Coulotte Is The Lesser Known Steak Cut Perfect For Grilling

Who doesn't love a good grilled steak? You know the heavy hitters: The ribeye, the filet mignon, the New York strip. Prepare these steaks for the grill and watch the magic unfold. Some steaks, such as the ones listed above, are renowned for their tenderness and their rich flavors. But there's one cut of steak that has flown somewhat under the radar of meat aficionados out there, and is one that you must surely add to your shopping list.


The coulotte steak is a cut of beef that you may not have heard of, but is one that you should certainly try on the grill. Coming from the cap of the top sirloin, coulotte is a relatively lean cut in terms of the meat. However, its distinctive and identifiable layer of fat that covers one side of the cut lends a great deal of delicious flavor to the meat when it's grilled.

A hidden gem fit for the grill

While there are plenty of tips to start grilling like a true master, the first rule of business is to pick a good cut of meat, and for this purpose, coulotte does an impressive job. Coulotte doesn't need many frills to provide an excellent taste and texture. Try using a simple dry seasoning before throwing it on the grill. From there, your steak will do most of the work. The fat around the coulotte will help to keep the steak moist and tender while it's cooking.


With all of this said, however, it's crucial that you don't overcook coulotte, as this can be quite easy to do. This cut of meat is often quite thin, usually coming in at around ½ inch in thickness, so it doesn't need much time on the grill before it's ready to be served. As long as you get your beef on a good hot spot on your grill and keep a close eye on it, though, you should come away with a steak that's flavorful and satisfying with every bite.

Coulotte is more popular than you might think

While the name "coulotte" may not ring a bell to many, it actually already has quite a reputation in South America — particularly in Brazil and Argentina, where steakhouses are supreme. Often called "picanha" in Brazil as opposed to the French-derived "coulotte" (possibly coming from the French word for "cap," "culot") this cut is usually seen at Brazilian steakhouses, where it's cut directly from the skewer after cooking. You may also see it on the menu in an Argentinian steakhouse or restaurant, as word of the tender picanha cut has spread south to Brazil's steak-loving neighbor. With an American butcher, you may find coulotte/picanha going under the inauspicious label of "top sirloin cap."


Regardless of what you prefer to call it, the coulotte is a cut of beef that, for good reason, has gathered admiration for its taste and for its ease of grilling. And while there are certainly mistakes that you can easily make when it comes to your grill, fetching a few coulotte steaks and throwing them on the grill is certainly not one of them.