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Where can I buy burrata?

by Pea 17 years ago

I'll drive anywhere. I love this cheese but it is so hard to find.

where to buy squid ink in san francisco

by Ralph 17 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some squid ink to make a paella?? Thanks in advance, ralph

Fava beans: where to buy frozen/dried?

by Sarah 17 years ago

Anyone know where i can get some favas? formaggio makes the most DIVINE baked/salted ones, and i would like to recreate them at home. i found dried ones at whole foods but they were more expensive ...

where to buy live crab?

by WantToCookMyFirstCrab 17 years ago

Does anyone know the best place to buy live crab in San Francisco? I just got back from the waterfront where I was disappointed to find that the seafood stands were all sold out by 3 PM. They also ...

Where to buy great rotisserie chicken in Philly?

by Frank 17 years ago

Where can I buy moist well prepared take-out rotisserie chicken in Philadelphia after 5pm? The rotisserie chicken at the Reading Terminal is fine but they close early. Any recommendations? Thanks

Where to buy dried mushrooms (porcini) in Chicago?

by titus wong 17 years ago

Does anyone have any good sources for inexpensive, dried mushrooms and/or porcini in Chicago? I used to get the cheaper South American variety at my local Jewel under the Kirsch label. They were ...

Where to buy a fresh bushel of oysters?

by Megan 17 years ago

I am looking for a good and not too expensive place to buy a bushel of oysters for an at home oyster roast. I would prefer something in the DC/VA. Any suggestions? Thanks!

where to buy liquid smoke?

by chowow 17 years ago

a recipe i'm making calls for "liquid smoke" where do i buy this?

Masa for tamales - Where to buy?

by Orgullo de Mexico 17 years ago

I'm shopping for a new supplier for masa for tamales. I need 100 pounds of masa "sin preparada" or "masa seca", that is, masa that has not bee premixed with lard. Also, I'm looking for some prem...

Balsamico - where to buy?

by D-NY 17 years ago

I thought it might be nice to buy my boyfriend balsamico for his birthday - you know the "real" balsamic vinegar that is aged for several decades. Anyone know of a good website for this? I'm thin...

Where to buy beef tenderloin or other roast meats?

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I am relunct to buy from the Safeway near me, their meats don't seem fresh. Chinatown is mostly pork, not a lot of beef choices. I suppose Whole Foods probably have beef tenderloin, but at very ex...

Where to buy (RETAIL) stone crabs in L.A.?

by Tujunga Mike 17 years ago

I am in desperate need for a place (retail or wholesale) to buy stone crab claws in L.A. Any suggestions????? Thanks....

Toulouse Sausage--Where to buy?

by Howgart 17 years ago

Hi...Looking for a place that sells (and most importantly ships) Toulouse sausage. Looking to make a Christmas cassoulet and don't live in NYC. Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks.

where to buy duck

by cora lee 17 years ago

does anyone know a good place to buy duck (preferably below 23rd street)? want to roast 2 or 3 for New Year's Eve. Thanks....

Cote D'or - where to buy Seattle

by RebeccaG 17 years ago

I've become attached to Cote D'or dark chocolate. Had been getting it at Thriftway, but didn't see it at either QA or Admiral on my last visit. Know of any other stores that sell it?

Where can I buy salted cod?

by tokyoastrogirl 17 years ago

Not sure if this is easy or hard to find, but I need to buy some salted cod. I live in the Highland Park/South Pasadena area and work in Century City so somewhere in close proximity would be great...

Where to Purchase Exotic Beers in Seattle

by KB 17 years ago

For a dinner party, I need to purchase some German beer. Any recommendations on where to buy, and what kind? (It is a German theme dinner). THanks!

Where can I buy a really good key lime pie?

by MHMichael 17 years ago

Was supposed to make one tonight 11/17 (for tomorrow) and it's 10:15 pm and I'm not gonna even try. Can anyone recommend any bakeries, preferably UWS but I'll go just about anywhere, where I can fi...

where can i buy preserved lemons?

by Amy Weitzman 17 years ago

does anyone know where to buy preserved lemons? i suspect watertown might have a place that sells them, but i don't have a lot of time to run around today trying to find them. THANK YOU! AMY

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