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STL - Where to buy a great cheesecake?

by Gina 17 years ago

I would like to find a place in St. Louis where I can buy a great cheesecake. (I make a great cheesecake, but don't always have time to get it done.) I am not looking for a place to sit down and ...

Where to buy salty licorice on UWS

by Caitlin 17 years ago

Now that Bway nuts is gone, who has as good a selection of those yummy sweet and salty nordic licorices?

Where to buy millet?

by The Turtle (Bay) Dove 17 years ago

Anyone know where I can find millet? Would Whole Foods have it? If not, does anyone know of a grain that would nicely substitute for it in a salad? I've never had millet to my knowledge so I'm n...

Smoked Fish: Where to buy

by LBE 17 years ago

I am looking for a place to purchase smoked fish for the upcoming Jewish holidays. Any suggestions?

where to buy saltfish

by rockin-good 17 years ago

Does anyone know where in manhattan (pref. lower) I can buy this? (esentially salted cod) I finally have my Ackee but what's ackee without saltfish? I want to make a jamaican breakfast this weeke...

where to buy chinese food containers?

by xavvier 17 years ago

No "at a chinese restaurant, idiot" responses, please. For my next party, I'd like to serve noodles before dinner, so thought this would be an amusing idea to steal from other catered parties I've ...

merguez--where to buy?

by kz 17 years ago

merguez (sausage) what are good places to buy this item? in outer and in manhattan too. if you can indicate heat level, please do, thanks.

Where to purchase softshell crabs

by Vicki 17 years ago

Can someone help me find a (non-online) market that sells fresh or frozen softshell crabs anywhere in Massachusetts? If this is an innapropriate message for this board can someone redirect me? Tha...

Where to buy fresh shrimps/prawns in South Bay?

by Joy 17 years ago

Anybody knows where to find fresh shrimps/prawns/squids in the South Bay? It would be a bonus if they are sold with the heads on... All the places here seem to have them either frozen or "previ...

mexican fruit ice bars- where to buy in bulk?

by david de berkeley 17 years ago

i am currently in manhattan, which is subject to a heat wave and a half (80+ degrees at 2am!), and i had a big craving for one of those mexican popsicles (the ones with big pieces of fruit in it, w...

Where can I buy bulk spices on the UWS?

by Kate 17 years ago

I've been checking all over for a grocery store that sells bulk spices - this is much more economical (and usually more fresh) than the pre-packaged stuff. Any suggestions?

Help-where can i buy a bento box

by jojo 17 years ago

Im in desperate need for a black lacquer box-very much like a bento box, possibly even a bento box. It needs to be black and to be lacquer, without the compartments. Preferably a 12"square. Does...

Where to buy cacao beans?

by plum 17 years ago

Some visiting friends are trying to buy cacao beans for a candy recipe. Does anyone have a source in the city for roasted or unroasted cacao beans? (I seem to remember a post a while back about...

North Shore - where to buy flan?

by Leslie 17 years ago

My husband has requested flan for dessert for his birthday dinner. Looks kind of complicated to make. Does anyone have any retail recommendations of where I could buy flan (party of 6) in the north...

Where to buy the freshest fish?

by e.c.dan 17 years ago

Any ideas on where one can buy the freshest fish and shellfish in boston at great prices? Are there fish markets in chinatown that are particularly good?

where to buy good potato salad in NYC?

by albert 17 years ago

Anybody have any suggestions? I'm charged with bringing a ton of the stuff to a Fourth of July cookout, and would appreciate any ideas! I'm partial to classic American potato salad, the kind with c...

Where to buy prosciutto bones?

by Stanley Stephan 17 years ago

A very nice person next to me at Molinari's this morning was looking for prosciutto bones. Molinari says they no long sell them. The bones are removed before the ham is cured. I passed along the...

where can i buy preserved lemons?

by claudia 17 years ago

i'm new to town. e hollywood / los feliz / silverlake area preferable.

Where to buy Weiss beer in SD

by Tom 17 years ago

Trying to find a store that sells a good weiss beer in San Diego. Aiyinger is my favorite, but have not found any place that sells it. Anyone with suggestions?

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