What's for Dinner

Examples of what's cooking in the homes of Chowhounds. Even on nights when they're rushed, the 'hounds somehow rise to the challenge. Lots of gorgeous photos, too.

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Midtown (uptown) Chinese...What's for dinner?

by Howard L 18 years ago

O.K., if you don't want to go downtown to Shanghai Cuisine, Funky Broome, or New Green Bo, where, in midtown or uptown, would you go to for good Chinese...with maybe a Martini first? Chin Chin, Ph...

What Roberta Had for Dinner

by Roberta 18 years ago

Following an enthusiastic recommendation from my friend Sayuri (who told me, "this man really knows how to cut fish") I visited Sushi on Oracle this evening. Trying to stick to low carbs was not a ...

What's for dinner--Meatloaf!

by berkleybabe 19 years ago

Just finished making meatloaf for the first time since I don't know when. It's so easy, and so good, I don't know why this isn't a regular item on my dinner table. Anybody have any favorite meatlof...

do we read "what jim has for dinner?"

by rhiannon 19 years ago

i don't know if you all read those articles considering they talk about new york eateries and such, but the mention of serb/bosnian/albanian food really piqued my curiosity. does anyone eat these ...

"What Jim Had For Dinner" is Back

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

For those who haven't seen the notice under the "What's New" heading on our homepage, I've started updating my dining diary again. There are two new entries, both about Outer Boroughs places, so...

The "new chef" at DiFara's, re: What Jim Had For Dinner 10/19

by Shane 20 years ago

That new chef must be Dom's other son, Michael. He is not, in fact, a new chef (he splits the weekdays with his sister Maggie) but does actually produce (IMO) slightly more sloppy entrees. Best ...

Roberto's (What Jim Had For Dinner)

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

Jim, Glad you had the chance to try Roberto's. My idea of not going there for dinner is more a principle than opinion, in that we are usually home then and can cook similarly. Their pressuring the ...

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