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Vegan Go-Tos in NYC (asking for a friend)

by burgeoningfoodie 11 days ago

A friend of mine is travelling to NYC (it has been 10 years) with a gal pal who happens to be vegan and wants to know...


emma20 commented 2 days ago

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Parm and feta replacement?

by zigzag17 3 days ago

I've tried various cashew cream, tahini sauce, etc. recipes, but have not found a good replacement for parmesan or fe...

Help please

by isaborn 10 days ago

I have been trying to follow a healthy plant based diet. However its been hard everything I like was either cheesy, c...


ratgirlagogo commented 8 days ago

Baekyangsa Temple, Korea (Temple Food, Jeong Kwan)

by sobbuh 1 year ago

"A top 10 vegetarian/vegan food destination worldwide?" We were fortunate enough to be able to make a trip to the ...


GardensKitchen31 commented 10 days ago

Impossible Meat at Clover KND (Kendall Square, Cambridge MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

WHAT WOULD YOU GET: If falafel had sex with a meatball? There's been a lot of media coverage about Impossible Meat...


PeterHG commented 12 days ago

Holiday - Let's Kill Something! (The Kitchen Stinks)

by Fredginger 28 days ago

It's Memorial Day weekend, so we are encouraged to gorge on meat or other dead things. I was watching The Kitchen (f...


ratgirlagogo commented 25 days ago

Heading to Miami - vegan?

by lhpangler 29 days ago

My family just shot down my fav restaurant Full Blossom because it is vegan. Any locals can recommend an omnivore pl...


Frodnesor commented 27 days ago

Vegan Restaurants Mexico City

by josephsuarez 2 months ago

I am vegan and traveled to CDMX last year and am returning this year in July, but with a non-vegan. I was hoping to f...


josephsuarez commented 1 month ago

Where to have a bachelorette party?

by luckiestduck 2 months ago

Hi hounds- I'm looking for a festive place for a bachelorette party that can accommodate some vegan guests. I believe...


Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

Desperate for make-ahead or easy prep real foods

by CollectingRecipes 9 months ago

Our household's dynamics is making for a difficult menu planning combination. We went to a dietitian actually offerin...


truman commented 3 months ago

Seitan S.O.S.

by beagles8mydough 3 months ago

So i discovered seitan by accident in an asian variety store, canned. Even with that preserved form I was impressed w...


ratgirlagogo commented 3 months ago

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What if Chipotle served soul food!

by soulbowlmn 3 months ago

Soul bowl has reimagined soul food for the future.

Breakfast at Saravanaa Bhavan on Lexington Avenue

by skylarking 4 months ago

I am a gluten-free vegan who is interested in having a weekday breakfast at Saravanaa Bhavan on Lexington Avenue. I h...


villainx commented 4 months ago

Advice for making Biryani-style fragrant Rice Noodles

by Rebel46 4 months ago

Unfortunately my area does not sell fragrant or aromatic Rice Noodles only regular Rice Noodles. Nevertheless havi...


luckyfatima commented 4 months ago

Mexico City, traveling with vegans!

by vtr7180 5 months ago

I'll be in Mexico City with some girlfriends this weekend and there are some vegans among us. I had no trouble findi...


cristina commented 5 months ago

Vegan Shabbat meals & dishes

by AdinaA 5 years ago

I sometimes need to produce a vegan meal, or add vegan options to a meat meal. I look for dishes that are good eno...


sherri1 commented 5 months ago

Vegan menu items in Boston?

by ekarcher 5 months ago

Hi everyone! I am looking for restaurants in Boston that serve vegan options (doesent have to be solely vegan). I am ...


stiv99 commented 5 months ago

Vegan/Vegetarians: What to eat when feeling under the weather???

by liveloveat34 6 years ago

I know chicken noodle soup is out, or a steaming bowl of pho which would be my pick... I found myself dating a veg...


littleduck79 commented 6 months ago

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Gelato Dolce | Laguna Beach

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Before Halloween I had a chance to try Gelato Dolce when it was offering special spooky flavors named after Things th...

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