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We could watch food TV all day long. Who's with us? Tell us your favorite cooking shows, and why. Fellow Chowhounds discuss spoilers, current seasons, and what to watch.

The Best Food Shows on Hulu To Binge Right Now

If you’re a television fanatic who streams most of your nightly entertainment (or daily, we don’t judge if you need a break at your computer come 2 p.m.), you probably already know by now that Netflix...

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Best New Restaurant = Worst new show

by maisonbistro 5 years ago

Watched it last night... would have been more interested in watching paint dry or grass grow. Sooo disappointed that Tom C. would be involved in something so banal. It's not really about the coo...

Breaking Borders: Anyone catch it?

by gutreactions 5 years ago

The premier of Breaking Borders aired last night on Travel Channel. Their first stop was in the Holy Land for a meal with Israelis and Palestinians. Chef Michael Voltaggio and journalist Mariana ...

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

by Rocknrope 13 years ago

Hi gang, A thread I posted about the Best and Worst Cooking Shows has been pretty popular: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/360187 And one of the qualifications of "Best" was how much did y...

What it's like to compete on Chopped

by chicgail 5 years ago


Masterchef AU.

by Puffin3 5 years ago

I don't get why oh why the people cranking out MC Ca. apparently haven't bothered to watch MC Au? I'm watching the first couple of years of the Australian production and the difference in quality ...

You're eating it wrong

by 512window 5 years ago

This is a "feature" on the Cooking Channel. It's about the length of a commercial, but I think is supposed to be educational. The one I saw last night was about eating tacos. Our host, a young...

Looks like "The Taste" is bland and won't be back

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

Failing viewership. No surprise. http://www.eater.com/2015/3/2/8133673/abc-the-taste-cancelled-rumors-anthony-bourdain-nigella-lawson

Masterchef Junior Finale 2/24/2015 spoilers

by Firegoat 5 years ago

It's down to Nathan and Andrew. Nathan cooks a mostly classical French 3 course meal, Andrew goes Italian. And the winner is....... Nathan! Of course we don't know what was edited out but I thou...

Masterchef Juniors semifinals 2/17/2015 spoilers.

by Firegoat 5 years ago

To cut to the chase. Jenna, Nathan, Jimmy and Andrew walk in. Only Andrew and Nathan are standing at the end. Nathan was the crystal clear winner in the raspberry dessert competition. Andrew was sl...

My Kitchen Rules season 6

by cresyd 5 years ago

My Kitchen Rules is back! I'm not very far in, but I'm really charmed by Robert the Texan. In the alternate universe where I decide to appear on reality television, this has always been the one...

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #15 – Finale - 02/11/15 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

Annnnd we're finally here. Let's get this party started! We go back to the very beginning showing how each introduced themselves in the Top Chef competition. A quick review of how both Mei an...

Masterchef Junior 2/10/2015

by Firegoat 5 years ago

Down to the final six. Which means its time for Masterchef Junior's knock off version of Top Chef's Restaurant Wars. The kids divide into 2 teams, with Andrew and Jimmy as captains for doing well l...

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #14 – Pre-Finale - 02/04/15 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

OK, we're coming down to the wire in the Kentucky Derby; it's the top of the 9th inning; we're in the 195th lap at the Daytona 500; we're at the two minute warning in the fourth quarter in the Supe...

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #13 – 01/28/15 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

And we're in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the beginning of the finale. They've all had a month and a half since the last episode filmed. We've got San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland re...

Does Lidia Bastianich Have A Tic?

by MarianneB88 7 years ago

I thought Rachael Ray's throwing the salt over her shoulder all the time was annoying but I am afraid Lidia is now Queen of Annoying Habits. I love her cooking have most of her cookbooks but I just...

Masterchef Junior.............faked?

by jrvedivici 5 years ago

I'm not really familiar with this show, I've watched a total of 3 episodes now, none from start to finish. My question(s) are, is this show faked? How much preparation guidance or advice are these ...

British Baking Show - Pies!

by DGresh 5 years ago

I enjoyed this week's pie competition. I was particularly impressed that most of the 3 or 4-tiered pies managed to stay upright and look good. I was surprised by a couple of things in the first...

Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

by Houcasey 5 years ago

I am so, so sick of Guy Fierri. I refuse to watch any of his programs and change channels even if a commercial promoting a Guy Fierri program comes on. Sadly, he's often on the Food Network and t...

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #12 – 01/21/15 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

And then there were four. Melissa's already heading to Mexico; Mei, Gregory and George are all looking to get those last two tickets. Th next morning, they head out to the TC Kitchen. Padma ...

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

by TonyO 12 years ago

I thought I had seen it all until tonight's episode featuring a disgusting school bus serving various forms of hot dogs. As if the setting wasn't bad enough, Fieri is shoveling disgusting amounts ...

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