Turn Leftover Guacamole Into A Creamy Dressing With A Bit Of Mayo

Guacamole is a delicious dip, sitting right alongside salsa and queso as the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of tortilla chips. But what if you used that delicious, avocado-based dip as a dressing for your next salad? After all, leftovers can be the perfect tool for crafting your next meal, and leftover guacamole only needs a few ingredients to take it from tasty dip to bold dressing. Perhaps the easiest way to transform your guacamole is by adding mayonnaise to the mix.


A bit of mayo mixed in with your avocado-based dip can help to smooth it out, making it the perfect consistency to top your salad. Additionally, mayo adds the tangy taste of vinegar to help highlight any number of salads, from Cobb to Caesar. All you will need is your bowl of guacamole and a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise (the exact amount is up to your taste). Then, mix the two vigorously, smoothing out any lumps in your avocados, and you will have a fantastic dressing to use for salads, or even as a dip or sandwich spread.

From dip to dressing

Turning your guacamole into a zesty and zingy salad dressing can be as simple as adding mayo. However, you might find yourself wanting to take the salad dressing swap to a new level, particularly if you're aiming for a specific texture and taste profile for your dressing goals. Adding lime juice, aligned with your mayo, for example, can add freshness to your dressing and help to thin it out, allowing for easier coverage of salads.


Additionally, you might want to consider adding other salad dressings to your guacamole to make a delicious hybrid dressing. Ranch dressing, for example, adds the same tang as mayonnaise while also incorporating other herbaceous flavors to your guacamole, creating a delicious southwestern twist on your ranch dressing that would pair perfectly with many salads, burgers, and sides. Additionally, a lemon vinaigrette can help highlight the fresher aspects of your guacamole without the heaviness that comes with mayo. 

Other ways to extend your guacamole

Of course, if turning your leftover guacamole into salad dressing isn't your thing, there are several other ways that you can use your leftover guacamole so that it doesn't go to waste. Mixing your guacamole in with leftover pico de gallo, for example, can make the most of your guacamole while also combining two leftover dips into one. You can also take a note from mayonnaise and use your leftover guacamole in place of or in addition to mayo in many recipes.


Adding your guacamole, or avocados, to your deviled eggs, for example, would make for a fun twist on the classic appetizer. Additionally, guacamole might be a tasty add-in to potato or egg salad, giving the same creaminess as mayonnaise, but with an extra kick of fresh avocado flavor and tangy lime or lemon juice. Swapping mayo for guacamole also has the added benefit of incorporating additional fiber and fruit and veggie servings into your recipes. Avocados are also cholesterol-free, making them a perfect swap for those looking to lower their cholesterol intake.