How to Use Your Wok on the Grill For the Best Stir-Fry Ever

Whatever type of grill you have, you likely use it all summer long—not just for steaks and skewers, we hope; grilled watermelon, grilled pizza, and grilled lobster tails are all equally fantastic, but...

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best nonstick wok minus teflon

by Royaljelly 14 years ago

for those home chefs out there, what is the best everyday-use wok for stirfry that is non stick and doesn't have teflon? I have tried nonstick teflon but the layer all gets rubbed off eventual...

Getting Crispy, Scrapeable Rice in Calphalon Mini Wok

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 14 years ago

I'm fond of making fried rice in my calphalon mini wok (aka 9" Commercial Aluminum Chefs Pot Pan G175HC). Its small size and limited heat capacity (of pan and of stove) make it impossible to get re...

On Wok

by RunBe4UFly 14 years ago

Couple coworkers went to a "Wok cooking class " and liked it. I was looking at their class note and felt it missed couple important points. Therefore, I sent them some additional info. base on my e...

Wok vs. frying pan for pad thai?

by seconds 14 years ago

I wanted to try my hand at making pad thai this week, but I don't own a wok. Does it make a big difference to use a wok, or has anyone had good results just using a frying pan?

Giant Wok / Giant Wok Ring ???

Indy Tourist
by Indy Tourist 14 years ago

I am thinking of investing in a big wok (24-28 inch) for camping trips. I've seen them for sale at reasonable prices but I haven't seen any big-wok-rings! Any ideas how I can keep my future giant w...

wok seasoning

by bear 14 years ago

I just bought an inexpensive carbon steel wok, and need to season it. Do I use the same technique that I use on cast iron? Any help would be appreciated.

Stir Fry - Please Help - too much water in wok

by ExercisetoEat 14 years ago

I need some help when it comes to my stir frying. Right now I have a couple of equipment challenges 1.) electric stove top 2.) non-stick wok. Both of those will go away after a move in several mont...

A Good Wok We Don't Have to Season

by mojoeater 14 years ago

We use our wok all the time. So much so that we've beaten the hell out of our current one and desperately need a new one. Here are the caveats: - Can't be one we have to season. SO will not sta...

Indian wok vs. chinese wok?

by Jessca 14 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm a recent college graduate without much kitchen space, but I've decided that a wok is one of those must-have cooking "extras." What are the differences between Indian and C...

Wok ideas- Asian and non-Asian...

by Clarkafella 14 years ago

Greetings, Got a brand new Calaphon stainless steel wok for my birthday- now I need some ideas for things to cook in it- any input would be wonderful! I would love recipes, but if you just have ...

How to pick a good WOK?

by Nutzer 14 years ago

All, Wondering what you all recommend on buying a 12" wok? I don't want any non stick kind. What brand, material should I look for? Thanks!

Wok recomendations

by Stack8 14 years ago

I have a nice NS Wearever flat bottom wok that has given excellant service for about 15 years now. The NS coating is now starting to chip away. Time for my old wok to go. Any thoughts be be welcome...

Do you have any suggestions for good stirfry/wok recipe books?..

by shazzer65 15 years ago

Tired of my same old recipes and would love to peruse some good books........do you have a favourite or two?

Chinese Stir-Fry -- Wok Not

by nosh 15 years ago

I have listened to two radio cooking shows today that are talking about making Chinese food at home, this being the beginning weekend of Chinese New Year. Both hosts and even a chef-guest talked a...

Filet Tips.... Possible without a Comal, Griddle or Wok?

by Eat_Nopal 15 years ago

Well I bought some very nice looking Filet Tips... actually it was a strip labeled a 'Bistro Filet' (I sliced into Tips) that was half the price of the Filet Mignon... with the intention of pan fry...

Braising chicken in a wok

by RiJaAr 15 years ago

i'm just starting to make dinner. i'm going to cook some chicken thighs in my wok. what kind of spices? sauces? sides? all suggestions welcome, for today and future use! i can't imagine co...

Chef Mate Carbon Steel Wok

by Michele4466 15 years ago

Based on a recent thread, my hubby and I decided to buy the chef mate wok. I started to season it, did the boiling water thing and then the first cooking oil step... During the heating process, th...

How many woks do you own?

by Candy 15 years ago

My DH suggested this and I told him to post it but have gone ahead with the question. How many do you own, what type and do you use them for more than Asian food? The question arose when I as...

carbon steel wok

by arifa 15 years ago

i see lots of posts about seasoning and caring for cast iron, but i don't see too many about carbon steel woks. i followed the instructions on a website (see link below) to season my wok using cr...

Wok seasoning flaking off

by J.A. 15 years ago

This weekend, I seasoned my new carbon-steel round-bottom wok using Kasma Loha-unchit's method: http://thaifoodandtravel.com/features/wokcare.html I seasoned it on the stovetop using palm oil ...

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