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homemade mayonnaise

by owen 14 years ago

How long does homemade mayonnaise last if it is refrigerated. If I were to bottle and seal it, how long do you think it might last? Thanks!

What to do with 2 lbs of good garlic??

by Christina D 14 years ago

I just got some garlic via mail order and was wondering what I could do having a larger quantity. They are an assortment, 1 lb each of strong and medium garlics. Any ideas? TIA!!

Double Black Soy Sauce--what to do with it?

by Laurella 14 years ago

Went to 99 Ranch Market this weekend, and as usual we came home loaded with things we've never tried before. We were really curious about the Double Black Soy Sauce. It's very, very molassesy. What...

do ahead appetizers

by dmj 14 years ago

I am planning a cocktail party for New Year's Eve and would to know some of your favorite appetizers that I can prepare in advance. They can be hot, cold or room temperature. I just want to be ab...

Looking for recipes that freeze well

by Cecilia 14 years ago

Hi, my in-laws are staying over to watch our dogs while we are away. I want to have food ready for them. I am looking for recipes that would freeze well. I DON'T mean ones where you can freeze a...

Stuffed Mushroom Question

by Arlene 14 years ago

Can one freeze meat stuffed crimini mushrooms for baking at a later time? If so, what is the max length of time it can stay in the freezer? My meat stuffing is composed of ground lamb with parsle...

Electric and/or cordless cheese graters

by Bruin2 14 years ago

My wife would like an electric and/or cordless cheese grater. We have a manual one that requires turning a handle that for reasons not important is now hard for her. Is anyone using one and if so, ...


by vozick 14 years ago

I have a beautiful new mandolin. So what do I do with it other than slicing potatoes and beets? Any good salads with sliced vegetables? Thank you.

Two Gazpacho Recipes

by Emme 14 years ago

I'm searching for two different gazpacho recipes. I would like to find one that does not have bread cubes or bread crumbs in it. I would also like to find a good version of "green gazpacho." Al...

Pepper Jelly: please divulge your family's recipe?

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

After hearing about Foster's Market Seven Pepper Jelly (see link) a while back, I've wanted to try making my own (not necessarily w/ 7 peppers though). It seems like such a versatile and unique con...

do ahead appetizers

by dmj 14 years ago

I am planning a cocktail party for New Year's Eve and would to know some of your favorite appetizers that I can prepare in advance. They can be hot, cold or room temperature. I just want to be ab...

Is there a way to make a waffle without a waffle maker?

by Windy 14 years ago

I don't own a waffle maker, so I was wondering if there's a way to make waffles without one. Or is that just called a pancake if you try to use waffle batter in a pan? It would be nice to get tha...

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

by missem 14 years ago

This SO has requested Shepherd's Pie. I've found some recipes, but don't have a good feel for what would be good. Some start with raw ground lamb and others use cooked minced lamb -- some have veg...

best recipes for make in advance and freeze soups??

by wurstle 14 years ago

since it's easier to cook on some nights than others, I've found in the winter it's nice to have some pre-made soups in the freezer that can be defrosted and served. I have a curried butternut squ...

Foolproof yet festive suggestions for Christmas dinner?

by K 14 years ago

I am a really inexperienced, not-so-good cook. Yet, I need to do a Christmas dinner for our (small) family. We are tired of the ham, mashed potatoes and peas ritual. I would highly appreciate an...

Suggestions for French lentils

by Arthur 14 years ago

I have a pound or so of French lentils and I'd like to make soup---can I substitute them for green lentils? Or do any of you have a good recipe for soup made with French lentils.

How Can I Fix These Cookies?

by Sarnie 14 years ago

I have a recipe for cookies that are supposed to puff up then crackle. Mine puff up but then they completely deflate into flat cookies. They're light as a feather and very thin. I tried baking w...

Short Ribs - Sides?

by chowfreak 14 years ago

i made a very simple yet delicious short rib recipe last night which was provided from a past chowhound thread (Thanks to Fidelixi). I am having a dinner party next weekend and want to serve th...

need advice on making gingerbread houses...

by mtyf 14 years ago

We are having a holiday party this weekend, and were thinking it would be nostalgic and fun to set people up (in teams, no less - we can get pretty competitive!!) with ingredients for gingerbread h...


by beaumont 14 years ago

looking or serving suggetions, recipies etc. for this intresting fruit that i no litle about.