For The Creamiest Deviled Eggs, Skip The Mayo

If you're a host with the most, a perfect deviled egg recipe is probably part of your repertoire. You can make them well ahead of time, they are a bite-sized treat, and you likely have a deviled egg's secret ingredient up your sleeve that you add to your recipe to make the dish uniquely yours. Well, there's another way to make that recipe sing. With one simple swap, you can make the creamiest deviled eggs with added flavor.


Mayonnaise is a classic ingredient added to the deviled egg mixture to make it smooth and bind, and it helps keep the filling moist, preventing it from becoming too dry and crumbly. But it's a major calorie bomb. According to the USDA, mayonnaise has 680 calories per 100 grams. If you replace mayo with sour cream, per the USDA, you'll cut down the calorie count to just 198 calories per 100 grams. That's less than a third of the calories of mayo. And here's the best part: Sour cream will arguably make deviled eggs creamier and have more flavor.

Swap mayo for sour cream

Opt for full-fat sour cream because you're replacing a high-fat ingredient (mayo) in this swap. Sour cream will bring a tangy flavor to the egg yolks, which is highly desirable in deviled eggs. The lightness of sour cream will also make a fluffier mixture when it is whipped in. Full-fat Greek yogurt will also do the trick and cut down the total caloric count even further. It boasts just 97 calories per 100 grams.


Subbing sour cream won't completely compromise on texture here. Deviled eggs with mayo will be rich, but sour cream will make them lighter. You'll need about ½ cup of sour cream for a dozen boiled eggs. For best results, use a food processor. The strong whipping will make for a dreamy creamy filling. You can also go ham and swap out mayo for creamy avocado, which is packed with healthy fats. You'll end up with delightfully green deviled eggs. There are endless ways to make deviled eggs, and that's what makes this treat so fun.