Tomato Sauce

You're Going to Fall in Love with Kushari, the National Dish of Egypt

Unless you’re Egyptian (or frequent Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurants), you probably haven’t heard of kushari (sometimes spelled koshary or koshari). But, expect to see this unique menu item—which...

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Making varietal tomato sauces

by chocolatetartguy 13 years ago

Does that make any sense? I have one plant each of Oregon Spring, Black Prince (Brandywine) and Yellow Brandywine in my garden. I've been trying to restrict my tomato confit to only one variety, ...

jarred tomato sauce/ gravy

by mc 14 years ago

I am putting togeathe a X-Mas basket with an Italian theme. Wondered if anyone had an opinion on the best jarred sauce around. Thanks

tomato sauce - is it a crime?

by kasey j miller 13 years ago

Is it a crime to love pasta in tomato sauce? I love a good, fresh, light tomato sauce. Please tell me where you find the best pasta (cooked al dante please) in a fresh tasting tomato sauce.

tomato sauce Q?

by tasty 13 years ago

made a tomato sauce kind of like a ratatouille? was wondering what greens I can put in there that's healthy and yummy. so far I have brocolli, zucchini, and green peppers for my greens.

looking for windowsill tomato sauce recipe

by Jo Puffs 13 years ago

I saw a recipe in an airline magazine a couple years ago for a tomato sauce for pasta. It sounded really good and easy -- you throw together some chopped fresh tomatoes and other ingredients (garl...

This tomato sauce is way too tangy! help!

by freddie 13 years ago

i'm making a basic red sauce-- fried up some shallots and garlic, added red wine, then added some cento brand crushed tomato sauce. and yick! it's so tangy and sweet. i've since thrown in caper...

vehicles for Tomato sauce?

by ann b. 13 years ago

i've been really craving cooked tomatoes/sauce lately, but i don't particularly like pasta or starchy stuff. do you have any other vehicles for tomato sauce (like veggies, low carb items...i.e. not...

tomato sauce

by hungry 13 years ago

we mistakenly opened up a jar of tomato sauce last night. the sauce is sitting in tupperware waiting for me to decide its fate. i can think of plenty of deliciously diabolical ideas, but am throw...

my tomato sauce is too tarty!!!

by Zaheen 14 years ago

Last night I tried making some tomato sauce based on my memory of reading several different recipes (including those found here!) It turned out really well, except it is extremely tart. I know som...

Tomato sauce safety

by galleygirl 14 years ago

Ooops! I made tomato sauce really late last nite (the tomatoes HAD to be used) and fell asleep waiting for it to cool....So it sat out all nite in a covered Le Creuset French oven....What's the ver...

Best Homeade Tomato Sauce Recipe?

by scone 14 years ago

I was inspired by someone else's posting about using the great tomatoes available now to make tomato sauce, but I don't have a great recipe. I would love to get people's favorite recipes and try th...

Canned Tomato Sauce - recipes?

by WildSwede 14 years ago

I am looking for tried and true tomato sauces (basic sauce is fine, rustic style would be great that I can add things to when ready to use it) that I can put in jars and keep for a while. Any sugge...

Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce recipe

by Kristine 14 years ago

I'm sure there are chowhounds out there who are fans of Marcella's three ingredient tomato sauce. The large can of tomatoes, half an onion, and butter. It's so simple and so yummy. Well, I've...

Canned tomatoes for Marcella's Tomato Sauce w/ Onion and Butter

by Tracy L. 14 years ago

After hearing so much about this recipe and the "Essentials" cookbook I bought the book and made the Tomato Sauce with Onion and butter. It was delicious; however, the tomatoes I had on hand were ...

Jarred tomato sauce

by leigh 14 years ago

Yes, I know it's easy to make home-made sauce, so please don't try to explain why I should make my own. Fact is, I live alone and work long hours and don't make a ton of money, so I find that buyi...

Gelato & New Tomato Sauce at Costco

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I was at my local Costco (Fullerton) this weekend and they were doing a tasting of Sorbetto Classico and Gelato Classico. They are made by a company in Northern California. The Chocolate Gelato a...

Quality Bottled Tomato Sauce

by Amy 15 years ago

I know, I know....sauce is easy to make. However, I would like to know if there are any quality bottled sauces out there.

Looking for an easy to make tomato sauce recipe

by HAB 15 years ago

Our garden has come through with several kinds of tomatoes. Can anyone suggest an easy to make recipe for tomato sauce to be used over pasta. We've also grown some oregano, parsley, chives and ro...

Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes -- Help, Please!

by DanaB 15 years ago

Hi all! I'm experiencing a joyful abundence of tomatoes, from my own garden, but largely from that of my brother, who has an optimum growing area and great patience. Every week I visit and end up...

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