White Wine

What Makes a Wine 'Dry?'

If you are any self-proclaimed lover of wine, it is likely that you have used the term “dry” to describe what you are looking for to a bartender, sommelier, or wine merchant. Somehow this term has become...

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Vin jaune in Paris?

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 6 years ago

Salut all, we'd appreciate any recommendations for wine shops that specialize in, or have a good selection of, vin jaune. A secondary interest would be a wine bar with good selections by the glass...

Seeking good inexpensive every day wines....

by prio girl 6 years ago

I'm hoping to get some suggestions for good inexpensive every day wines - both red and white. I'm thinking along the lines of wines that come in 1.5 liters (or even jug wines). I like wine with my ...

Best white wine for a white peach sangria?

by MartiniQueen 14 years ago

This is the first time I'm making this type of sangria, and I'm getting all kinds of suggestions on what wine to use...from chablis to chardonnay to white zinfandel. Needless to say, I'm becoming ...

Dry white wine

by tomself 14 years ago

When a recipe calls for dry white wine, what do you normally use?

Good white wine for making risotto?

by Caserta44 15 years ago

need some suggestions for tomorrow night, making a seafood risotto, so would appreciate any help

Chilling whites in the freezer- the science please

by Agordo 14 years ago

Most wine drinkers know that chilling whites in the freezer is a big no-no. It drastically changes the properties of the wine (if you did not know, take two bottles of the same label, chill one in ...

Wine Deal: 2005 Ventana Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, $96/case (Monterey)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

Last week after having lunch next door at Tarpy’s, I popped into the Ventana Vineyards tasting room for the first time in nearly a decade. Still no charge for tasting here, plus several wines were...

Is it wrong to drink cold red wine?

by best of tastes 19 years ago

Everyone knows white wine should be refrigerated and is to be drunk cold, while red wine is to be stored and served at room temperature. But why? Is it wrong to drink cold red wine? Conversely, ...

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