Fishwife Debuts Tinned Fish And Beer Pairing With Keystone Light

You've heard of pairing wine with fish, but what about beer? That's the goal of a new collaboration between canned seafood producer Fishwife and Keystone Light called the Smooth Snackle Pack. The pack includes a brightly-designed, branded tackle box (which combines Keystone's signature blue color with the whimsical folk art-like illustrations of Fishwife's colorful branding) with a specially-designed compartment for holding tins of Fishwife canned fish, and a cooler compartment for chilling a can of Keystone Light. Three cans of Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout come in the pack but the beer must be purchased separately; each Smooth Snackle Pack purchase comes with a $25 UberEats gift card so customers can get a pack of Keystone Light delivered right to their doorstep. 


On their website, Keystone said, "Keystone Light drinkers know better than anyone the joy of a fresh catch. But for times when the lines aren't biting, Keystone Light is sharing the ultimate boat snack hack." The Smooth Snackle Box is a limited-edition item, and will only be available as long as supplies last. It will retail for $30, and sales will open on February 29, 2024, on the Keystone website.

A unique partnership between Keystone and Fishwife

At first glance, Keystone and Fishwife seem like odd bedfellows. Keystone is owned by the massive Molson Coors company, whose dozens of subsidiaries include Coors, Miller Light, and Blue Moon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Fishwife is a young brand, founded in 2020 by a pair of artists who chose the name of their female-owned business to reclaim an old derogatory term for outspoken women. Before this, the tinned fish company has primarily worked with other female-led, Gen-Z and millennial brands like chili-crisp producer Fly by Jing and underwear brand Parade; this unique partnership brings big business and a small business (as well as their notably different client bases) together around a shared passion for fishing. 


Keystone Light considers rural Americans to be its key demographic, and over the past few years, its marketing has leaned into the themes of hunting and fishing. They previously partnered with RealTree, a maker of camouflage gear, and in 2016, released limited-edition cans with fish illustrations on them. Partnering with Fishwife takes this theme to yet another level while simultaneously testing the waters with a younger, female market outside Keystone Light's standard demographic.