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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

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sushi-quality tuna--where to buy?

by Cakegirl 16 years ago

I hav a great recipe for tuna tartare and want to buy the freshest tuna possible. Any suggestions?

Where to buy Foxon Park Cola?

by mels 16 years ago

I was recently reminded of Foxon Park cola, which I always thought was great stuff. I remembered seeing it in random pizza shops throughout New Haven County as a kid, but haven’t seen it in years. ...

Greek Honey - where to buy?

by Linda W. 16 years ago

Every time I go to TJs in Arlington, I get the Total Greek Yogurt with the Greek honey in a tiny side cup. I also bought a larger container of just plain Greek yogurt, but I much prefer it with th...

Where can I buy Danish bacon?

by llama_lynn 16 years ago

Last time I looked, Piedmont Grocery in Oakland (on Piedmont Ave.) carried Danish bacon. Definitely memorable bacon! Call them to check since it's been awhile since I've shopped there (510)653-818...

Where can I buy Danish bacon?

by chasing bacon 16 years ago

I'm in search of the type of raw bacon called "back bacon" that you can buy in the UK and Denmark. It's a cut with a lot of meat on it, rather like Canadian bacon but raw. Does anyone know where I ...

Maple Sugar, where to buy?

by Middydd 16 years ago

Anybody know where to buy maple sugar? I can't recall ever seeing it in a store but Chowhounds seem to know where to find everything food related.

Where to buy fresh, shucked, chopped CLAMS?

by Lizzie 16 years ago

Am having trouble finding fresh chopped quahogs (for clam chowder) by the quart at any fish market -- can only find canned clams. Any leads much appreciated!

Where to buy Korean BBQ grill for home?

by emily s 16 years ago

We would like to try our own home grilling in the same style we find in Manhattan's little Korea. Any suggestions of good outlets or internet sites selling these retail, or decent alternatives?

Where to buy fresh real sauerkraut?

by jay 16 years ago

Hi there, I am sort of a health nut when I am not eating out... I am looking for real sauerkraut, not the stuff that has been heat pasteurized in the supermarket... anybody here know of a place...

where to buy fresh lobster and crab in new york?

by toru 16 years ago

Hi I am new in town. Could anybody tell me where I can buy fresh lobster and crab in new york for a reasonable price

Any leads on where to buy Ginger Cookies?

by Cap'n Pop 16 years ago

Any idea where to find lovely ginger cookies? I'm talking about big, soft, brown ones... made with molasses... icing is optional... not looking for those little crispy ones or "gingersnaps". Th...

Salt Pork- where to buy?

by scottybk 16 years ago

Anyone know a good butcher or store to buy salt pork, below 30th street preferably? I need some to make a fish chowder. Thanks.

Where to buy fish in the east village/LES

by arifmans 16 years ago

Just moved to the lower part of Ave. A... is there anywhere I can buy decent fish in the neighborhood? The grocery stores are pretty bad... Thanks all!

where to buy a good wok in southern cali?

by joy 16 years ago

im looking to buy a good wok here in southern cali, where can i buy a good chinese hammered wok here? thanxs

Where to buy fish in the east village/LES

by arifmans 16 years ago

Just moved to the lower part of Ave. A... is there anywhere I can buy decent fish in the neighborhood? The grocery stores are pretty bad... Thanks all!

Place to buy dried chiles and/or chile powder?

by rxrfrx 16 years ago

I'm supposed to participate in a chili cookoff tomorrow, and I need a place in the Boston/Cambridge/Watertown type area to purchase good-quality chile powder (or, barring that, whole dried chiles)....

where to buy good quality stemware in soho?

by queue 16 years ago

hounds, where can i go, preferably in soho, to buy good quality champagne flutes and/or wine decanters. i already went to crate & barrel & was not pleased with the selection (rims too thick and de...

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