Bobby Flay's Favorite Pizza Slices In All Of New York City

Everyone's got a favorite pizza joint, and everyone swears that their pick is really the best. While some choices people can agree on, others are a little more controversial. So, how do you know who to trust? Well, when it comes to food, we can usually rely on culinary experts, and not many people know their stuff better than professional chefs like Bobby Flay.


When it comes to the best places to grab a pizza slice in New York City, Flay has a few spots in mind. If you want to eat in New York City on a budget, grabbing a slice for a meal is a great way to go, and Flay shared on the Elvis Duran Show that Scarr's Pizza and Joe's Pizza are some of the places to check out first. Scarr's Pizza is famous for its organic slices, with owner Scarr Pimentel even learning how to mill the flour for the pizzas himself after gaining experience from other iconic pizza shops like L'asso and Lombardi's. That's what sets this shop apart from the plethora of other classic New York City pizza shops. 

Similarly, Joe's Pizza, located in Greenwich Village, is also known for its authentic New York street slices. The owner of this joint hails from Naples, Italy, and his quality pizza has taken the pizza shop from a humble storefront to an institution with multiple locations for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.


What fans have to say about Flay's pizza joint picks

When Bobbly Flay revealed his pizza slice shops of choice on Instagram, fans flocked to the comments to share their thoughts. Some were in agreement with Flay's choices, with one agreeing that Joe's is the best spot to go to "for a plain traditional slice." (Take note, because if you're craving something like a Brooklyn-Style pizza slice, you might want to look someplace else.) Other fans agreed with Joe's, with one fan praising its longevity, saying, "Joe's is and has been the correct answer for years." Other fans were on team Scarr's, with one commenter stating plainly, "Scarr's, hands down." Another Instagram user and fellow chef was a fan of both spots. "Joe's and Scarr's are very safe choices. Scarr's is excellent. Joe's has a lengthy reputation," he said.


Still, not everyone was a fan of Flay's choices at all. The pizza debate continued in the comments, with other Instagram users sharing their own favorite spots for a slice such as New Park, Amore, and Artichoke, to name just a few. Since New York is the place for pizza lovers to be, the discourse isn't surprising. But we haven't even touched on where Flay goes for a full pie yet.

The restaurant Flay swears is the best place for a pie

When it comes to full pizza pies — a different dining experience than just grabbing a quick slice — Bobby Flay has another suggestion for city-goers as well, but this one comes with a twist. "I always say the best pizza in New York might be in Jersey City," the chef shared on the Elvis Duran Show. According to Flay, Razza pizza on Grove Street is one of the best places to go for a pie, with Flay claiming it's "the best pizza I've ever tasted in my life." 


Fans echoed Flay's sentiments in the comments, with one claiming that "the seasonal Cavolini at Razza is the greatest pizza of all time." Others were equally supportive of the controversial choice, and one fan even provided a concrete reason on why people might disagree with it. "The only reason people fight @razzanj being the best is because their NYC ego can't accept Jersey being the best."

So, whether you're looking to snag a slice from the glass case or order a pie, Flay has a few spots in mind you might also enjoy. It's pretty safe to say you can trust this professional chef's judgement, so if you like Joe's or Scarr's, find out about his favorite canned sauce brand.