Three Days in Tucson, AZ

by marisa6788 2 years ago

Traveling from NY to Tuscon for first time. I am total foodie also like good atmosphere.. Trying to pick three dinner places. Any recommendations on must hit spots? The Grill? A steak place which ...

Mexican Restaurants-Tucson AZ

by nohurry 1 year ago

Hey, Mrbigshot#1, Tucdan, EWSflash, Francelle...are you all still around...? Stop the [tortilla] presses: here's the news...my new favorite is PAPA LOCO, on Rita Road south of Valencia. It's rat...

Tucson whacha got?

by abigailhamilton 3 years ago

Will be in Tucson for 5 days. Super-interested in Native American food and desert food. Anywhere I should not miss?

Visiting Tucson, Flagstaff, and Phoenix

by snowgirl51 4 years ago

Hi, I am from Manhattan and am visiting AZ for about 10 days. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the best restaurants and bakeries (love dessert) in flag, phoenix and Tucson. Money is...


by dickgrub 3 years ago

Trying to buy it. Cannot find it. Some Belgian site will sell it to me if I add $47.50 in stuff I don't need. C'mon Hounds, you've never failed me. I'm in Tucson, so online is the only deal.

Dinner Recommendations (Staying at Loews Ventana Canyon)

by masha 3 years ago

We will be in Tucson over the next few days, staying at the Loews resort and are looking for dinner suggestions. We will have a car, but don't want to drive all over the place -- so, say, restaura...


by lacoet 6 years ago

Hello, Does anybody know where could I find Portuguese Linguica Sausage in Tucson,AZ.? Thanks.

Beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner

by mgebs 4 years ago

Thought they wanted turkey but now the request is Beef Wellington. We will be in a VRBO so need to know the name of a good butcher.

Fresh turkey in Tucson

by mgebs 4 years ago

We will be in a VRBO for Christmas week. We arrive Sat. 12/23. Where can I buy a 24# bird to cook on Christmas day? No time to thaw a frozen one and everyone wants to eat IN that day.

Christmas Eve in Tucson

by mgebs 4 years ago

We will be 13 family members all above 23. Visiting for a week in a VRBO and want a special night out. Hacienda del Sol, Westward Look, Feast and Arizona Inn. Most are foodies and we enjoy wine. Su...

A Quiet Cocktail Place

by Bobbing1956 4 years ago

I am meeting a friend next week in the evening and we are looking for a place to have a drink and to talk not shout at each other. I am hoping for recommendations for a place for a drink and maybe...

Poco and Mom's

by Bobbing1956 4 years ago

What happened to the Poco and Mom's on Kolb at 22nd? I though it might have closed but then it seems to be open at random times.

Ruiz Sonoran Hot Dogs - Tucson

by gordon wing 4 years ago

my first visit to Tucson - and the first thing I did was to get my rental car and head out to Ruiz Hot Dogs on S.6th Ave and E. 22nd St. it's a truck with a large canopy over the tables in the co...

Looking for mom and pop restaurants in Tucson

by melicia 4 years ago

Hi all We are spending a week in Tucson and would appreciate recommendations for mom and pop mexican restaurants, food trucks and southwestern cuisine as well. Thanks for your help

This place in Tucson called 'Pat's' for chili dogs and fries.....

by Joule Thomson 18 years ago

Hi Gang, I've been living in Tucson now for about 5 months and have managed to dig up most of the good chow..... But a week ago I came accross this funky old drive in place on Grande...just off ...

Tucson Asian Market

by petebs 5 years ago

I'm looking for a place to buy Sichuanese peppercorns (and maybe some duck) in Tucson, Az – preferably close to the university area or downtown. Any ideas?

Tucson caterer

by beccawc 5 years ago

We're looking for someone -- could be a personal chef/caterer/restaurant/etc. to cater a 40-person event in January 2015. We want traditional Sonoran-Mex, but are hoping for something a little nice...

Please, some recent reviews for Arizona? Esp. Bisbee, Tucson, and any small towns along the way?

by elizabetheatsfood 5 years ago

Hey everyone, We will be traveling from Los Angeles to Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Tucson and Bisbee then back to Los Angeles (still trying to figure out where to break up the trip from bisbee to LA, m...

Culichi sauce- anybody have a recipe?

by EWSflash 11 years ago

At Mariscos Chihuahua in Tucson they have a dish of shrimp or fish in culichi sauce. It's one of those sauces you make a pig of yourself on, it's so good if you have any after you've finished your ...