From Flank Steak to Filet Mignon, Here's How to Cook 10 Common Steak Cuts

How to cook steak depends on what cut you're dealing with; and when it comes to picking a choice piece of steak, you’ve got plenty of options—and questions to answer. Which is the most tender piece...

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Sandwiches @ Grand Avenue Liquors & Deli in Pacific Grove?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Following up a tip from a shy 'hound for the tri-tip here, I stopped by Grand Avenue Sandwiches last weekend only to find the deli counter closed early. The menu offers hot and cold sandwiches, veg...

Grilled, Marinated Tri-Tip

by gwleong 15 years ago

I just had the best tri-tip ever. A buddy of mine bought a marinated 'blackened' tri-tip and grilled it on the BBQ. It was so tasty. He is in the San Jose, CA area and bought the beef at a local de...

tri-tip beef roast (or bbq) CUT in greater Vancouver BC? (and how do you prepare it?)

by Georgia Strait 6 years ago

i've always known tri-tip as a popular recipe in Western US, esp California - like this recipe from Sunset magazine http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/garlic-rubbed-tri-tip so I wonder why it's har...


by Jennlincoln79 6 years ago

When cooking a Tri-Tip do you cook fat down or fat up its 4.35lb how long do I cook it for and is it 425° that I put in oven for.

salting tri-tip several days in advance?

by edgrimley 6 years ago

I often follow the Zuni-style approach to salting meat several days in advance of cooking. Kind of a "dry brine" I suppose. Has anyone done this with tri-tip? How far in advance? How much salt?...

Snake River Kobe beef tri-tip $8.99/lb

by Ruth Lafler 18 years ago

I wandered into Montclair Produce (2220 Mountain Blvd., Oakland, in the small shopping center up what looks like a driveway next to the 76 Station at the head of Park Blvd.) They are selling cryo...

Uses for leftover tri-tip?

by Feta_Compli 9 years ago

Hey, I'm looking for recipes that would use up some of a leftover tri-tip roast that I have. The roast is already sliced, and i'm looking for things other than the usual sandwich or hash. The tri-t...

Cumin-Crusted Grilled Tri-tip rub

by stefansky90 7 years ago

Does any one here know the ingredients in the Cumin-Crusted Grilled Tri-tip rub featured on the P. Allen Smith show. Thank you!

Roasting Tri-tip?

by Michelle 16 years ago

Hello fellow 'hounds, I have a tri-tip roast, a little over 2 pounds, that I would like to roast in the oven. I've checked on-line, and all the instructions I find say to cook it at 425 degrees ...

Tips Tri-Tip Trolley [Glen Ellen, Sonoma County]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

At last month’s Glen Ellen Block Party, Tri-Tip Trolley set up grills on the main drag to feed hungry wine tasters. The trolley itself was not yet operational, but this was my chance to take a ...

Any places doing Santa Maria style tri-tip BBQ in LA or OC?

by texicali63 8 years ago

By "Santa Maria style tri-tip" I mean slow smoked with red oak. I'd really like to try this when I'm LA and OC next weekend, going to Santa Maria won't be feasible for some time. There was a bbq...

Looking for tri-tip advice

by miss_mia 13 years ago

A year ago, it seemed like tri-tip was the big topic around here, and I could *never* find it in my local markets. Now that I've moved, I can finally find it, but my searches here are fruitless! (...

Suggestions for cooking Wagyu tri-tip roast sous vide?

by nmawhb 8 years ago

I'm have an upcoming dinner for a group and would like to be able to sous vide a Wagyu tri-tip roast to (near) temperature and then sear it to finish it to decrease the risk of overcooking it. Of ...

Humongous Tri-Tip Sandwich in Salinas

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

My friend Shari had recommended highly the tri-tip sandwich at "the deli next to the car wash on Abbott". She said it was tasty, but I don't remember her mentioning the size. I finally found the ...

Recipes for excess beef tri-tip

by letsindulge 8 years ago

I have 4 small-ish, untrimmed (2#) beef tri-tips left over from summer, taking up precious space in my freezer. DON'T want to grill, or roast whole. Want to invite a group of friends over and do a ...

Preparations for Beef Tri-tip other than grilled, BBQ'd, or wine braised

by letsindulge 8 years ago

Have 3 untrimmed pieces taking up valuable space in my freezer. Tagine, kalbi jim, nikujaga, ropa vieja possibly? TIA.

Where can I buy tri-tip/picanha in the Newark area?

by MJPByron 9 years ago

Okay, so I'd like to do a homestyleish rodizioesque grill this weekend, and I'd love to get some tri-tip to season up and throw on. Does anyone know where I can get some? The butchers near me are...

Where to get Prime Tri-Tip in LA/SFV?

by Moose 10 years ago

On occasion, I've gotten this from How's but since they closed the two valley locations, was hoping there might be some other options that are reasonably priced. I've seen at Gelson's for around $2...

Gumbo/Red beans & rice/Ribs/Tri-Tip at Berkeley Flea Market

by rccola 9 years ago

Daughter came out at Ashby Bart to meet me today at Berkeley Bowl and saw in Flea Market (not Farmers' Market) a guy with a stand selling bbq and Cajun/Creole. For $5 she got a nice serving of vege...

Skirt, Hanger, Tri-Tip, Flank Steak etc.: Comparing Less Expensive Beef Cuts for Grilling?

by opinionatedchef 10 years ago

I am far from a beef afficianado. i don't have butcher's knowledge nor have i ever broken down a steer.I only cook beef on a wood grill> 'Steak.' I like beefy flavor, I wouldn't eat beef tenderloin...