Hawaiian Rolls Solve The Biggest Problem With French Toast

French toast can be the perfect breakfast or brunch treat. The decadent, sweet, and delicious dish, consisting of bread dipped in custard, is a staple on most diner menus and many Sunday morning tabletops. But for all of its tastiness, the dish can come along with an unpleasant, wet texture if not eaten quickly enough. But what if there was a way to make French toast without it ending up a soggy mess? Well, there is one trick that could help keep your French toast from getting too mushy, and that's using a different type of bread.


Slices of bread such as Challah, white, or brioche bread are typically used for the breakfast food. However, these breads tend to absorb lots of liquid when they are soaked in the egg mixture or drizzled with maple syrup, so you might want to try switching out your slice for, well, a roll. Hawaiian rolls in particular make for a great bread of choice for French toast. This is because Hawaiian rolls are smaller and more compact than a slice of bread, preventing them from absorbing as much liquid, which will result in a much tastier — and much less soggy — breakfast.

A sweeter, less soggy French toast

Of course, Hawaiian rolls are a great choice of bread for French toast for several reasons beyond being less likely to get soggy. Similar to Challah, Hawaiian rolls are a touch sweet, making them the perfect bread of choice for breakfast treats. But unlike Challah bread, Hawaiian rolls are small and thick (practically a cube), making it more difficult for the egg mixture to soak through completely. As a result, your French toast will have just the right amount of egginess, with a fluffy, airy middle, thanks to the fact that  Hawaiian rolls are less dense than most other breads.


Another benefit of using Hawaiian rolls for French toast? A few can often be found still lingering in your bread basket after dinner. And there is no reason to be dissuaded from using them simply because your rolls have gone a little stale, as stale bread is actually perfect for French toast. Slightly stale bread absorbs the custard better than fresh bread, but won't become overly wet or fall apart in the process.

So go ahead and use last night's Hawaiian rolls for today's breakfast. You'll be rewarded with sweet, perfectly balanced pieces of French toast that won't become soggy if you take a break between each decadent bite.