The Kitchen Gadget Fix To Fill Even The Most Infuriating Zip-Top Bag

From toaster tongs to cherry pitters, there are plenty of kitchen gadgets out there that aren't necessarily crucial for cooking, but sure make the task a whole lot easier. One example is a specialized holder that solves one of the main issues with zip-top bags. Whether they're helping you keep sliced fruit fresh or making cuts of meat easy to freeze, plastic zip-top bags aid professional chefs and the cooking averse alike with their versatility and convenience. But as helpful as zip-top bags are, they can't give you a third arm, which is sometimes needed in order to transfer food into the bags without making a mess. That's where a zip-top bag holder comes in.


Jokari plastic bag holdersĀ keep zip-top bags open so that you have your hands free to pour food or liquids in without having to call for the help of another person. This can make tasks like baking, packing snacks, and storing leftovers a breeze.

Zip-top bag holders give you an extra pair of hands

These neat little tools are most beneficial when you need to quickly stow a large quantity of something. For example, after you're done washing a bunch of grapes or slicing up a few cups of fresh strawberries, you can set a zip-top bag into the holder and slide the fruit into the bag in one fell swoop. The baggie stand is especially handy when it comes to storing liquids. Once a leftover soup or stew has cooled down, you can very simply pour it into a large plastic storage bag that will take up a bit less space in your freezer than hard plastic containers. In a similar vein, this gadget is good to have if you're a frequent baker since it lets you easily transfer fluffy homemade frosting into a piping bag.


Along with being rather affordable, the bag holders also have adjustable components that make them easy to break down and stow away. These movable parts also mean that the holders can adapt to zip-top bags of practically any size, including reusable silicone varieties. If you typically cook by yourself, this can be a great tool to make the process go a little smoother.