Effortlessly Elevate Hot Chocolate With Subtly Sweet Coconut Flakes

While warm beverages are certainly more comforting when it's cold outside, you don't have to wait until winter to indulge in a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Whether you make your hot chocolate from a packet or whip up the mix yourself, the combination of cocoa, milk, and sugar does more than heat up the body and satisfy the palate it soothes the soul with its classic taste. But, as amazing as classic hot chocolate is, it's also a great foundation for adding other ingredients that will enhance its flavor, elevating the traditional drink to new heights.


Some classic toppings include marshmallows, cinnamon, and whipped cream but there are other less known additions. One such underrated mix-in you should try is the crumbly goodness of subtly sweet coconut flakes. These confetti-like pieces of shredded coconut bring a bright, tropical flavor to anything they are added to, and make a wonderful, inexpensive addition to hot chocolate.

Chocolate and coconut are made for each other

Coconut can sometimes be a divisive flavor, but fans of this fabulous fruit know how much depth it can bring to a recipe. The combination of coconut and hot chocolate is especially tasty, as the two elements bring out the best in each other. Chocolate's inherent richness serves as the perfect counterpart to the natural sweetness of coconut. The inclusion of coconut works particularly well with dark hot chocolate. With its intense cocoa flavor, dark chocolate provides a robust foundation that complements the coconut's subtler, nutty notes. The result is a sophisticated fusion that elevates the overall taste experience.


Coconut flakes are large enough to offer a substantial bite, and the contrast between the smooth, velvety chocolate and the chewy, slightly crunchy coconut flakes will give your hot chocolate a more engaging texture. If you prefer a less noticeable texture, you can use shredded coconut instead. It comes in lighter pieces that won't provide as much mouth feel. You can also add a dab of coconut milk if you want the coconut taste without the texture.

Add a tasty garnish to your mug

It just takes a tablespoon of coconut flakes to bring a delicious flavor to your hot chocolate, and with a bit more coconut, you can create a visually and gustatorily inviting garnish. Coat the rim of your mug with something sticky like chocolate or caramel sauce or a bit of marshmallow fluff. Then, gently dip it into a plate of coconut flakes. Hot chocolate with a coconut rim is an easy and exciting recipe to bust out at parties and ensures you get a coconutty flavor with each sip of cocoa. 


If you want to add a boozy twist, pour a shot of Baileys Irish Cream into each mug. It'll go excellently with both the coconut and the chocolate. Coconut flakes blend amazingly with a variety of hot chocolate additions. Their sweet, fresh taste and texture mix well with pillowy marshmallows, gooey caramel, and crisp bits of peppermint. There's never a wrong time to indulge in some hot chocolate, so upgrade your next mug with a scoop of coconut flakes.