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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

Silpancho's House, New Bolivian in Del Ray

by Steve 2 months ago

On Mt Vernon Ave, near West Glebe, there is a brand new Bolivian spot with counter service and a menu that is mostly changing daily specials. They aren't serving the full menu yet, just a couple o...


Sloppy Mama's BBQ new Lee Highway location

by MikeR 3 days ago

Ate lunch there today. Pretty good, but it didn't blow me away. Service is like at Hill Country - you order by weight (the food, not yours) at one end of the counter and pay for it at the other end...

Ballston Quarter Round Up

by Steve 6 days ago

I've been to the new Ballston Quarter a couple of times, and I wanted to mention the three places I tried in one thread. We started off at Mi and Yu Noodle Bar, which I had fond memories of when...

Washington DC Center City

by Brawny 14 days ago

Visiting DC in late September and looking for a $$ or $$$ restaurant that you would consider not to be missed. Not really interested in "chains" but if there is something exception, we will consi...

So Korean BBQ

by wineloverdc 7 days ago

So Korean BBQ is by the same folks as Kagiya. I have never been a fan of kogiya so I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good SO is. I have been 4 times. Their Banchan selection is fantast...

Thamee, New Burmese on H St, NE - Report

by Steve 7 days ago

Thamee is a veritable hotspot featuring craft cocktails and a small menu, across from the Atlas. But how does the food measure up? After all, longtime Chowhound favorite Myanmar remains foremost ...

Lobster Salad/Pre-Picked Lobster Meat

by Deborah R. 9 days ago

I came across a hot dog bun (a brioche one from Giant) that I think would make an amazing lobster roll. But I'm really not up for boiling and cracking a lobster. Does anybody sell pre-made lobster ...

King of Koshary in Arlington - Report

by Steve 10 days ago

I lost a daughter but gained a son. Or. in Chowhound parlance.... . my neighborhood Yemeni restaurant closed, and is now a remarkable Egyptian restaurant. A win is a win. I've had koshary thre...

Mi & Yu Noodle Bar Now Open in Ballston

by Steve 12 days ago

One of the best pieces of news I've stumbled across in a while.... Mi & Yu Noodle Bar from Baltimore is now open in the new Ballston Quarter (fka Ballston Common Mall). I had a terrific meal in...

Wood-cooked barbecue in DC

by dcbbq 2 months ago

I’m looking for all places in the DC metro that make barbecue with wood and/or charcoal only. That is, places with no gas or electric backup for cooking the meat. Thanks in advance!

Momo Yakitori

by wineloverdc 6 months ago

Having heard good things about this place on Rhode Island Avenue {near South Dakota} we went on a cold Monday. We arrived to a mostly empty restaurant and were greeted by Ume, the waiter/host. We...

Peter Chang to come to Arlington?

by alkapal 4 years ago

If he takes over the Oriental Gourmet in the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center, I will return there. Right now, that place is on my banned list because of extremely rude management behavior. http:...


by PSRaT 23 days ago

Bresca was recently given a Michelin star - so we decided to give it a go. recommendation: Don't. deafening loud. one out of five Tasting Menu dishes was good, the rest so-so to 'not well d...

Trifecta Mexican Food crawl in PG County

by Steve 2 months ago

I hit three standout Mexican places in PG County that truly showcase the best in Mexican food that the DC area has to offer. I felt privileged to visit these places. But I also realize just how f...

Curry & Pie in Georgetown - Report

by Steve 1 month ago

Decisions, decisions. Do you want Indian or pizza for dinner? Well this one place in Georgetown has you covered. You can have both, even if you order only one dish. This is a tiny spot with t...

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

by Geeyore 7 years ago

I'm going to repost my review from another site. Recommend that Chowhounders check it out and add your own opinions: We visited for dim sum on Sunday morning, the place was about 2/3 full. The c...

Artichoke dishes at restaurants near Arlington

by Ziv 2 months ago

I have a housebound friend who isn't eating enough and when I ran down a list of dishes I remembered her talking about, the only one she really wanted was artichokes. Which I know nothing about so ...

Taste @ Hong Kong, Chantilly, has cart-service dim sum -- anyone tried it?

Bob W
by Bob W 1 month ago

We plan to go when our next dim sum craving strikes since it's so much closer than Falls Church for us.

Yu Noodles in Rockville - Report

by Steve 1 month ago

This is a small, attractive space with a lot of tantalizing dishes to choose from. I wanted to try everything, but we only got to three items. We probably didn't order optimally. Not that you c...

Best Wok-Charred FRESH rice noodle Thai See-Euw Dish in NOVA or DC

by alkapal 7 months ago

If anyone remembers Pan Asian Noodle House on Vermont Avenue in DC or its location on P Street near DuPont Circle, you KNOW this was the BEST Pad See-Euw dish EVER. What happened to those restaura...