Stop Rinsing Your Raw Meat Before You Cook It—Here's Why

Should you rinse chicken, steak, pork, or other meat before you cook it? No! It can be so tempting when you yank your glistening, bloody T-bone from its sealed plastic package with a snap, or unwrap...

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Which is better: veal or beef steak?

by marywhwang 5 years ago

I am planning on treating myself with a steak dinner, and am right now having a hard time choosing between veal and beef. How do they taste different? Note that cost is not an issue.

Veal meatballs with added sausage?

by jackfredi 6 years ago

I have a pound of ground veal, but no beef or pork. I was thinking of making meatballs with the veal and some Italian sausage removed form the casing. Any opinions/suggestions?

Vitello Tonnato; Spot Prawns

by Fine 6 years ago

A search came up with Madeo, but the menu on line doesn't show it. My preference is for strong tuna/anchovy components. Anyone know where I might find it? Any place I can get cooked spot prawns...

throw-back saturday: old-style veal parmigiana

by sundeck sue 7 years ago

We went back and forth about where to eat tonight. Bowl'd? China Village? Cosecha? Then my husband said, I've got it. Giovanni's (downtown Berkeley, Shattuck @ Channing). Yes! Veal parm...

*May/June 2010 COTM - GOURMET: Meat

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 11 years ago

Welcome to our May and June 2010 COTM, Gourmet Today: More Than 1000 All-New Recipes for the Contemporary Kitchen. Please use this thread for review and discussion of recipes from the following ...

What to put on veal ravioli?

by PhillyCook 10 years ago

I got some frozen veal ravioli from this amazing Russian food store in NE Philadelphia. Everything else I got there has been amazingly delicious, so I have high expectations for these ravioli. ...

Whole Foods "veal"

by snobman 9 years ago

I recently purchase 4 packages of veal scallops at my local Whole Foods store. It didn't look like veal as it was a dark red, beef color. It looked more like very lean skirt steak. My recipe was...

February 2010 COTM: Louisiana Kitchen PORK, BEEF, VEAL & LAMB

by yamalam 12 years ago

Welcome to the PORK, BEEF, VEAL & LAMB thread for the February 2010 Cookbook of the Month, Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen. Please post your reviews of PORK, BEEF, VEAL & LAMB recipes here.

Technical Veal Stock Questions

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

I am just in the last phase of a week long stock making bonanza (chicken, beef, veal.)I generally follow J Pepin's guide from an old Pleasures of Cooking.I have used this method since 1980, but th...

Angelicas in sea bright

corvette johnny
by corvette johnny 7 years ago

Has anyone been recently? My wife was reading an article about them in some magazine yesterday and she told me they have a signature 2lb veal chop. That caught my attention! And their other signa...

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