This Country Produces More Strawberries Than Any Other In The World

With their vibrant red hue and sweet, juicy flavor, strawberries are a delicious treat on their own or in any number of recipes from cakes and cobblers to salads and cocktails. Along with being a tasty snack, strawberries are a nutritional powerhouse. These succulent berries belong to the rose family and are packed with essential vitamins, including vitamin C, manganese, and folate. 


On top of all this, strawberries are also an incredibly versatile ingredient and can be enjoyed fresh in salads, desserts, and smoothies, or cooked into pastries, jams, and sauces. Equal parts tart and sweet, strawberries are a delight to the palate and can elevate any dish they're a part of. Thanks to their adored taste and hearty nature, strawberries are eaten and produced all around the world. While quite a few countries produce a lot of strawberries, one nation leaves all others in the dust when it comes to strawberry production: China.

China produces the most strawberries

Looking at the numbers, there really is no question about what country produces the most strawberries. According to Nationmaster, in 2019, China produced over 3.2 million metric tons of the ruby-colored berries, which was more than three times the amount of the second biggest producer, the United States. Despite the fact that the majority of today's strawberries come from China, the fruit isn't native to the land. The strawberry as we know it today is a hybrid of two different species from Chile and what is now the eastern United States. Still, over 100,000 hectares of land in China is dedicated to cultivating strawberries, and that number is only expected to grow says Horti Daily


Changes in industry and increased domestic demand have caused Chinese strawberry production to skyrocket in recent decades. Strawberries throughout most regions of the country in expansive open fields or greenhouses. The berries harvested from greenhouses are intended to be sold fresh, and the majority of them are consumed domestically. Strawberries grown in fields are mostly exported to other countries, where they will usually be processed.

Strawberries in Chinese culture

Despite how many strawberries are harvested in the country each year, strawberries are practically nonexistent in traditional Chinese cuisine, but they have been steadily growing in popularity over the past 30 years and are now viewed as something of a delicacy. The unique, sweet taste of strawberries makes them especially popular as a dessert, and a good portion of strawberries produced in China are processed and turned into ingredients to flavor candies and pastries. Strawberry-based drinks and teas have also become trendy, for their sweet and refreshing taste. Fresh strawberries are also an indulgence and are often made into tanghulu — a row of strawberries that have been dipped into a clear sugar candy coating served on a stick.


Thanks to this increasing popularity, China is not only the largest producer of strawberries, but it is also the biggest consumer. In 2022, the country accounted for 37% of the world's strawberry consumption, according to a report from Index Box. Considering the complex mix of tangy and sweet flavors these berries contain, it's no wonder the demand keeps going up. As strawberries continue to be in fashion in China, it hopefully means that there will be new creative ways to include them as twists in classic Chinese cuisine.