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To Flip The Most Delicate Foods, Pick Up A Fish Spatula

Sure, wooden and rubber spatulas get the workhorse treatment in the kitchen. But you may be snoozing on a spatula that can handle a lot more than just fish. Don't be confused by the limitations of its name. The fish spatula is a versatile kitchen tool in its build, flexibility, and durability. It is perfect for handling delicate foods on the stove or in the oven.


Now, imagine you're roasting cabbage wedges on a tray in the oven. The many leaves of the cabbage are delicately held together by a small piece of its core. Midway through the recipe, you must flip the wedges for an even roast. Keeping the leaves packed and together is the glory of this dish. Now, reaching for a fish spatula here is the key. The flexible blade will allow you to slide right under the wedges and flip them over with ease. A lifesaver.

Versatile by design

Flipping pancakes? No problem. Lifting freshly baked cookies? A breeze. A fish spatula is designed for flipping and turning delicate foods, particularly — well, fish. It typically has a thin, flat, and wide blade with a slightly curved edge. The thin edge helps to slide under delicate fillets of fish like baked ginger and mint cod, or any other food, without breaking them apart. These spatulas have perforations or slots to allow excess liquids to drain away, preventing the food from becoming soggy.


The blades of fish spatulas are typically made of stainless steel, which provides durability and strength. Despite their thin profile, they can handle the weight of delicate foods without bending or breaking. The wide surface area of the spatula provides better support for the entire food item. It helps in maintaining the integrity of delicate foods during the flipping or lifting process. It can even seamlessly take off fish skin once it's cooked, without tearing it.

Why chefs love it

The fish spatula's versatility is why it ends up in the knife bags of many chefs. Ted Allen, the host of Food Network's "Chopped," told People magazine, "If you don't have a fish spatula, get one immediately — it's my favorite. It has a thin, almost-sharp edge, so it's great for flipping, stirring, cutting, and getting that first brownie or piece of lasagna out of the pan."


The same goes for flipping eggs, crepes, cutting filo pastry tarts ... What can't this spatula do? Here's the best part: Basic fish spatulas aren't very expensive. For about $10, you can get a fish spatula from Amazon that will get the job done. When shopping, don't forget to consider the design and material of the handle. A comfortable grip is essential for easy use. Handles may be made of materials like plastic, wood, or stainless steel, and can be oriented for right or left-hand grips. So, get one that suits your grip best. This multi-purpose tool will last you a while and it will quickly become one of the most used spatulas in your kitchen. Ask the pros, and they'll agree.