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Kohinoor of India - Thousand Oaks

by LesThePress 13 years ago

We moved to Thousand Oaks 3 ½ years ago. We tried Kohinoor of India shortly afterwards and found it totally poor in service and taste. Surprisingly they were quite busy, but we did not like it an...

Ethnic Asian Food in Thousand Oaks

by snow78 14 years ago

I am moving to Thousand Oaks this weekend and I am wondering if there's any good Chinese (includes Taiwanese, Cantonese, Shanghai & Szechuan cuisines), Thai, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese food av...

Looking for good duck in Thousand Oaks/Moorpark/ Simi Valley area

by Lala0310 12 years ago

Hi all, My mom is in Simi Valley and her birthday is this weekend. She is looking for rec's for a restaurant that does good duck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

asian markets in simi valley or thousand oaks

by maria 20 years ago

are there any asian markets in these areas? i am moving soon to simi valley and hoping that they have one there. thank you.

New Thai places in Thousand Oaks

by LesThePress 14 years ago

We moved to TO about 2 1/2 years ago and I always lamented on the lack of Thai (especially GOOD Thai) restaurants in the area. We tried Exotic Thai on TO nr Skyline, YUCH! Enough said. Exot...

Greco's Pizza in Thousand Oaks - hidden real Italian

by Snackish 12 years ago

Greco's Pizza, hidden in a corner of the food court area of Janss Mall in Thousand Oaks near the movie theater, is best known for its monster slices of pizza, but they have more to offer. The pe...

Famous Dave's BBQ coming to Thousand Oaks - moved from Los Angeles board

by creamfinger 12 years ago

I just saw a sign in the window of what used to be the Applebee's located at Thousand Oaks Blvd. And Westlake Blvd. It announced that a Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que will soon be opening....

Famous Dave's BBQ coming to Thousand Oaks - moved to Chains board

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 12 years ago

You can follow this this here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/618663#4670213 Thanks!

Franks-Thousand Oaks closed

by SIMIHOUND 12 years ago

Franks Char Broil, a long time instution in Thousand Oaks closed suddenly last Wednesday. It's sad as they were good eats. Why does everyone close so suddenly lately? http://www.venturacounty...

Hunan Chinese in Thousand Oaks?

by TomSwift 12 years ago

Some co-workers were talking of going to this place for lunch, claiming it had "very good" Chinese food. The menu has the usual supects and I fear that the place will only re-confirm the notion th...

Cafe 14 Thousand Oaks area ..Any thoughts?

by sdv231 12 years ago

My next door neighbor has been giving rave reviews for this place, however she once mentioned that she loves Olive Garden so dont know if I should even consider. Any feedback ?

Craving Indian in the Thousand Oaks area...any options?

by sunnygordy 13 years ago

I'm suddenly craving Indian food & have no idea where to go to sate my needs. I'm aware that I live in what many like to consider a culinary wasteland, but hey...I can't beat the commute to work!...

Dessert In Thousand Oaks

by chow_now 13 years ago

My boss is taking out his 80-year old mom for her birthday tonight - she lives in Thousand Oaks. Please help me with any suggestions for dessert places there. He knows already about the Cheesecake ...

late night dinner in thousand oaks or surrounding area

by missmodular818 13 years ago

i'm meeting an old friend at 10 pm friday for dinner. we need somewhere quiet so we can catch up. we may want drinks. any recs for good eats open late so they won't rush us??

Mastro's-Beverly Hills vs Thousand Oaks?

by brandygirl 13 years ago

I have a gift card for Mastro's. I live right between the two branches, so I'm not sure which one to go to. Is one better than the other? Also, I looked online at the menu, but prices weren't li...

Shave It, Thousand Oaks-Review

by Diana 14 years ago

The 101 was actually moving, so my husband crumbled and took me after lunch to Thousand Oaks for Shave IT. I LOVE shave ice, especailly the flaky melty stuff like I've only so far had in Hawaii....

Du-Par's, Thousand Oaks?

by Mike13241 13 years ago

How is the Du-Par's in "Thousand Oaks"? Worth a stop for breakfast if you're in the area?

Sushi Ko at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks

by Alice 16 years ago

Last night we went to Sushi Ko in Thousand Oaks for my mommy's birthday. First of all, I was surprised to see this shopping center as I don't even recall it being built, but it was a pleasant surpr...

Thousand Oaks

by George 18 years ago

Hi, I'm moving to Thousand Oaks in about a week for work. I was wondering if there are any cool places out there for some good food. Thanks a lot!

Buffalo Wings in Thousand Oaks?

by DanBP 13 years ago

I lived in Orange County for 20+ years and always had buffalo wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Wings and Things in Huntington Beach was great. People would drive up from San Diego just to eat the wing...