Best Technique for Cooking Oils on Induction?

by westes 4 hours ago

I have run into my first cooking problem on an induction stove with stainless cookware. I want to make Indian Ghee /...


westes commented 12 minutes ago

What Are You Baking These Days? February, 2017 Edition

by MidwesternerTT 18 days ago

Looks like buttertart, who usually starts these baking discussions each month, hasn't had time to create a February p...

nofunlatte commented 22 minutes ago

Are you getting Petrale Sole or Tilapia at Bay Area restaurants?

by Mission 3 days ago

psb commented 41 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #400 (February 2017) - The Milestone Edition

by ChristinaMason 15 days ago

Four hundred What's for Dinner posts!? Wow! And that's just since we've been counting. This thread had seen a lot of...


Dogboa commented 1 hour ago

Pavlova for wedding

by kaylashalayla 2 days ago

Hello, I am the bride to be, and I am the only one I know who knows how to make pavlova. It's my favorite dessert eve...


kz59 commented 1 hour ago

Cooking from Fika The art of the Swedish Coffee Break

by MidwesternerTT 12 months ago

The Spring Baking 2016 runner-up book had enough interest that a few of us plan to cook from in March. Here's a pla...


Foxeyblue commented 2 hours ago

Leslieville 2017

by milhuas3 11 hours ago

Have just moved into the neighborhood, and am wondering about recommendations for go to restaurants in the area, as w...

happycamper commented 4 hours ago

Steak dinner in SF Bay Area

by jennifer810 6 days ago

Hi everyone! My husband and I are celebrating and, to surprise him, I'd like to take him out for steak, one of his...

Melanie Wong commented 5 hours ago

Cuisinart Replacement Blade

by anndillman 20 days ago

Has anyone received their new blade yet? Any idea of how long it will take to get one?

kaleokahu commented 5 hours ago

Casual lunch spots (and snacks) in Calistoga & St. Helena

by Dave MP 7 hours ago

I'll be up in the St. Helena and Calistoga area this weekend, and I'm wondering about good spots for casual lunches (...


FoodTrippin commented 5 hours ago

Non-stick Options, Or Not

by mikie 18 days ago

I've had it, really! I've had a Scanpan 8" nonstick classic pan for probably longer than I should. It's been sticki...

kaleokahu commented 6 hours ago

2017 Piglet Commentary and Cooking Thread

by MelMM 4 days ago

The Piglet nominees are up over at Food52, and here's your chance to comment, complain, and if you cook from any of t...

greedygirl commented 6 hours ago

Considering Lupa for dinner

by Njchicaa 11 hours ago

My birthday is coming up so my husband and I thought we might go into the city for dinner at one of Mario Batali's re...


rrems commented 7 hours ago

Is it time yet to plant seeds indoors (Zone 6)

by DonnaMarieNJ 9 hours ago

Is it now time to plant seeds indoors now? I want to plant seeds for lettuces, cabbage, onions, etc. Is it too earl...


MikeG commented 7 hours ago

What should I bring back from Spain?

by Monica 24 days ago

I know there are numerous posting on what to bring back from France but I don't recall any posting about Spain. An...

Shrinkrap commented 7 hours ago

Your preferred type pan for braising/frying meat?

by CHSeifert 3 days ago

I wonder what type of pan you guys prefer for braising/frying meat? Non-stick Aluminum Copper Cast iron Carbon ...


cyssf commented 7 hours ago

The Science of Sauteed Mushrooms

by Perilagu Khan 4 days ago

I gotta confess--I'm a sauteed shroomaholic. If they're on a restaurant menu, odds are close to 100% that I'm orderin...


prolix commented 7 hours ago

Looking for milk Kefir grains

by roricat 1 year ago

Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there knows where I could find some milk Kefir grains. Thanks, Dawn


Deeja commented 7 hours ago

Help Recycle Lamb Burgers

by meinNYC 12 hours ago

Husband grilled too many lamb burgers and we froze them. Any suggestions on how to reinvent the lamb burgers as somet...


Autumm2 commented 8 hours ago

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