The Easiest Method To Fix Seized Chocolate

Melting chocolate is a delicate task. From seizing to overcooking, messing up your liquid chocolate goals is easy. Though you might be tempted to toss any burnt chocolate, you shouldn't necessarily give up on your chocolate if it has seized. Chocolate seizes when exposed to outside liquid, causing the sugar and cocoa particles in your mix to bind them, forming a lumpy, matte texture. While it is impossible to return seized chocolate to its glossy, smooth glory, there is one easy way to smooth seized chocolate and make it into a delicious chocolate sauce.


To fix seized chocolate, all you need is some boiling water. Now, this method may seem counterintuitive because seized chocolate is caused by exposure to water, but it is a surefire way to turn your lumpy chocolate into a delicious sauce. To implement this method, you will want to slowly add 1 teaspoon of water to your seized chocolate at a time and mix briskly. This helps melt the stiffened clumps of chocolate and encourages it to form a delicious and melty chocolate drizzle similar to what you hoped to achieve in the first place. 

Fixing seized chocolate for baking

What if you want to use your seized chocolate to bake something? You should avoid using the water method, as it will make your chocolate too runny for use in most baked goods. The better tactic is to add some vegetable shortening to your seized chocolate. 


To implement this method, the ideal amount is 1 tablespoon of shortening per 6 ounces of chocolate. Gently mix the shortening into your chocolate; don't stop stirring until it is fully incorporated. Vegetable shortening – or vegetable oil — is a great mix-in for seized chocolate, as its fatty nature helps give your chocolate the glossy shine it lost after it seized up. That said, if you don't have vegetable oil on hand and don't want the resulting sauce to be too runny, you can always add milk or cream to your chocolate to create a rich, decadent chocolate sauce that's perfect for topping a bowl of ice cream or drizzling over a pan of fudgy homemade brownies.

How to melt chocolate

All of this begs the question: How do you prevent your chocolate from seizing in the first place? The key here is to melt your chocolate the right way. You can use several methods to accomplish this feat, but one of the most popular methods is to use a double boiler. To start, you will need a pot with water and a bowl. Bring your water to a boil and set your bowl on top. Afterward, you can add your chocolate, stirring consistently to prevent it from overheating.


However, it is critical to consider potential water exposure when double boiling. The steam from the boiling water may cause your chocolate to seize; if water is exposed to the chocolate, it may also become clumpy. Additionally, use a rubber spatula for this method, as wooden spoons retain moisture that can put your melt at risk.

Another method you might want to consider is microwaving your chocolate. For this method, you will want to use a glass bowl. Microwave your chocolate in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, for about three minutes. Throughout the process, check your chocolate frequently so it doesn't overcook, and remove it from the microwave once it becomes smooth and glossy.