Gazpacho, pasta sauce, pizza, ketchup--find tips and recipes for all these tomato dishes and more.

Ketchup vs Catsup: Never Have a Mr. Burns Moment Again

When it comes to catsup vs ketchup, have you ever had a Mr. Burns moment, pondering the difference between the two? Well, spoiler alert: they are one and the same. That's right, there is no difference...

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Best Canned Tomatoes?

by Kara 21 years ago

I always like to keep a couple cans of chopped, not stewed, tomatoes on hand. I used to like the Contadina Recipe-Ready w/ olive oil, but that line was discontinued a couple yrs ago (the pastes re...

tomato sandwiches

by dh 21 years ago

With the harvest of wonderful tomatoes this year I am remembering my favorite summer lunch as a child. My grandfather grew tomatoes and I would go into the garden, find a perfectly ripe "Big Boy" ...

Heirloom Tomato Facts and Festival

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

A thread on another board prompted me to add the link below to Kendall-Jackson's Heirloom Tomato Festival. I'll be there tomorrow for the fun, food and wine (as a paying guest with no financial ti...

Heirloom Tomatoes

by christina z 21 years ago

The discussion on tomato sandwiches reminded me that I've been a little disappointed with the tomatoes I've grown this year. Yes, they are delicious and way better than those horrible winter tomat...

Green Tomatoes

by christina z 21 years ago

Are green tomatoes just tomatoes that aren't ripe yet or are they a kind of tomato that doesn't get red? I've seen recipes calling for green tomatoes and wonder if I can just pull some unripe ones...

Tomato Pet Peeve

by Joan Winston 21 years ago

I can't understand why restaurants insist on refrigerating tomatoes. The first time I went to Naples I had a caprese salad which brought tears to my eyes. The room temperature tomatoes were burst...

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