How To Fold A Burrito Like A Pro

If you go to Chipotle and watch in amazement as the workers deftly position and wrap your burrito, this article is for you. Folding a burrito to ensure that all your contents stay firmly wrapped inside can be daunting. Too often, you wrap up a burrito only for the contents to fall out the bottom or side. We have all been there, and we can help.


We will walk you through every step needed to fold a burrito like a pro. First, though, we want to go through some common burrito wrapping mistakes people make. Many people are tempted to overfill the burrito; this will only lead to heartbreak, as your contents spill out. Additionally, do not take both hands off your burrito while folding it. It is the pressure from your hands that holds the burrito in position until the folds have been completed. We recommend reading through all the directions first to avoid the need to take hands off while mid-fold.

Tools you will need

You don't need a lot of things to make your burrito dreams come true, just your favorite filling and a large tortilla shell. But that second thing is incredibly important.

When you get that burrito all wrapped up at a restaurant, you likely don't realize just how big a tortilla they are using. Restaurant burrito tortillas can be 12 inches or even up to 14 inches in diameter. Meanwhile, grocery store tortillas typically max out at 10 inches. Mission "burrito" size tortillas are 10 inches. You may not think two inches will make such a difference, but pictured above is a 10-inch shell next to an 8-inch. You can clearly see the size difference. So you need to portion out your filling accordingly.


Prepare your burrito

Lay your burrito shell out in front of you. Fill your burrito with your desired filling, but make sure not to overfill. When first starting out, underfilled is better than overfilled. There should be enough room to comfortably fold each end over the middle point of the mound of filling.


Create a filling tube

Pick which sides you want to be your long sides of the burrito; they should be opposite each other. Pick them up, one edge in each hand, and gently rock your filling back and forth to make a tube of filling. Shaping the mound of filling will help you roll evenly. Then, return the long ends of the shell to the plate or foil base.


Fold the short ends first

Position the burrito so that the long ends are in front of you vertically and the short ends are off to each side. Fold the short ends in toward the center of the burrito. The short ends do not need to be touched. They only need to fold in far enough so they won't pop out as you continue to fold. We recommend at least one inch of tortilla from each side.


Pick on the long end

While keeping your fingers on the short flaps of your burrito, use your thumbs to fold the long end closest to your body over your burrito. The long end should be large enough to touch the other side of the tortilla shell while covering the filling. You will want a little excess hanging over for the next step.


Tuck in filling

Using the folded-over edge, gently scoop the filling in and towards you. Use the tips of your fingers or the edge of your palm to scoop the filling in. This creates a snug fit devoid of air pockets and helps create a better seal on the burrito. While keeping the top folded over, gently tuck in any corners that are poking out. Exposed corners will allow the filling to leak out and create weak spots.


Roll your burrito up

Once all the filling is tucked in, roll your burrito over to the last remaining long end. This will seal your burrito. At this point, you can eat your burrito or prepare it for storage.

How long a burrito will last

How long a burrito lasts will depend on the filling. Most burritos will stay safe to eat for about four to five days in the fridge. However, if you include wet filling in your burrito, such as sauces or salsa, the burrito may become soggy and unpleasant to eat.


Burritos can also be frozen. A frozen burrito can last up to six months. Once again, how well the burrito freezes will depend on the filling that is used. Sour cream and lettuce, for example, do not freeze well. Beans, rice, and cheese, on the other hand, freeze wonderfully.

How to store your burritos

In a refrigerator, burritos can be stored in a number of ways. You can place the burrito in an airtight container, such as Snapware. They can also be wrapped in aluminum foil or they can be placed in a ziplock bag.


To freeze, burritos should be wrapped in foil and then placed inside an airtight bag before being stored in the freezer. The foil will keep the burritos from sticking to each other, making transporting or thawing in the fridge much easier later. If you know you plan to freeze the burritos, you can prepare and fold your burritos right on the foil and then immediately wrap them.

Delicious recipes for your next burrito

Now that you're a burrito-folding pro, your favorite fast food burritos are more accessible. Suppose you want all that goodness but are trying to eat in a little more — in that case, you may need a copycat recipe, such as a copycat Chipotle chicken burrito or a copycat Taco Bell burrito. Or maybe you want to start your day with a delicious breakfast burrito.


If you prefer to make your own recipe as you go, this classic 5-ingredient pico de gallo is a must for your burrito. You could forgo instant rice and instead make some Basic stovetop steamed white rice. Finally, why not top it off with a delicious cocktail, such as the classic Clamato michelada? When you've got a well-folded burrito, the possibilities are endless.