Yogurt Makers


Immersion Blender With a Stand That Can Run 30 Minutes?

by westes 3 months ago

I have a somewhat unusual application and want to know if there is a product to help with this. I make yogurt in which I blend various prebiotic fibers. I heat the milk to 200F and then pour it ...

Solait yogurt maker

by waywardsmile 15 years ago

i recently came across one of these but don't know exactly what to do with it. it's just 2 pieces of plastic that hold a jar, unless i'm missing something. i'd like to make yogurt and other cultu...

Homemade dairy free yogurt fizzing/carbonated?

by Nikimcarter 4 years ago

Ive made dairy free yogurt twice now. Once with almond milk yogurt starter, once with coconut milk yogurt starter (store bought yogurts). I wanted to add low calorie protein to it too, as I'm used ...

Raw Yogurt Makers?

by saxie 5 years ago

Making yogurt from raw milk, i want to keep the temperature pretty low, below 110 degrees. i think 104 was the ideal, i can't recall at the moment. of course it won't be thick like commercial paste...

Electronic Greek Yogurt Maker

by eenie1 5 years ago

Hi all! Does a greek yogurt maker exist that does not require pre-heating and then cooling the milk? In other words, I dump the milk and starter into the machine, turn it on, go on my way, and wh...

What gadgets/cookware would you have in an efficiency apt? (my list) (kid leaving in fall)

by exvaxman 6 years ago

His Uselessness is starting college this fall,and this morning we were sorting through my (our) (I am a gadget-a-holic) kitchen for what he "needs" for his small limited space on campus apt. He get...

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