Pucker up! Chowhounds talk all things vinegar, from brands to buy to how to cook with it. Pick up cool tips like making vinegar cocktails and add your own advice for buying, storing, and using vinegar.

Try These Secret Ingredients for Award-Winning Chili

What are the best secret ingredients for chili? Depends on who you ask, but there's a whole world of extra ingredients people like to add to the pot to boost the flavor. Chili can be a surprisingly...

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Shelf life of vinegar?

by Elle 18 years ago

I was just wondering if vinegar has a shelf life or does it last indefinitely.

I bought maple vinegar -- now what do I do?

by Laughing Goddess 18 years ago

OK, I'm from Mass and Vermont, and I've had/used/eaten maple everything you can think of -- but now I'm in Arkansas, and I just bought maple vinegar. Never heard of it before. The label says to ...

Sarson's Malt Vinegar

by bryan 18 years ago

Now that I've obtained a bottle I would like to know what to use it on other than fish and chips, of course. Thanks.

what wine with vinegary foods?

by adam 18 years ago

What wines would go well with vinegary foods--in particular vinaigrette for salad, mustard, or tomatoes tossed w/ balsamico?

Fermented (not vinegar'd) pickle recipe

by Howard-2 18 years ago

Howard Karten's Real Pickled (fermented) cucumbers Summary: Kirby ("bumpy") cucumbers are fermented in a flavored brine for a week or so, to make real pickles, i.e. naturally-fermented, with no...

Can bad wine be good vinegar?

by Tedmeister 18 years ago

I've got a half bottle of red that has been sitting on a shelf for months. Opening it, I discovered a distinct vinegar smell. About to pour it out, I thought: Hey, maybe, instead of buying a bott...

cavalli vinegar

by alexandra 18 years ago

Could someone please give me a specific recipe for a mixed green salad using cavalli balsamic vinegar? I need it pronto and thank you in advance. Alexandra

Sweet Red Chinese Vinegar?

by the rogue 18 years ago

I have had this sweet red chinese vinegar many times in restaurants and can't seem to find it in stores. It is usually served with chopped ginger along side seafood dumpling soup as a condiment or ...

balsamic vinegar

by mae 18 years ago

Just bought a bottle of 10 yr old balsamic. Will it be safe to age it another 5yrs or so? It is corked but not waxes (I can always do that, can't I) Does another 5 yrs make much of a difference?.

lemon slices in vinegar - suggestions?

by Kass 18 years ago

I received an ENORMOUS jar of sliced lemons packed in vinegar of unknown type. It is looking pretty in my kitchen but I don't want to open until I have some idea of what to do to open it until I h...


by LisaLou 19 years ago

I'm having a debate with someone. Is there a vinegar-like product containing no oil called "vinegarette"? I have always thought it was just a misspelling of vinaigrette involving oil, wine vinegar,...

Basil vinegar, infusions & death

by Stanley Stephan 19 years ago

I just made some basil vinegar. Is there any other liquid (not oil) that can make use of tons of summer basil? Spirits, wine, tea? I'm not that much of a pesto fan. I like it in restaurants, but ...

Grapefruit Juice vs Balsamic Vinegar

by Sarnie 19 years ago

This question was posted to my gardening list, and I thought y'all might have the answer. She beats olive oil and grapefruit juice together (+ a shake of salt and pepper) for a salad dressing, it...

ume plum vinegar

by Caitlin Wheeler 19 years ago

I bought this on a whim at my local grocery store, and have no clue what to do with it. I currently have some chicken marinating in it and soy sauce and ginger. Will this be too salty? Any othe...

Chinese black vinegar

by Chuck 19 years ago

I was at an oriental market the other day, and on a whim I bought some Black Vinegar. Any suggestions (traditional or not) on how I can use it? Thanks.

Champagne vinegar

by Sami 19 years ago

Anybody use champagne vinegar? Are there any noticable difference between it and regular white wine vinegar? Can they be used interchangeably? Same for Cider vinegar?

Making vinegar at home

by Howard-2 19 years ago

Anyone know how to make vinegar at home? I had thought it was a simple matter of mixing some vinegar with beer or wine (i.e., innoculating the wine or vinegar) and letting it sit while the little ...

Vinegar Making, has anyone tried this at home?

by Pat P 20 years ago

Every summer when I go to my local garden center I look at their oak barrels for wine and/or vinegar making (their side-line) and have been so longing to try this at home. Anyone out there with an...

storing truffle oil and balsamic vinegar

by Rachel Hope 22 years ago

I recently bought a bottle of truffle oil and a really nice aged balsamic vinegar and am wondering how best to store them. In the cabinet? How long will they keep? Should I keep the truffle oil a...

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