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Looking for mom and pop restaurants in Tucson

by melicia 2 months ago

Hi all We are spending a week in Tucson and would appreciate recommendations for mom and pop mexican restaurants, f...


melicia commented 1 month ago

This place in Tucson called 'Pat's' for chili dogs and fries.....

by Joule Thomson 14 years ago

Hi Gang, I've been living in Tucson now for about 5 months and have managed to dig up most of the good chow..... B...


ottar commented 6 months ago

Tucson Asian Market

by petebs 1 year ago

I'm looking for a place to buy Sichuanese peppercorns (and maybe some duck) in Tucson, Az – preferably close to the u...


werewolf commented 6 months ago

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Tucson caterer

by beccawc 10 months ago

We're looking for someone -- could be a personal chef/caterer/restaurant/etc. to cater a 40-person event in January 2...

Culichi sauce- anybody have a recipe?

by EWSflash 7 years ago

At Mariscos Chihuahua in Tucson they have a dish of shrimp or fish in culichi sauce. It's one of those sauces you mak...

euromongrel commented 1 year ago


by lacoet 1 year ago

Hello, Does anybody know if dry scallops can be found anywhere in the Tucson, AZ area???


magiesmom commented 1 year ago

Congratulations Tucson!

by andrewtree 1 year ago

First UNESCO city of gastronomy in North America http://ediblebajaarizona.com/tucson-designated-unesco-world-city-of...


lemons commented 1 year ago

Coyotas & Spanish Chorizo - Tucson

by kare_raisu 1 year ago

I am seeking out some direction on the best places to buy Coyotas and Spanish Chorizo in Tucson. I tried some of of t...


hueyishere commented 1 year ago


by lacoet 2 years ago

Hello, Does anybody know where could I find Portuguese Linguica Sausage in Tucson,AZ.? Thanks.


IowaBoy commented 2 years ago

Okay Tucson, what's your favorite Raspado stand?

by missvenuz 2 years ago

Yes, it's that time of the year when the mercury is above 100 and a raspado is the only answer. Where is your favorit...

kare_raisu commented 2 years ago

Tucson Trip

by Pappy 2 years ago

We came out for our annual spring trip. Just 3 days before heading up to Scottsdale for some baseball games. Satu...

finlero commented 2 years ago

Tucson (+ some Phoenix) Report

by Pappy 3 years ago

Pardon the spelling....I'm not going to go throught his twice: Sat am: Arrive PHX and went straight to Farmers Ma...


Jaymes commented 2 years ago

Incredible Ethiopian Food near I-10! Tuscon

by ekt_now 3 years ago

We stumbled upon this jewel of a restaurant and were so grateful. Meal was delicious and atmosphere was calm and rel...


azveggieguy commented 3 years ago

Need recs for one night each in scottsdale, phoenix, and tuscon

by betsameister 5 years ago

Traveling through Arizona with my parents and english cousins. Hoping to have lots of tasty mexican and southwestern ...


Claudette commented 5 years ago

Tavolino or Vivace in Tuscon

by woodranch 9 years ago

Both were recommended to me for Italian in Tuscon.If I had to pick one between the 2 which should it be.I cannot get ...


bluedevil33 commented 9 years ago

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Tavolino or Vivace in Tuscon

by woodranch 9 years ago

Both were recommended to me for Italian in Tuscon.If I had to pick one between the 2 which should it be.I cannot get ...

good eats in tuscon

by mike 11 years ago

hi i am from chicago and will be in tuscon for a few days and was looking for some recomendations looking especially ...


Sid commented 11 years ago

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