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8 Presidents Day Recipes Based on Famed Hated Foods of the Commanders-in-Chief

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with certain privileges, chief among them, having a staff available to supply you with as much of your favorite foods as you want. Alternately, and perhaps a bigger privilege...

Where to buy Kewpie Mayo in the DMV area?

by RobertM 1 day ago

Trying to find a seller of the Japanese mayo Kewpie in the DC / MD / VA area. Thank you

Brabbo in Alexandria - Quick Hit

by Steve 3 days ago

For my first time here, tried two small courses at this long-time standby for upscale Belgian food. I began with the mushroom veloute and paid $1.50 for their bread service, which is a mini-loa...

Elle Bakery in Mt Pleasant, DC

by Steve 14 days ago

Elle makes a limited selection of high quality breads and pastries. On the morning I was there, they had one kind of loaf, a honey spelt. It was dark and crusty on the outside but lighter and flu...

Old Bay Steamed Crabs

by layne123 8 years ago

I did a search and there's alot of opinions about the best steamed crabs restaurants in Baltimore. I went to some place last year that was good, yet the place used some custom seasoning for its st...

Puerto 511 in Baltimore - Report

by Steve 12 days ago

Tried four items at this tiny Peruvian spot near the Hippodrome that has a split personality of a down-home place with fancy plating and upscale pricing. Three of the dishes were 'starters' and we...

What happened to DonRockwell.com?

by Bart Hound 4 years ago

The site has been offline for a couple of days. Anyone know what's up or when it's coming back?

30 person birthday party private room

by NSL 18 days ago

Good afternoon! I've been scouring the internet for the last couple days but I'm hoping for a little bit more targeted information. I'm planning my best friend's 45th birthday part the Saturday b...

Weekend in Annapolis

by pamE 1 year ago

My husband and I are going to Annapolis for our 30th anniversary next month. I'd love some recommendations for restaurants that serve great food and have a good vibe. Any type of cuisine. Doesn't h...

Two Del Ray Pizza Places

by Steve 2 months ago

Two places in Del Ray that serve pizza (and a bunch of other stuff) are Del Ray Pizza and Lena's Wood Fired Pizza. I wish I could say I am enthusiastic about these places, but I am surprised just ...

Blue Bell ice cream - grocery stores that carry it

by hypnoteyez_713 10 years ago

Has anyone in the MD/DC/VA area seen Blue Bell ice cream sold in their grocery store. I am trying to find some and avoid having to get it shipped from TX. I've seen it sold at some chain restaurant...

Urbano 116, Oaxacan in Alexandria - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

Recently opened, this Oaxacan specialty restaurant features a young accomplished chef, Alam Mendez, helped into this country by Rick Bayless. No kidding, this is a very serious chef and an ambitio...

Passover Foods in DC

by jdellsy 28 days ago

I'll be making seder in DC for the first time. Any recommendations for purchasing fish to make gefilte fish in the metro area? Also, where's the best selection of KLP groceries in the metro area?

Meatball Shop on 14th St.

by Steve 20 days ago

I ducked in here for a quickie dinner. Very friendly place, and it's easy enough to spend only a few bucks at this table-servce spot. The spicy meat sauce and the spicy pork meatball were both re...

Gumbo At Po Boy Jim

by Steve 22 days ago

I ordered a small bowl of gumbo at Po Boy Jim. I was served a bowl chock-filled with meat for $9. Yes, there was some gravy and rice in the bottom, but this was an entire meal made sturdy with po...

Lunch on Capitol Hill

by mrsphud 23 days ago

I will be participating in a Hill Day with a group of amputees who are both using prosthetics and some in wheel chairs. We will be on both House and Senate sides. Any thoughts about an accessible...

Good place in DC Chinatown for private event?

by jal41 24 days ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to have a not too formal business dinner on a Friday night--probably 20-25 people in attendance? Thanks!!

Childhood memories

by k140db 5 years ago

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with ...

Korean Cooking Class DC

by nicobrusa 24 days ago

Hey, I wanted to ask if somebody knows where I can take Korean Cooking classes in DC?

Tikkudak Chicken

by MikeR 1 month ago

A month or so ago, Tim Carman wrote about the Korean smoked-after-fried chicken in his Casual Diner article in the Washington Post. The popular chain in Korea is Choong Man, and there are now a few...

Seylou Bakery and Mill

by mrsjoujou 1 year ago

I would like to share my new favorite bakery, Seylou Bakery and Mill, in the Shaw district. We stopped here twice and sampled a few items. Prices are little high because they mill their own high qu...