A Bite-Size Stop in Wilmington, North Carolina

Planning a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. Just two hours south of Raleigh, in a nook off of the Atlantic Ocean lies North Carolina...

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Wilmington with Man's best friend

by carolmoonbeam 9 years ago

Will be staying in Topsail, but would like to take a day trip to Wilmington. Any recommendations for outdoor dining that will allow a well behaved dog along? Also if anyone in the area can speak ab...

Wilmington - Casual Lunch Place Near Downtown

by wintersummer 9 years ago

We will be spending a few days in Wilmington. I've used these boards to line up some good dinner spots. I'm now looking for some casual lunch time places near downtown. Hopefully, we'll park the...

Veggie Friendly in Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC?

by thymewarrp 9 years ago

We are meeting friends for dinner in Wrightsville Beach. They are vegetarians (not vegan) and we are carnivores. None of us are from the area. Any recommendations for Wrightsville Beach or Wilmingt...

Wilmington, NC Trip Report

by TriangleTangle 9 years ago

Just returned from a week at Wrightsville Beach. Here are a few food reports: Restaurant - Catch - Odd location in strip mall, very tasty and imaginative seafood in a tasteful interior Restau...

ISO - Good Eats! Wilmington and surrounding area

by ReadWriteThink 9 years ago

Hello all! I did some Chowhound searches but came up pretty empty handed for anything terribly recent regarding great food spots in the Wilmington area. My husband and I will be visiting for...

Father's Day/Large Group Wilmington, NC

by cburkhard 9 years ago

Hi all- WIll be in Wilmington this next weekend to celebrate Father's Day- looking for a good place to take all the dads in our group. We'll be a pretty big bunch- 8 adults, 7 kids (if everyone c...

ISO good traditional Italian near Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington NC

by barbara27 9 years ago

More specifically, looking for good stuffed shells--my daughter's favorite. We're going to be in Wilmington near Wrightsville Beach (Military Cutoff) for her birthday and that's her request for di...

Casey's Buffet, Wilmington NC - heaven on a plate? Any other can't miss places?

by Barbara 10 years ago

I just have to say that I'm probably going to leave Wilmington and go back to Durham later this year - but it absolutely will kill me to leave Casey's. It is definitely in my top five favorite rest...

Where can I buy Lizano Salsa in Wilmington or the NC triangle?

by Barbara 10 years ago

It's a longshot but hoping someone will know. I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica, and Lizano Salsa is basically the national sauce (somewhat comparable to HP Sauce, but better IMO). I ca...

Raleigh area/Wilmington area

by joanieloch 10 years ago

We are planning a trip to NC and will be in Raleigh and Wilmington each for several days. While in Raleigh we are looking at Six Plates, Chuck's, Gregoria's, and Weinberg's Deli. In WIlmington ...

Trader Joe's coming to Wilmington, NC and possibly Greensboro, NC too

by Notaslavetofashion 10 years ago

Article in the Wilmington Star says Trader Joe's is on its way to the Port City: http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20111216/ARTICLES/111219795/1177?Title=Trader-Joe-s-coming-to-Port-City ...

Best Burger in Wilmington

by kindel 13 years ago

Looking for a great burger, southern style. Anyone know of any good restaurants other than national chains that have them? Thanks.

ISO good restaurant Topsail or Wilmington, NC area

by edinaeats 10 years ago

I am looking for a good restaurant in Topsail/ Wrighttsville/ Wilmington area. I live in New England and want to send a gift certificate to a relative there. Thank you!

Greater Wilmington, NC area Eats

by CheetahsCoach 10 years ago

Any ideas? Looking for a couple of nights out to get away from the rental house - We are staying at Carolina Beach - The first three days it will be just my wife and I (any style,home style to gou...

Middle Eastern market in Wilmington, NC

by NickBelletti 10 years ago

I'm looking for some orange blossom water, it's not at Saigon Market. Is there a proper Middle Eastern market in town? Thanks. Nick

Wilmington Help!

by notsoacademicfood 10 years ago

Wilmington Help! I will be spending the fourth in Wilmington. I need restaurant recommendations. I would really love to find a hole in the wall seafood shack. I often find that is where I find t...

Chinese in Wilmington?

by Barbara 10 years ago

Hi foodies, I just moved here from Durham - I'm looking for great Chinese. I know of Double Happiness and look forward to trying it. My favorite is Szechuan though, and I was completely horrifie...

Wilmington for Foodies

by LindyD 10 years ago

Coming to Wilmington and would like to go to some of the really good food places. Not the famous but what you Foodies consider the best. Many of these posts are old and so I hope to get some new ...

Outsider Review Wilmington, NC, Beaufort, NC

by marie567 10 years ago

Hello, I asked a few questions on the boards before going out to coastal North Carolina. Here is my report, take it or leave it, of course it's based on my bias' and what I like to eat. I had p...