Who Wants Trader Joes Stuff?

by JayDK 3 months ago

Coming to Vancouver mid August from Seattle. If you'd like some stuff from TJs let me know.

Does anyone remember Bethlehem Bakery?

by steppish 5 years ago

Hi all: It's been years (1990's?) since Bethlehem Bakery in Vancouver closed, but I used to love that place! They had the best Swedish stuff like limpa, scorpa, and cardamom rolls that it seems ...

Vancouver WA Good eats!

by Pizzapiegal 6 years ago

Brand new to CH, so Hi!! I'm looking for really good Italian and Steak places in the Vancouver area. Don't really want to have to go into Portland for the good stuff. Been to Vinnies and Little Ita...

Vancouver, WA - NEW suggestions +/or try these?

by oregoncook 7 years ago

I've posted this here hoping for quick responses as I got none on the metro Portland board. Am I missing something? Looking for a couple of dinners and a lunch in Vancouver, WA. We have reasona...

Vancouver, WA - NEW suggestions +/or try these?

by oregoncook 7 years ago

Looking for a couple of dinners and a lunch. We have reasonable Thai in our depauperate, rural SE Oregon, so going for something else. Old suggestions for nice restaurants include Roots, Hudson...

Vancouver, WA restaurants

by HungryMedic 10 years ago

Looking for a restaurant in the Vancouver area, something nice for a special occasion. I searched the board and didn't come up with anything. Any suggestions?

Ginger Pop Thai in Vancouver WA

by Jane917 10 years ago

We recently ran in for a quick lunch at Vancover's new Ginger Pop Thai restaurant in the Grand Central shopping center off Highway 14. We were delighted with the food, service, price. The food is t...

Best Pizza Place in Vancouver Wa???

by hellostranger21 11 years ago

Ending a diet on the 29th and already craving pizza. Don't wanna shoot down all this hard work for domino's!!!! Whats a great pizza place??

Restaurant Recs for Vancouver, WA

by tanglenet 11 years ago

Hi, I will be coming up to Vancouver, WA in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for restaurant recommendations. Any price range and style. TIA

Seafood in Vancouver, Washington?

by glyons 14 years ago

Any recommendations for good seafood resaturants in Vancouver (not BC)? I'm looking for a family style place, not too chi-chi, maybe with some outside dining, and not outrageously expensive, but f...

Lapellah a New Restaurant in Vancouver, Wa - has anyone been yet?

by heather_ette 13 years ago

I heard some buzz about this new restaurant, Lapellah, at the Grand Central Station in Vancouver, Washington. Lapellah was formed with the guys who own ROOTS and 360 Pizza in Camas. So it seems...

Best bakery in Vancouver, WA?

by aperson 13 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for the best bakery in Vancouver. Looking for great cakes, specifically. Thanks!

Vancouver, WA excellent new Mexican chow

by 1bigfish 13 years ago

We just had the pleasure of eating at a new and wonderful joint called Woody's Tacos on Columbia near 11th. Chef/owner Scott Holzinger headed up a number of kitchens in SF...such as Rose Pistola, K...

Upscale Dinner in Vancouver, WA

by SaraASR 13 years ago

I am visiting my grandparents in Vancouver, WA next week. For my grandfathers 85th birthday, I'd like to take him somewhere nice/upscale and GOOD in Vancouver, WA. I know, Portland is just over the...

Vancouver, WA on a Saturday night

by Foamer 13 years ago

I'm going to be spending the weekend in Vancouver April 12-13, staying at the Homewood Suites basically on the water. I know there is a "Joe's Crab Shack" nearby but other than the name, and the w...

(Vancouver WA) McGraths Fish House

by Sabra 16 years ago

Just came back from a trip to Vancouver. We went to McGrath's Fish House/Restaurant for lunch, and I had their Cod Fish and Chips. That batter was so light and delightful to eat that I thought I ...

Vancouver WA Taco Update

by surfer dude 14 years ago

For the past year or so, I've been referring to extramsg's well-researched report on Vancouver taco places, most of which were located on E 4th Plain Blvd. However, since the time of the original r...

Fresh vegetables for delivery in Vancouver, WA

by maestra 14 years ago

I recently visited a friend who is disappointed that a difficult pregnancy and new baby have kept her from tending her vegetable garden. She is vegetarian and looks forward to her homegrown goods ...

Anything good in Vancouver, WA.?

by Emily Ford 14 years ago

Even though Vancouver is kind of one big strip mall I was walking around the the old downtown which seem kind of interesting. There's a few restaurants and I ate at a thai place which was ok altho...