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Bistro 1521, Filipino in Ballston - Quick Hit

by Steve 9 days ago

I was interested to hear about a brand new Filipino place in Ballston, especially since the unfortunate closing of Bi...


FoodDude2 commented 4 hours ago

Restaurant Recommendation in DC

by GailT 1 day ago

My husband & I have been invited to dinner by out-of-town acquaintance, who is looking for me to select a restaurant;...


Trungtr commented 8 hours ago

Fresh haddock and a good fish market in Baltimore

by ConsApi 6 days ago

We're up in Maine right now enjoying haddock -- baked and fried -- Mmm, some fried haddock sandwiches we got at a ...


jfish commented 22 hours ago

Truffle-related gift in the D.C. area?

by kathryneganbrown 3 days ago

Hi, all! My husband is rather fond of truffles (sadly, I'm one of those people for whom truffles just taste like...ga...

ChristinaMason commented 1 day ago

Fresh Pole Beans (aka "Italian Green Beans" or "Roma" Green Beans)

by alkapal 12 days ago

Where can I find them in a store? The one vendor selling them wanted $5 for a skimpy pint at the Arlington farmer's ...

alkapal commented 3 days ago

Source for buying sake in the MD/DC area?

by amethiste 8 years ago

Hello All! I am looking to buy a bottle of Junmai Daiginjo sake. Does anyone know where I can buy this for a good...


manolotraveler commented 8 days ago

Chinese in Chinatown, DC?

by Deborah R. 30 days ago

Hello -- We have some young cousins visiting from Rome who are convinced they want to eat at a Chinese restaurant in ...


manolotraveler commented 8 days ago

Kabob Palace - what sort of style / recipes?

by pdm 9 years ago

I'm getting ready to move out of Northern Virginia, and one of the things I will miss the most is Kabob Palace. I've ...


issey5758 commented 8 days ago

San Chick, Pollo in Seven Corners - Report

by Steve 13 days ago

After Peruvian Chicken and Steak closed down, it took a while for the next venture to fill this space, and along come...

MikeR commented 10 days ago

KFC (Korean fried chicken) -- at Lotte Chantilly!!!

by LilyChilly 12 days ago

For anyone who might not be familiar, Korean fried chicken is a double fried chicken, usually with a semi-wet batter ...


Steve commented 11 days ago

Vegan trip report-Washington DC

by bgill 16 days ago

We've had lots of help from this site over the years and wanted to share our recent experiences in DC. There are lot...


Steve commented 14 days ago

DC Locally Owned Restaurants

by eenie1 1 month ago

Good morning all: I'm looking for some truly locally owned restaurants in DC. Good, fresh, locally sourced ingredie...

Worldwide Diner commented 17 days ago

Where to buy Half Smokes at a Grocery?

by Got_Wood 7 years ago

It's my understanding that half-smokes are half beef and half pork. I understand that Ben's Chili Bowl is the quinte...

RobertM commented 19 days ago

Federalist Pig in Adams Morgan - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

Arrived late in the day to Federalist Pig to find most of the bbq selections sold out. Ok, good sign to be a sure, ...

Mississippi Snopes commented 20 days ago

Crust Pizza in Tysons - Report

by Steve 1 year ago

All across America, the Neapolitan wave has taken over. Best Pizza lists are now completely dominated by this style....

MikeR commented 21 days ago

The NEW DCity Smokehouse

by Steve 26 days ago

Change of location, size, and pitmaster for this pivotal DC bbq spot. Formerly the best place to get bbq in DC, so ...

MikeR commented 23 days ago

Weekend anniversary getaway from Baltimore

by stevehollx 25 days ago

Looking for a place for two foodies celebrating our first anniversary to get away for a 3-day weekend on Labor Day. ...

Worldwide Diner commented 24 days ago

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Anxo Pintxos Bar in NE DC - Report

by Steve 26 days ago

A brief report about this Basque pintxos bar in the now-gentrified Bloomingdale neighborhood. How fast this area is ...