Hey Batter, Batter: These Are Ideal Beers to Use in Batter Recipes

Beer does some amazing things in batter for deep-fried foods. The CO2 gas in a can of Bud keeps things light and airy, and helps the batter cook fast, meaning the cod underneath can emerge moist and...

Tokyo - tempura near Ginza?

by EssexHound 11 months ago

Can anyone recommend a really great tempura place relatively close to the Ginza area? Also a ramen place if you know of one (not Ippudo). Thanks!

M.Sushi/M.Kokko owner opens next joint

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

So Michael Lee who owned Sono and most recently M. Sushi and M. Kokko has most recently opened M. Tempura which as you might guess focuses on all things tempura. Haven't been yet, but look forward...

Salinas Obon Festival 盆祭, July 28, Noon to 7pm

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Salinas Obon Festival 盆祭り Sunday, July 28 Annually on the last Sunday in July Description:Buddhist Temple of Salinas 14 California St Salinas CA 93901-2803 +1-831-424-4105 btsalinas.org P...

Tokyo itinerary for 10 days in May

by ausfoodie1 1 year ago

Hi everyone, We will be in Tokyo in May for 10 days, I am trying to lock down the options and securing reservations where needed and wanted to get your recommendations or suggestions on the belo...

Tempura in Kyoto ?!?!

by greycomputer 1 year ago

I will have one evening in Kyoto and would like to have the best tempura meal, around $100 per person (for food). Any suggestions?

Delicious (oishii) Japanese Food

by EvadSirrah 1 year ago

Check out this Youtube channel for some amazing food videos, first stop - Japan!

2019 Tokyo Food Crawl – Day 7 Dinner: "Motoyoshi" – Michelin 1* Tempura

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

This meal was undoubtedly hands-down, the eating highlight of my entire trip. Thank you again to my Foodie friend who used his connection in securing a tough reservation for us…….albeit a late 9.00...

Tokyo with a 4.5mo (non-family restaurants)

by vhyip 2 years ago

Hi all, I’ve scoured through all the chowhound and reddit posts regarding this, but I’m hoping to get some direct feedback on the restaurants we’re planning to visit. My husband and I have b...

B-kyu restaurant suggestions

by juddjudd18 2 years ago

Hi all, Looking to compile suggestions of B-kyu restaurants in Tokyo within the vicinity of the JR line, specifically places that won't require reservations. I'm particularly interested in unagi...

Great Ten-don in Tokyo

by Algerena 2 years ago

Hi all, Does anyone have recommendations for good places for tempura-don in Tokyo, particularly for lunch? I'm checking Tabelog and looking at pictures, but I'm always more interested in direct ...

Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru | Mitsuwa - Costa Mesa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Six years ago, the opening of Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru in Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa Marketplace was noted here, https://www.chowhound.com/post/sanukiseimen-mugimaru-don-don-tei-open-today-cm-mitsuwa-79...

Japan Trip in September - need help on restaurant suggestions please

by pmyok 3 years ago

My husband and I are going to Tokyo, Kruizawa, Kanazawa, Takayama in Mid September. I have been looking at all the reviews and still, couldn't decide on the restaurants. Last year, we have tried ...

Looking for some non-sushi recommendations in Tokyo

by od_sf 3 years ago

Looking for a few recommendations: - Tempura place, open for lunch, very good but not too hard to book, in the Y8,000 PP range, preferably around Ginza / Shimbashi / Nihonbashi. Kondo is my go-t...

Tokyo: best tempura and/or sushi?

by newfoodie123 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm traveling to Japan and I would like to eat at a high-end tempura and a high-end sushi spot. I was wondering of the following lists, particularly the tempura ones, which spots a...

TOKYO FOOD CRAWL - DAY 4 (1st Part) Tempura Lunch at Mikawa Zezankyo (Over 1 month advance reservation)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

TOKYO FOOD CRAWL - DAY 4 ( 1st Part ) Tempura Lunch at Mikawa Zezankyo ( Over 1 month advance reservation ) Question? - How does one follow up and try to best an enjoyable and memorable Sushi...

Tempura pot with non-splatter rim?

by travelerjjm 4 years ago

Or deep-fryer died a while ago. Of course, now we are lusting for tempura. I've done it in the wok, but it was a mess. We do some other wet fried stuff, too, so a stovetop pot (good for induction f...

Salinas Obon Festival 2016 Report

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Today I dropped by the Salinas Buddhist Temple for the annual Obon Festival. The food booths were in full swing at the noon opening. I only had a short time but managed to try the Shrimp and veg...

Best Tempura in San Francisco area

by Mul 4 years ago

I recently had great Tempura in Tokyo at Tenmatsu; it was great! Where can I find very good tempura in San Francisco Bay Area? I need to fill my craving for tempura after my trip there...

Kondo vs Tenko

by caseyfannin 5 years ago

Hello, My wife and I are headed to Japan for our second time and are debating between Kondo and Tenko for a tempura meal. Any insight as to which we should pick would be much appreciated. ...

Tempura Kondo

by jhyjhy 5 years ago

Hi, how long does a lunch generally last at Tempura Kondo? I need to catch an airplane in the afternoon :S