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Gazpacho, pasta sauce, pizza, ketchup--find tips and recipes for all these tomato dishes and more.

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Where to buy bulk canning tomatoes in NJ?

by drdavidge 4 months ago

Hey, my family is from Italy and we have a tradition of canning (plum) tomatoes once a year in August to make sauce f...


MrKmart commented 1 hour ago

Preferences - Tomatoes

by Gastronomos 8 days ago

It's the height of tomato season here. No need to deal with winter tomatoes right now, thankfully. But some may ...


sisterfunkhaus commented 11 hours ago

Can you hot water bathe dehydrated tomatoes in oil?

by Chandler114 11 days ago

So my bf has grown more tomatoes than I know what to do with and I started to put them in the dehydrator. I love stor...

babette feasts commented 8 days ago

Menus from the Garden

by dfrostnh 1 month ago

What are you growing based on a particular favorite vegetable? Last year I experimented with a lot of different ...


dfrostnh commented 14 days ago

Making Salsa Fresca- Peel the Tomatoes?

by Philly Ray 7 years ago

I'm looking at a few salsa fresca recipes and some call for peeling the tomatoes first. Not particularly swayed eith...

jpr54_1 commented 20 days ago

Baking Soda to Reduce Acidity of Tomato Sauce

by Funwithfood 13 years ago

Has anyone used baking soda to reduce the acidity of tomatoes in either tomato sauce or tomato soup? What was the ...

paizley commented 1 month ago

eggplant sun dried tomato dipping sauce from pasta primavera

by donali 5 years ago

I have tried and tried to duplicate the dipping sauce that Pasta Primavera restaurant serves with their bread. They c...


justmeterry commented 1 month ago

What to serve with Fried Green Tomatoes?

by daily_unadventures 10 years ago

I just got a bag of green tomatoes from my Dad which I am looking forward to cooking up but I was wondering what woul...


memyself01 commented 1 month ago

How long is tomato sauce good once opened?

by danna 13 years ago

I have a half jar of nice sauce in the fridge that I opened two weeks ago today. Is it still OK? What about "fresh"...


harrymont commented 2 months ago

Recipes with Tomato Soup as an ingredient?

by curryfan_ave 10 years ago

so...i don't really like tomato soup. but i discovered some cans of it and wanted to see if there were ways i could m...


Querencia commented 3 months ago

need ideas for using sundried tomatoes in oil

by yesidid 7 years ago

I got sundried tomatoes coming out the patootie!!! I broke down and just had to have this giant jar of sundried t...


boratini commented 3 months ago

Cutting the acid in fresh tomatoes?

by NotSoHot 3 years ago

This is sad: I've finally had a successful year growing my own tomatoes. I love nothing better than a tomato sandwich...


mylilly2012 commented 3 months ago

Has Anyone Planted "Ketchup & Fries"?

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

I was startled last week when the checker at my local nursery told me that Potato-Tomato (aka "Ketchup & Fries") graf...


mtduch commented 4 months ago

Bruschetta with Canned Tomatoes

by sophia519 5 months ago

I need to bring bruschetta to a party of about 30 people. Tomatoes are not in season and I was hoping for advice on h...


munchkin1 commented 5 months ago

Wal Mart bags & kiddie pool gardening

by cstout 1 year ago

Larry Hall has started an internet revolution with using Wal Mart grocery bags filled with soil & plants sitting in k...

ad7yn commented 5 months ago

A New Tomato Selection Tool

by DonShirer 6 months ago

Tomatoes are wonderful fruits that come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, and are almost as muc...


small h commented 5 months ago

Canned Tomatoes; check to make sure Calcium Chloride is NOT an ingrediant!!

by ryan 13 years ago

What do you guys and girls think about Calcium Chloride? My vauge understanding of canning tomatoes is as follows: t...


MikeG commented 6 months ago

Storing cut tomatoes so they don't turn into weird, mushy things

by Janet from Richmond 9 years ago

One reason I tend to buy sandwiches out is the tomato issue. If I slice a tomato at home or work for a sandwich or v...

DonShirer commented 6 months ago

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