14 Super Bowl 2024 Food Commercials You Need To Watch And 9 You Can Skip

It's that time of year when everyone is talking about the big game. But for some of us, the most exciting part of the Super Bowl has little to do with the players, the teams, or even who won and a lot more to do with the iconic Super Bowl ads. With so many viewers tuning in to the biggest football game of the season, brands pull out all the stops for showstopping game day commercials.


Using comedy, shock value, celebrity guest spots, and emotional moments, companies take this opportunity to try to make something memorable that consumers will think of long after the game. Who can forget past fan favorites, like Betty White's 2010 Snickers ad or Wendy's 1984 "Where's the Beef" campaign?

There have been so many unforgettable food commercials first aired for the Super Bowl. For the 2024 Super Bowl ads, brands once again did their best to outshine each other. But which of the game day ads blew us away, and which will soon be forgotten? We've broken down the best and the worst of 2024's Super Bowl food ads. If you missed the game or tuned out during the commercials, read on to find out which ones are worth watching and which ones you can skip!


Skip Silk

The plant-based milk brand Silk partnered with "Hawkeye" actor Jeremy Renner in their big game day commercial. Renner goes from groggy to super dad as he fixes breakfast for himself and his daughter. 


It's a fun ad placement for any huge Marvel or Renner fans, as he sings his own rendition of "I Feel Good" while fixing his plant-based smoothie and serving his daughter's cereal in true superhero fashion. But, for anyone uninterested in Renner, the ad doesn't bring anything very original to the table.

Watch Oreos

Oreo's Super Bowl commercial puts a fun twist on the classic snack, by turning the chocolate sandwich cookie into a game for the big game. Oreo's Super Bowl ad features the cookie in the making of history. 


Just like the flip of a coin, actors twist an Oreo and whether the cream ends up on the right or the left makes their decision. Kris Jenner is even featured, using the twist method to lead her family to reality TV fame.

Watch Reese's

Reese's commercial for their new Big Cup is exactly the kind of quick, fun, and memorable ad we've all come to expect from the Super Bowl. The candy company is using the 2024 game day to announce the launch of Reese's Big Cup. 


The ad features consumers reacting to news of Reese's making a "big change" with horror. Consumers switch between terror and excitement as they first hear about the change and then learn it's just a caramel layer. Unlike other ads, which rely on celebrity features, this one uses comedy to make it memorable.

Skip Nerds

Nerds promote their Nerds Gummy Clusters with a cartoon gummy candy performing the iconic chair dance from the 1980s film "Flashdance." In the ad, Nerd candies fall from the ceiling instead of the rain that fell on Jennifer Beals in the original. 


After the '80s reference, the candy brand ends the commercial with TikTok creator Addison Rae snacking on the gummy clusters on her couch. Nerds likely wanted to target multiple generations by including the Gen Z star, but her cameo feels very tacked on and ultimately falls flat.

Watch Coors Light

Coors Light's star-studded Super Bowl ad is worth a watch. The ad features rapper LL Cool J in a full train conductor uniform. When a young couple arrives at a family Super Bowl watch party, tensions build due to the boyfriend wearing the opposing team jersey. 


Before anything can escalate, the woman suggests they have a Coors Light, causing the "chill train" with LL Cool J at the front to barrel through a wedding, a beach day, and country star Lainey Wilson's photoshoot on its way to save the day.

Watch STōK Cold Brew

STōK Cold Brew partnered with world-famous Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins for its Super Bowl commercial. Hopkins is an acclaimed and well-respected actor known for playing President Richard Nixon and playing iconic roles such as Hannibal Lecter. 


But, the two-time Academy Award winner shows that he still has a sense of humor in this Super Bowl ad, where he relies on the power of cold brew coffee to prepare for his most challenging role, Wrex the Dragon.

Watch Starry

Starry's Super Bowl ad challenges consumers to "see other sodas" with the help of the rapper Ice Spice. In the ad placement, the hip-hop artist enjoys PepsiCo's lemon-lime soda only to be confronted by her "ex" soda brand, played by a visibly broken-hearted man. 


Ice Spice lists off the many reasons she prefers Starry to her old soda choice, and the commercial ends with the catchy tagline, "It's time to see other sodas." The 30-second ad is quick and memorable and made all the more entertaining by Ice Spice's on-camera charisma.

Watch Mountain Dew

PepsiCo also took out an ad spot for their Mountain Dew Baja Blast. The hilarious ad features actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza, claiming that she "loves having a blast" in her signature dry voice. 

We go on to see Plaza enduring a terrible kids' party, a stuck elevator, and an alien abduction but getting through it all with MTN Dew in hand. On top of the entertaining concept, the commercial also reunites Plaza with her former "Parks and Recreation" costar, Nick Offerman, who joins her in "having a blast" in the last few seconds of the ad.


Watch Uber Eats

Any "Friends" fans should watch the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. The 1-minute celebrity-filled ad starts with "Friends" star Jennifer Anniston claiming that in order to remember how much Uber Eats has to offer, you have to forget something else. 


We then see the many things people have forgotten in order to remember that Uber Eats delivers more than food. The short clips include stars like Usher, Jelly Roll, and David and Victoria Beckham. It all ends with a partial "Friends" reunion when Anniston is greeted by David Schwimmer, whom she's completely forgotten.

Skip DoorDash

DoorDash took a different approach to its Super Bowl ad this year. According to the commercial, you can DoorDash "pretty much anything," and to prove it, DoorDash created a 2024 Super Bowl sweepstakes, giving viewers a chance to enter a promo code and win everything that was advertised during the game, from snacks to cars. 


It's an ambitious concept that lost its charm due to the extremely long and difficult-to-enter promo code. Many voiced their frustration on X, with one user sharing a screenshot of them deleting DoorDash and writing "Doordash after that promo code nonsense."

Watch Pringles

Pringles' amusing Super Bowl commercial features actor Chris Pratt and his mustache. For this ad campaign, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star wears a handlebar mustache, causing others to say he looks just like the cartoon mustached face on the Pringles container. 


The commercial only gets more ludicrous as Pratt uses a Pringles can to unlock his phone using facial recognition and eventually takes the "role of a lifetime," playing the Pringles logo, with a large billboard announcing him as the star in the fictitious film "Mr. P."

Watch Doritos Dinamita

Doritos' action-packed Super Bowl campaign features Jenna Ortega and her two fictional grandmothers Dina and Mita. When "Wednesday" star Ortega leaves her grandmothers in the grocery store for a few minutes, they end up the stars of an unlikely action sequence as they fight Danny Ramirez for the last bag of Doritos Dinamita. 


Dinamita is a variety of rolled chips with extra crunch and a kick of spicy flavor. The absurdity of the grandmother's battling it out with Ramirez is precisely the kind of fun we love to see in Super Bowl ads.

Skip Michelob Ultra

"Ted Lasso" co-creator and actor Jason Sudeikis and World Cup winner Lionel Messi joined forces for Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad spot. It features Messi and Sudeikis on the beach, with Messi playing soccer and running circles around anyone who comes against him, all in the short time it takes the bartender to get his Mechelob Ultra. 


Although it's fun to see the two stars from different worlds come together, there's nothing particularly grabbing in the commercial. While Messi's talent is always impressive, it's not as interesting to see in a carefully edited and shot ad.

Watch Popeyes

Popeyes' Super Bowl campaign has an original concept and an entertaining star that make it worth the 1-minute watch. In the commercial, comedian Ken Jeong has been frozen until there's a better chicken wing and is finally unfrozen so he can taste Popeyes' long-awaited wings. 


The ad continues with Jeong comedically discovering the many other advances that have been made while he's been frozen in time, waiting for the wings. This includes him facing off with electric scooters and a vacuum robot, as well as his first joyous encounter with a labradoodle.

Watch M&M's

You don't want to miss M&M's hilarious Super Bowl commercial. The ad features former NFL quarterback Dan Marino presenting the "almost champions ring of comfort." As the ad goes on, Marino is joined by Terrell Owens, Bruce Smith, and finally, Scarlett Johansson. 


The athletes and movie stars are shown in a lab developing the comforting ring made by the sports stars who almost won a Super Bowl and Johansson, who "lost two Oscar races" alongside the beloved M&M characters. This commercial is unexpected as it pokes fun at the megastars' almost wins; it's definitely worth a watch.

Watch Hellmann's Mayo

Hellmann's Super Bowl commercial for its classic mayonnaise is definitely worth a watch for anyone who loves cats, Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, or all of the above. The campaign features McKinnon desperately trying to make a meal from the leftovers in her fridge, and when her adorable cat meows, "May-O," inspiration strikes. 


The ad goes on to show the "May-O" cat becoming famous for being the first speaking cat and even going on to date and eventually dump Pete Davidson like so many celebrities before her.

Skip Oikos

Comedian Martin Lawrence and former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe teamed up on this year's Oikos Yogurt ad. The commercial shows the pair arguing over how to get a golf cart out of a pond they've accidentally driven it into. 


Sharpe, a muscular athlete, suggests calling a tow truck, only for Lawrence to lift the cart out of the water himself after fueling up with Oikos Yogurt. Although the pair are fun to see together, it doesn't stack up against other ads this year, and if you missed this one, it may not be worth the watch.

Skip Drumstick

Drumstick's Super Bowl campaign may take place on a plane, but it didn't soar above the competition. The commercial features comedian Eric André but doesn't do much with his talent. 

During the ad, André requests a doctor midflight, only to be met by "Dr. Umstick" whose only cure is to offer the passengers and crew Drumstick Ice Cream Bars and leave André to suffer on his own. If you didn't see this one live, it's not really worth looking up.


Watch Dunkin'

Actor and director Ben Affleck went viral for his bored facial expression captured at the 2023 Grammys while sitting next to his popstar wife, Jennifer Lopez. Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial capitalizes on the viral moment, with Affleck pushing back against the meme by trying to become a pop star himself. 


Affleck isn't afraid to take digs at himself in this lighthearted commercial. He's is joined by Tom Brady and Matt Damon who form his new band "The Dunkings" and help him perform for an unimpressed Lopez.

Watch Budweiser

Budweiser's "Old-School Delivery" Super Bowl commercial may not have the flashy editing, punchlines, or celebrity endorsements that others do, but it's still worth a watch, especially if you have a soft spot for animals. 


The 1-minute ad shows a town in the middle of a snowstorm. When the local bar is running out of Budweiser beer, and the delivery truck won't start, they bring the delivery the "old-school way" with Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon of beer through the treacherous mountain range. When they can't find their way through the snow, a labrador comes to the rescue.

Skip Lindt

Lindt's ad for its Lindor Chocolate Truffles is a perfectly fine commercial. In the 30-second placement, a wrapped chocolate truffle flies across the screen, showing how many people use the indulgent treat as a way to relax and enjoy some decadence. 


As the truffle spreads joy, the classic song "Round and Round" plays in the background, and it ends with the tagline "Life is a ball." There's nothing wrong with the commercial, and it may get you craving the sweet chocolate treats, but it's also not worth going out of your way to view.

Skip Bud Light

Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial leans on lighthearted comedy as the "Bud Light Genie" grants drinkers wishes for an "easy night out." The concept is fun, with the drinkers asking the genie for everything from wealth to a huge bicep as they go out on the best night ever. 


It also features celebrity cameos from Post Malone and former NFL star Peyton Manning. But, despite having the makings of a great ad, it's not very memorable compared to others seen in 2024.

Skip Poppi

Up-and-coming soda brand Poppi used its Super Bowl ad placement to claim to be "the future of soda." The colorful 1-minute commercial shows clips of inventions throughout human history and suggests that it is another groundbreaking creation. 


The ad claims that the brand will revolutionize how people think of soda due to Poppi's clean ingredients. While the Super Bowl commercial likely brought more awareness to the brand, nothing about the ad was very entertaining to watch.