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Your definitive guide to Thanksgiving: Chowhounds ask and answer all the burning questions, from turkey temperatures to what makes the perfect pumpkin pie.

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Beef short ribs: How much do I need?

by ninrn 5 days ago

Hello, I’m making braised beef short ribs for Thanksgiving (the kind that are bone-in and shaped like big cubes)....


zackly commented 20 minutes ago

Seeking my mother's dressing for Thanksgiving

by jmckee 6 years ago

So, Mom died in 1986 after a sudden brief illness. Dad remarried a year later (almost exactly) to a woman who proceed...


BettyZbornak commented 6 hours ago

Thanksgiving Menus 2018

by arp29 14 days ago

I always look forward to reading the Thanksgiving posts each year and didn't see one started for this year yet. I am ...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 7 hours ago

Turkey leftovers and alternative turkey mains?

by The Dairy Queen 2 days ago

I'm not in charge of the main event for Thanksgiving this year--We're (luckily!) going to a family member's home for ...


Madrid commented 13 hours ago

New Orleans Thanksgiving for Vegetarians - Restaurants or try to cook?

by ekt_now 4 days ago

We arrive Thursday morning and will be at the AirBnB by noon. Not having much luck finding restaurants with vegetari...


ktmtp commented 15 hours ago

Roasting a turkey and turkey breast

by vanessa7 1 day ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time for a group of 12 adults. I saw this post from Bon Appetit that sugges...


BeeZee commented 15 hours ago

Thanksgiving count increased!

by amaK 4 days ago

I already ordered a duck for our small 4-person Thanksgiving, along with a special wine selected for that. Just learn...


Bigley9 commented 17 hours ago

No peanut oil for turkey frying

by MarkC 11 years ago

Where I live, we don't have peanut oil. Does anyone have an opinion as to second best for turkey frying?


acgold7 commented 1 day ago

Help with a Turkey

by kitt614 2 days ago

The wife and I decided we were going to host thanksgiving this year. Originally, it was only going to be a handful of...


fourunder commented 1 day ago

Sausage Cornbread Dressing

by StephAnnM 1 year ago

So, my mother has been talking about the kind of dressing her mother made at Thanksgiving (dressing, not stuffing, if...


cjzim commented 1 day ago

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Pick up Thanksgiving cranberry sauce/compote and dinner rolls: flour? tatte? other?

by cep1963 2 days ago

To simplify the list of items to cook, I would like to pick up cranberry sauce/compote and dinner rolls. both flour a...

Soft Foods for Thanksgiving

by adoreprince7 4 years ago

My dad recently start the process of getting dentures. So come Thanksgiving, he will have no teeth and just starting...


Johnymash commented 2 days ago

PDX 3 Nights for THX WEEKND, Itinerary Help

by sarahbeths 4 days ago

Hi PDX FOODIES!!! So excited to spend 3 nights in Portland next week. This trip was kind of last minute, so I won...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 days ago

Butterball Turkey Talk Line is up and running...

by gutreactions 6 days ago

Any questions concerning your Thanksgiving repast? The annual Turkey Talk Line is up and running with experts ready t...


MidwesternerTT commented 3 days ago

Would you roast turkey in advance?

by bblonde 5 days ago

Would you roast your Thanksgiving turkey a day ahead? Why or why not? If so, anything special you would do for firs...


rasputina commented 4 days ago

ISO pie recipes that don't use cinnamon/nutmeg and the like or stonefruit

by ebenay 5 days ago

I know I could just omit these items, but I tend to like making recipes exactly how they're meant to be if they're kn...


tcamp commented 4 days ago

Portland Thanksgiving Buffet Rec Sought

by sarahbeths 8 days ago

Going to be a tourist in Portland, Oregon this year for Thanksgiving. I like a buffet for Thanksgiving because I like...


stevewi commented 5 days ago

Bon Appétit Turkey recipe for 2 birds

by jmendenhall829 7 days ago

Hello. I am attempting to try Bon Appétit's turkey recipe for a 14-lb bird, except trying to double it to 2 14-lb ...


hotoynoodle commented 6 days ago

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! Ordered my turkey. How are you cooking yours?

by seefoo 9 days ago

This is the first year that i can remember where i am not going anywhere for the holiday. i told my entire family no....


Dogboa commented 8 days ago

Fresh turkey?

by cgruner 10 days ago

I'm contemplating ordering a fresh turkey (HoKa Farms) but cannot get good answers on (1) is it actually stored at 25...


Eldon Kreider commented 9 days ago

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