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Restaurant Gift Card for East Mesa or Tempe

by Tripper 11 years ago

Would like to buy a gift card as a holiday gift for my sisters family. Young kids through teens. Very casual but good food. Any suggestions? Thanks for any ideas you may have.


by ziggylu 14 years ago

Anyone eaten at this place? At McClintock and Guadalupe, same corner as Fry's, Papa Razzini, Pei Wei, etc... We had to run to Trader Joe's tonight so we thought we'd try this place out. We never...

Review: Copper Kettle (Tempe, AZ)

by jasonaz 14 years ago

Rating: ★ ½ I’ve heard good things about Copper Kettle in Tempe, which serves a mixture of Indian, Pakistani, and Afghani food. This is a difficult review for me to write, because I know there a...

Vegetarian Help in Southeastern Tempe

by Namius 11 years ago

I have recently committed to going vegetarian for the next 49 days. I work near where the I-10 and Baseline Road intersect, and am hoping for some independent restaurant options within 5 miles or ...

Tempe/Chandler Best Bets..any price...

by Priya 11 years ago

Help. Staying at Embassy Suites on RUral Rd. Don't want to drive more than 15 minutes one way...Open to all suggestions

Favorite Grocery Store? (South Tempe)

by buckeye.mary 11 years ago

I just moved to Phoenix (South Tempe) and haven't shopped around yet to pick a regular grocery store. Publix was my go-to store in South Carolina. Any recommendations for grocery shopping here? (I ...

Tempe hole-in-wall recs???

by flautachica 13 years ago

DH and I are headed to see the Lion King on Friday. We'll only have about an hour/hour and a half (depending on traffic) for dinner, before we need to head to the Gammage. We're not necessarily l...

Restaurants Tempe/Scottsdale

by ckwheat 11 years ago

Any good reasonably priced recommendations for dinner in the Tempe or Old Town Scottsdale area? My parents are coming into town and they tend to like plain American fare. Nothing spicy or ethnic....

Graduation Late Lunch on Mill Ave. Tempe?

by diametricdreams 11 years ago

Hi all, I'm a senior at ASU graduating in about a month and I was looking for a good place to get a late lunch to celebrate my graduation. As a college student, I haven't really had much opport...

lunch in Tempe

by kloeb 11 years ago

I'm going to be dropped to do some shopping at Neiman Marcus' Last Call in Tempe. Is there any place to have a delicious lunch that's within walking distance? Any type of food is fine as long as it...

Comfort or southern food in Chandler/Tempe?

by AnonymousWaitress 11 years ago

I just had a long discussion about Ranch House Grille and Texaz Grill with a co-worker and now am desperately craving some Chicken Fried Steak but work in Chandler so it's way too far of a drive fo...

Venue for business dinner in Tempe, AZ

by michelle1276 12 years ago

Can anyone suggest a venue for a business dinner for about 10 ppl in Tempe? I have heard great things about Caffe Boa -- is this a good venue for a business dinner? (It can be semi casual btw). ...

Vietnamese Healthy Food - Phoenix/Tempe

by pstempe22 14 years ago

Does anyone remember Saigon Healthy Deli in Tempe, AZ? I used to get the greatest noodle bowl with peanut sauce and cilantro in it. Can anyone recommend a place that might compare?

Essence Bakery - Tempe

by ziggylu 14 years ago

A girlfriend of mine called me this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her at Essence Bakery for lunch since I work just down the street from there. This is in the space that Sabudd...

Monti's La Casa Vieja- Tempe, Mill Ave and 1st St (about a 1/2 mile south of the 202)

by Namius 12 years ago

Meant to try Classic Italian Pizza today after eating at The Parlor on Sunday. Which by the way I loved, got the Yukon Gold Potato Pizza, but for that I'll add to the various Parlor threads. I'm ...

What's for Lunch in Tempe? Warner and I-10

by Safado 12 years ago

NOT IKEA! ;) I'm not too familiar with the area but need to take some friendly clients out. Let me know what you've been to and how it was. Thanks

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Sedona Food Itinerary Help for LA/OC Hounds

by TNT Adventures 12 years ago

Hello Hounds, My wife and another couple will be flying into Phoenix. Gotta love Southwest airlines $25 each way. We will have a car so drives are no problem. We are all adventurous eaters and in ...

Caffe Boa (Tempe) - now with Chef Payton!

by emmaAmethyst 12 years ago

I was already planning on going to Caffe Boa last night, even before New Times' Chow Bella reported the big menu change & posted the new menu! Early word was that they were going to make menu chang...

Kabab Palace (Tempe)

by wildwestcats 12 years ago

I've been looking forward to trying out Kabab Palace after reading reviews here and other places online about it - I was especially interested in trying out the kaddo. I finally made it there last...

Eating challenges in Tempe/Phoenix/Scottsdale areas?

by fishermb 12 years ago

I'm going to be in the Phoenix area for a week visiting some family, and while there's plenty of meals planned already, I'm wondering if there's any recommended eating challenges, ie. hot wings, in...