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Eater.com & Toronto?

by milhuas3 3 years ago

Does anyone recall what happened with Eater.com's Canadian expansion in Toronto? Toronto seems the best suited city for it in Canada, but they lasted maybe a couple of months. Meanwhile, other Cana...

Fall 2016 Baking COTM Will Be King Arthur Flour Website

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 years ago

Our winning "book" for September through November 2016 is the recipe collection at the King Arthur Flour website. I'll put the reporting thread up September 1, but please use this thread to talk ab...

Has Bon Appetite Crashed?

by lemons 3 years ago

My August issue didn't arrive, although a friend's did. Waited patiently, went online. Tried various things. Website doesn't recognize my password, won't return my email asking to re-set password, ...

What mobile app do you use to find great restaurants?

by DomTheCalm 3 years ago

Just wondering what mobile apps this esteemed communities of foodies uses to find great restaurants! If everyone shares here, then all of us have a better chance to discover the right tools!

King Arthur Flour - ingredient weight chart

by beetlebug 3 years ago

I was googling the weight of one cup of Marshmellow fluff and I came across this handy chart. The ingredient I was must excited to find (after the fluff) was the tahini. I usually guesstimate by lo...

Taking food pictures

by jpr54_1 3 years ago

I am learning to use my new android phone. I would like to improve my food photos. Any suggestions for websites,etc?

Ian Harrison is leaving Eater MTL

by CaptCrunch 3 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks. I enjoyed reading his news and I thought he had an interesting perspective. Hope he does well at Ricardo Magazine. http://montreal.eater.com/2016/6/16/11955536/eate...

Eater Silicon Valley Heatmap

by bbulkow 5 years ago

http://eater.com/archives/2014/01/21/the-eater-silicon-valley-heatmap-where-to-eat-right-now.php Ciano's, Campbell Cream, PA CurryUpNow, Sunnyvale Gochi, MV Gott's PA Hult's, Los Gatos Jac...

FXcuisine.com ??

by yayadave 7 years ago

Does anybody know why he's not writing any more? He constantly surprised me.

Online Menus...How often should they be updated?

by Mimi 5 years ago

We dine out infrequently these days at high end restaurants and one of our favorites lists an online monthly menu. Before going there, we usually check the menu to make sure it looks good to us be...

Any experience with jewishgrocers.com ?

by Kosher Carnivore 3 years ago

Has anyone ordered from http://www.jewishgrocers.com/ ? They have some interesting products, but they haven't responded to my emails.

App that replicates Chopped's Basket?

by ybloc 6 years ago

Anybody know of an app that gives you a semi-random grouping of foods that you have to incorporate into a dish? Basically looking for a Chopped "Basket" app.

Eat Your Books and home cooking

by jpr54_1 6 years ago

I just signed up on membership- I thought it was about time that I start to catalogue my books so it i will be easier to find recipes. This will keep me busy for sometime-

Need help finding an old article from Eater.com

by doona 3 years ago

Hey there. Wondering if anyone remembers an article from Eater New York: It had a graphic of a web, showing many famous chefs in the center (Colicchio, Dufresne, Chang, Keller), and then their so...

Best Italian Restaurants In NJ...

by ELA 3 years ago

There's some excellent history and stories here...and a wealth of knowledge and resources. None other than Pete Genovese, started looking around -- and he solicited suggestions and nominations ...

CNET: The Last Taco Truck in Silicon Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Today, CNET started publishing works of fiction, starting with this short story. Edited to add: Ironically, Chowhound's sister site doesn't display graphics or title in the link format.

Lucky Peach - Edouardo Jordan "On Being Black in the Kitchen"

by lamb_da_calculus 3 years ago

The whiteness of the fine dining world in America is something that interests me. So when I saw this Lucky Peach interview with Edouardo Jordan, who's young and black and cooked at both the French ...

what other food sites do you frequent?

by kseiverd 5 years ago

I hop among several all the time. Each has plus/minus aspects. Two of the ones I USED to go to have dropped their forums and have gone to facebook?!? Not a big FB user at all, and what's there s...

Menupages bought by Allmenus?

by sgordon 4 years ago

Ugh. With no fanfare, looks like Menupages ceased to exist and all links go to some awfully designed Allmenus page. For New Yorkers, it's particularly terrible because if you're searching for a...

Chefs Catalog Going Out of Business Sale

by zackly 3 years ago

Here's a chance to get something Santa didn't bring you @ up to 90% off. I think they are victims of cheaper competition and easy access to information. They had cool catalogs but if you searched f...