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Dinner at Workshop Kitchen + Bar report (Palm Springs)

by Malcolm Ruthven 4 years ago

Last week I did my once-per-year trip to Palm Springs to visit friends who spend the month there. On Friday night two...

Isse workshop still in business ? And any relation to Isse Izakaya ?

by oferl 4 years ago

Looking for a place to find yuzu products, unfourtanatly K-Mart have not been good enough for that cause in last visi...


oferl commented 4 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving thanks to Bread Workshop

by chocolatetartguy 5 years ago

The Monday b4 the holiday, I got email from my holiday host cousin asking me to bring a pie. I called Bread Workshop...


acetaminophen commented 5 years ago

Firefly Kitchens sauerkraut & workshops

by axial 5 years ago

Has anybody tried the Firefly Kitchens sauerkraut (got it at PCC (Puget Consumer Co-op) or been to one of their sauer...


Booklegger451 commented 5 years ago

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Workshop Coffee, Clerkenwell, London

by limster 5 years ago

Previously St. Ali. No staff or menu changes as far as I can tell, but they've branched out on their own and renamed...

help! need restaurant for catering/lunch of artsy blog workshop

by inhotpursuit 6 years ago

Hi all, My boss will be hosting a 2 day workshop on blogging in Manhattan (specifically 16 Beaver) and is looking ...

sgordon commented 6 years ago

help! need restaurant for catering/lunch of artsy blog workshop

by inhotpursuit 6 years ago

Hi all, My boss will be hosting a 2 day workshop on blogging in boston and is looking for catering for lunch. She...

digga commented 6 years ago

Looking for after work space for a workshop w/appetizers & drinks

by latertater 6 years ago

Looking for an after work place to go with a professional association in Boston for casual networking as well as a ki...


meeps2002 commented 6 years ago

Workshop on growing a Tea Garden

by greygarious 6 years ago at Shaker Village in Canterbury, N

greygarious commented 6 years ago

Looking for XLB (Xiao Long Bao) cooking lessons / workshops

by sfwtchris 6 years ago

I live in the Bay Area (San Francisco to be exact) and I am looking for Xiao Long Bao cooking lessons conducted on we...

c oliver commented 6 years ago

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Sushi workshop taught by Nobu sushi chefs...

by WildSwede 6 years ago

I got this email today from bloomspot: $190 for an "exclusive sushi workshop taught by Nobu sushi chefs". See link be...

Lyon for foodies? (Seeking recommendations on dining well & cooking workshops)

by audreystyle17 7 years ago

My partner and I are spending a special, long weekend in Lyon and are searching for local recommendations on lovely p...

ChefJune commented 7 years ago

28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen [London]

by jenniferjones 7 years ago

My husband and I had an early dinner on Friday at 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen. Our reservations were at 6:15 beca...

abby d commented 7 years ago

Need a good source of organic tomatoes for July 22nd Canning Workshop

by takuhead 7 years ago

I know it's early days for tomatoes this year due to the mild weather - but I am hosting a series of tomato canning w...


Ericruo commented 7 years ago

Help! Affordable cooking class/workshop in Florence or Venice?

by aly2121 9 years ago

Hi! My husband and I would absolutely love to take a cooking class/workshop while in Italy in late November, but I ca...


florwoman commented 7 years ago

Le Cordon Bleu Workshops

by 46137 7 years ago

Has anyone ever taken one? Are they really hands on -- small courses? Any other recommendations for day cooking class...


46137 commented 7 years ago

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

by anneliesz 8 years ago

I have been wanting to get into canning and found a great organization called Yes, We Can that has people sign up and...

Ruth Lafler commented 8 years ago

Workshop or Test Kitchen

by yumchucks 8 years ago

I'd like to get a gift certificate for someone to a killer cooking workshop or test kitchen. I'm looking into the cul...

Asumnuthin commented 8 years ago

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National Dishes Laotian Larb Workshop

by yummyrice 8 years ago

Has anyone here attended any of those National Dishes workshops? What a wonderful way to learn how to cook delicious ...

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Newark NJ: Need caterer for workshop

by OnionGirl 9 years ago

We are a nonprofit association and I need to find a caterer to do an off-site breakfast and lunch for a professional ...