The strong, agave-based drink livens up any liquor cabinet. Whether you like it straight or in cocktails, we’ve got everything you need to know about tequila, including margarita recipes aplenty!

What Is the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal?

There's a never a day more suited than National Mezcal Day (Oct. 21) to wonder: What is the difference between tequila and mezcal? They're both made from agave, sure, but different species from different...

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Anyone tried Tequila Ranch at Seminole Hard Rock complex Hollywood?

by PennStater 16 years ago

I read an article a while back that the Tequila Ranch was importing a chef from Mexico City for this place. I'm assuming it's open since the complex of shops/restaurants opened recently. Looking f...

Tequila in the East Bay

by ruby 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a decent liquor store ideally in North Oakland where I can pick up a bottle of high-end sipping tequila? thanks. Also, I love some recommendations if anyone has a favorite I sh...

Tequila Distilleries Good to Visit?

by Maya 16 years ago

We'll be traveling around Mexico for the month of June, and would really like to make the excursion to Tequila. Are there any good distilleries to visit (that are more or less set up to accomodate ...


by joypirate 16 years ago

Went to Tequila’s for dinner last night. Really a nice place, you don’t get a good idea of how big the place is walking by. The chips and salsa were pretty good. The chips were a smidge stale or o...

Calling TEQUILA lovers!!!

by joypirate 16 years ago

The wife is taking me to a restaurant with a fine tequila selection this week for my birthday. What I would like is to do is ask my tequila loving hermanos y hermanas to check out the link and tel...

tequila bars?

by thirsty 16 years ago

Anyone know of places with great (i.e., extensive) tequila lists?

Best deals on tequila?

by Senor Popusa 17 years ago

My brothers birthday is this week and he has requested a bottle of Gran Centenario tequlia. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy this at the lowest price? For tequlia at a bar I go to E...

Haitain home cooking and tequila....

by chanagirl 17 years ago

Looking for authentic haitian home cooking in vicinity Palm Beach county . Any ideas? Also plan to check out Corbetts WPB for fish sandwich , is it as good as they say? And on another note, se...

azul tequila and a query..

by salome 19 years ago

I went to Azul Tequila for the first time last night. Its over near Strait music on Ben White and Lamar. I wanted to try the interior food even though I was tempted by the queso flameado. I can...

tequila in SD

by notjustastomach 17 years ago

I need to buy a lot of tequila -- lowish quality, like Sauza Silver. Where's the cheapest place north of the border? TIA

Tequila: who has the best selection?

by PuertaDelSol 17 years ago

Just got back from Chicago where I was met with some of the most interesting tequila selections at various establishments. Can anyone point out restaurants or stores that have large, interesting ...

In need of Tequila advice

by Sleepy Adam 20 years ago

Hi everyone-- I had dinner at Topolobampo recently and I came home feeling as though it would be great to have a bottle of really good tequila at home, for sipping. The trouble is, I don't know w...

Tequila Project, Phase I: Guajillo

by Joe H. 18 years ago

At noon today a group of the most dedicated from this board volunteered their time and services to an in depth study of tequila and associated caloric indulgences at Guajillo in Arlington. Partici...

Margaritas....and Tequila

by Nina W. 18 years ago

A thread on the Manhattan board, looking for good margaritas, got me thinking. I was in Chicago last week, and had a fantastic margarita and Chilpancingo. It was so good that I had a discussion ...

Two reviews: Los Catrines/Tequila's and Chloe

by Mariarosa 18 years ago

Hit Los Catrines - Tequila's on Friday evening and Chloe on Saturday evening. LOS CATRINES I had asked chowhounders a few months ago what would be a spot in the Phila area that would compare to M...

Are there any culinary uses for Harveys Bristol Cream and Tequila Agavero?

by Elle 18 years ago

I was just wondering what I could do with Harveys Bristol Cream and Tequila Agavero? Drinking it is obvious, but what else can I do with it? I never knew there was a such thing as sweet tequila, b...

Recs for Guadalajara, Jesus Maria & Tequila, Mexico?

by Pssst 18 years ago

Hi All, I'm going to be in Guadalajara, Jesus Maria and Tequila, Mexico for 12 days starting this Thursday. Any recommendations for great regional food, places to stay or things to do? Current ...

tequila -- Los Valientes and others -- where to buy

by Ted Sampsell-Jones 18 years ago

Hi... been going to Tommy's for margaritas, often with Los Valientes Reposado. Wouldn't mind working on my own homemade... does anyone know where to find Los Valientes in San Francisco? Don't...

BARRIO CHINO: nice tequila selection on broome street

by mrnyc 18 years ago

yeah ok so we read about this place on dailycandy like anyone else but we bit. BARRIO CHINO, at least early in the evening, is a new low key tequila bar that will fill all your downtown fine teq...

Desparate to Find: Non-sceney bar w/top shelf tequila

by Holy Molé 19 years ago

I have to entertain a client on a Saturday evening, who by all accounts is a tequila afficionado. I need to find a place with a decent top-shelf tequila selection, but nowhere too trendy or boister...

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