How Many Slices Are In Costco's Food Court Pizza?

There's nothing like ending a trip to Costco with a stop at the food court. While the retailer is famous for selling all kinds of goods, especially in bulk, the fresh food they make in-house is nothing to scoff at. From the new double chocolate chip cookie to the classic chicken bake, Costco's food court offerings are as delicious as they are cheap. The infamous hot dog and soda combo still only costs $1.50, the same low price as when it was first introduced in 1984. The low price was so important to Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal that he even threatened to kill his successor, Craig Jelinek, if it was ever raised (according to 425 Business). A little intense? Perhaps, but iconic nonetheless.


Clearly, Costco means business when it comes to its food court. And if you think the hot dog and soda combo is a good deal, the cheese or pepperoni pizza (or half-and-half if you want both) will knock your socks off. For only $9.95 plus tax, you can get an extremely cheesy Costco pizza — we're talking 1 ½ pounds worth of cheesy goodness. While Costco sells it by the giant slice for just $1.99, you might be wondering how many pieces you get with the whole pie. Depending on how many people you're trying to feed and how little you're trying to spend, the number could be crucial. Here's how to break down the pizza math.

The standard (and not-so-standard) number of slices per Costco pizza

While it's sold by the (spectacularly large) slice, a whole Costco pizza can feed a small household for days. After making phone calls to several Costco food courts around the country, we learned that each pizza is 18 inches in diameter. That's a couple of inches larger than the extra large you get from chains like Domino's. It's standard in Costco warehouses to cut the pie up into 12 slices. However, you can request that it be cut into six or 18 slices. Each of the six slices is the same size as the individual slice for $1.99, while the 18 slices are ideal for a kid's pizza party.


When it comes down to cost, the price per slice is cheaper if you order a whole pizza for $9.95. Even if you have the Costco food court cut yours into six large slices instead of the standard 12, it still comes out to about $1.65 a slice. That saves you just under $2.00, and you get more pizza. Worried about leftovers? Don't be. Costco pizza tastes just as good cold as it does hot.

To place an order, head to the food court counter or stop at one of its kiosks before you leave the store. If you'd rather have it ready and waiting, or if you're just in the mood for a Costco pizza without the shopping, call your location's food court directly and order over the phone.