acquired a fairly old Elektra Micro Casa a Leva. I bought a Baratza Sette 270 grinder to go with it. I have to say, it pulls the tastiest shots imaginable. Plus it’s rather attractive. I...

New Staub Dutch oven looks damaged?

by SmokedBrisket 8 days ago

Hello. I purchased a brand new Staub Dutch oven from Dasallas.com and it arrived looking perfect. Just got around to finally cooking in it and it looks like the bottom is damaged or something. I'm ...

Need some recommendations for an online restaurant supply company

by Zinful 7 years ago

Anyone have any luck using on online restaurant supply house? I need a bunch of kitchen workhorse supplies (tongs, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, spatulas, etc) and refuse to buy them at Williams...

Il Mulino cookware

by LThurm 3 months ago

I found a tea kettle by this brand and LOVE it. I have found a few stray pots at TJ Maxx but I cannot find much on the web. Their website only sells food. Looking for someone who may know where I c...