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Great WiFi cafes around Pac Heights?

by Chella 13 years ago

I'm working in SF for the summer and would love to explore cute WiFi cafes in my area (around the lower Pac Heights/Polk Gulch area) as possible. My favorites so far are Royal Grounds on Fillm...

Cafes with WiFi in Los Feliz/Silver Lake Area?

by Oliverstreet 13 years ago

Am looking for a cute, comfy coffeeshop with wifi and good snacks (or breakfast). Had hopes for the Coffee Table on Rowena, but alas, no Wifi. Does anyone have any non-Starbucks recommendat...

Wi-fi in Haight?

by mogravy 13 years ago

Sorry, new to the area. I did a search and found Coffee to the People. Any other wi-fi hotspots in the Haight-Ashbury 'hood worth checking out? Type of food/drinks? Thanks!

Waterbury CT Restaurants w/ Free WI FI

by Vince 14 years ago

Does anyone have a list of coffee shops or casual restaurants in Waterbury/Watertown CT that have free WI FI access? Thanks. Vince

nice coffee shop with wi-fi that you can linger at?

by Jane P. 14 years ago

Are there any nice (independent) coffee shops downtown that offer free wi-fi and won't kick you out? The only one I can think of is the Dunkin' Donuts on 2nd Ave and 11th, but I'd rather be in a q...

Free WiFi and snacks near Market/Dolores?

by Frosty Melon 14 years ago

Where can I go with a laptop for free wifi and good eats/snacks near Market & Dolores? I passed a place on 16th with free wifi but would like something closer...I hear Starbucks charges. Any idea...

Comfy cafe with free WIFI? (Mid Wilshire/WLA)

by Alex 14 years ago

Greetings Chowhounds, I'm fairly new in the neighborhood and haven't yet found a cafe to call home when I need to get away from home to do a little work and sip on some espresso. I'm looking f...

Wi-Fi Cafes in Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill

by Dequila73 14 years ago

I'm looking for cafes w/ good food and free wi-fi in the Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill area. Thanks!

WiFi cafes in Boerum Hill area?

by JD 14 years ago

Does anyone know of any hotspot cafes that will let you plug in and do a couple hours of work (and that has decent coffee and snacks) in the Downtown/Boerum/Cobble Hill areas other than Starbucks?

Petra in the Mission has free wi-fi and good, cheap food

by jennipah 14 years ago

Petra is on Guerro, between 17th and 16th. It's small and easy to miss, but their sandwiches and salads are great, SO cheap, and they have free wi-fi. Great, somewhat hidden spot! Link: http://j...

Cafe with free wi-fi?

by Andrea 14 years ago

I know of The Cup in Chelsea. Does anyone know of any others?

Good Food/Drink & Wi-Fi Access?

by Chino Wayne 15 years ago

Based upon a couple of recent threads here, I sent a friend to Lickety Split for the frozen custard and wi-fi access. He reported that the custard sucked. I guess that is not surprising, given th...

Coffee & free WiFi -- The Beanery, Alameda

by Ruth Lafler 15 years ago

The coffee house that opened recently in the Alameda MarketPlace (1600 Park St.) has added free WiFi. I can't judge the coffee, but supposedly it's roasted on the premises. Decent selection of bake...

Cafes with free wi-fi access in or around Westwood?

by pocky 15 years ago

Can anybody point me in the direction of some cafes with outlets and free internet access (wifi or ethernet)? I know of Cacao on Santa Monica, Lollicup on Sawtelle (but no outlets), and Infuzion...

Bar in the Gardens with WiFi? It's Election time

by Alison 15 years ago

Hello all, Is there a bar in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill that has 1) a TV and 2) WiFi. I want to spend Nov. 2nd in a bar in the hood, drinking and watching states turn blue but would also like ...

Wi-Fi in Chicago Cafes/Restaurants

by Ghostrunner 15 years ago

Hi Folks, Though this is slightly off the subject of food proper, I thought it might be nice to compile a list of restaurants and cafes that offer _free_ wi-fi access in Chicago. Why just eat wh...

Coffee and free WiFi? (Cambridge/Somerville)

by Scott 15 years ago

Hi there, I've been seeking a place to sip on (preferably good) coffee and use the WiFi connection on my laptop at no charge. I had a favorite place in the DC area where I could do this -- Commo...

Cafes/Restaurants/Bars with WIFI on UES?

by htb 15 years ago

Any suggestions? TIA!

Cafes/Restaurants/Bars with WIFI on UES?

by htb 15 years ago

Hi, Looking for places that have WIFI in the east 80s and 90s. Thanks!

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