The Easy Gadget Swap To Cook Boxed Cake Mix In 90 Seconds

If you want a bite of cake and you want it now, turn to this trick that uses a waffle maker to cook boxed cake mix in record time. Swap out the lengthy oven baking time for some waffle maker magic to bake a cake in just 90 seconds. With this method, the waffle maker is no longer a kitchen gadget used strictly for breakfast or brunch. There are plenty of unexpected uses for waffle makers, including making brownies, strawberry shortcakes, or filled waffles, but this is certainly the sweetest.


Using a boxed cake mix is another time-saving tip. Follow the directions on the back of the box to prepare the mix. Most call for a few ingredients, such as water, oil, and egg. All of the dry ingredients are already included in the mix. You can use any kind of boxed cake mix, including white cake, yellow cake, or chocolate cake. You can even get creative and add food coloring to the batter for a one-of-a-kind creation. There are also plenty of hacks to take your boxed cake mix from basic to outstanding, with additions like yogurt or swaps to boost the flavor and texture. These work just as well in the waffle maker, too.

How to bake waffle maker cake

First, spray the waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray. This ensures that the cake batter won't stick to the surface and will lift right off when it is done. Spoon the batter from a boxed cake mix directly onto the waffle maker's grid. You can cover the whole surface to create a full waffle, or just put the batter on individual sections of the waffle maker. You can even put different batters in different sections for a fun twist on a cake. Press down like you normally would for a waffle and let it cook. Some models include an audible ding when they are done cooking. In most cases, 90 seconds is just the right amount of time to get a tasty treat.


The cake comes out springy and soft, just like you'd get when using the traditional oven-baking method; it doesn't have the same crispiness as a waffle. You can top the cake with canned frosting or use the topping as a dip since cake from the waffle maker is perfectly portioned in individual servings. A mini waffle maker works just as well as a full-size option and looks adorable when serving. Adding sprinkles, ice cream, or decadent gelato takes this dessert to the next level. This simple hack saves time but still creates a delicious cake that you can enjoy in a flash.