6 Simple Ways to Make the Best Tea Ever

Morning, afternoon, or evening, it’s never a bad time for a steaming, soothing cup of tea. (Mother’s Day brunch might be the best time of all.) Whether your penchant is for a caffeine-free herbal tisane...

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Glass kettle vs. Zojirushi for tea?

by comestible 12 years ago

I make a lot of tea daily, most by the gongfu method (many short steeps, lots of leaf). I was seriously considering a hot water dispensing pot like Zojirushi makes, where you can set multiple tem...

Do they make thermometers for water kettles? I think I'm going induction.

by E_M 9 years ago

So I was going to purchase a Bluestar to cook on and and electric water kettle to heat up water to the *exact* temperature for coffee or tea. But then I test drove an induction cooktop and holy cow...

Help finding a Tea Kettle

by XerxesAB 9 years ago

I need to find a tea kettle I can use like a samovar. I usually use a tea kettle that has a handle that can be set down to the side to allow a tea pot to sit atop the tea kettle. The tea kettle n...

Teakettles- Le Creuset or other colorful ones.

by Island 9 years ago

I need a new teakettle and since I keep it on my cooktop I want a pop of color this time. Looking at the Le Creuset. Anyone have one or know of another manufacturer that makes a quality kettle in...

Kettle with Timer?

by maxevan 10 years ago

I love being able to program my coffee maker for the early morning, but have never found an electric kettle (for tea) with a similar function. Does one exist? Is it even viable?? Thanks in adv...

Looking for a modern glass teapot and maybe a kettle, too??

by lfiske29 10 years ago

My bf became interested in loose leaf teas a while back, partially because of his business, and the hobby has rubbed off on me a bit as well. Our problem is that we have an old leaky electric kett...

Need a Recommendation on a Tea Kettle

by ctworden 11 years ago

Hello! I need a new tea kettle and don't wanna set out and buy a junker that I have to replace in a year. I'm not interested in an electric kettle, and it sounds like the All-Clad isn't const...

Open Kettle Canning - Is it safe?

by jacquelyncoffey 10 years ago

I only can tomatoes, and I always do them by processing the filled jars in boiling water. I know someone who cooks the tomatoes, then packs them it hot, sterilized jars, and puts the seals on them...

Reasonably priced tea kettle??

by Midlife 10 years ago

Our polished metal (probably aluminum?) tea kettle is beginning to show bare metal on the inside bottom where the polished surface has been worn through. 1. Am I right in assuming that this ma...

Simplex tea kettle question

by ciaolette 10 years ago

Which should I get, coil or flat, any opinions???? I am in the market for a new kettle. I don't care for the electric, have to use them at work, and for home I like the cozyness of a old fashione...

cleaning the capresso eletric tea kettle?

by qwerty78 11 years ago

hello all, I have and use daily a capresso electric tea kettle. Any thoughts on how to clean the inside of it? I know that it can't go in the dishwasher but i worry about getting too much soap in ...

Help finding a modern, non-whistle tea kettle

by white light 11 years ago

Please... I'm having trouble finding something that is stainless steel, contemporary looking and quiet that doesn't cost a fortune. Thanks for any suggestions, links, etc. Cheers!

I'm In Love with My New Copper Kettle

by niki rothman 13 years ago

And my husband isn't jealous! Just kidding...heh. I want to say everybody deserves to love their kettle. A kettle should be one of the minor gods on Mount Olympus, it's such a powerful symbolic ico...

Tea Kettle

by legourmettv 11 years ago

So after years of trouble free service our electric tea kettle is gone (crushed... but that is another tale). In the interim (Queen Victoria holiday and all the stores were closed) we pulled ou...

tea kettle?

by Absonot 14 years ago

I think this constitutes as food-related... I need a new tea kettle, but I want one you can leave water in. All the ones I've been seeing tell you to not let water stand inside the teapot (to pre...

I need a new tea kettle!

by lavendula 12 years ago

My last OXO teapot broke, the handle fell off - not the safest design I must say. I am looking for a good quality product, reasonably priced, that also looks great. I am really having a hard time...

fixing a kettle whistle

by tirinstar 11 years ago

I have a kettle whose whistle used to be very shrill and now is only very faint and doesn't start as quickly--is there anyway to fix or clean it? I know that you can de-scale a kettle interior, and...

tea kettle question?

by salemjan 11 years ago

Hi, I have a Dacor gas range with 6 burners. It has lots of power and I've just about ruined a Oxo teakettle with the high power from the burners. I'm planning on replacing it with a Le Creuse...

Lazy way to brew teabags without kettle (not for purists)

by Beau711 12 years ago

First off I'm a coffee drinker but I like tea and iced tea. What I don't like is measuring the water into the kettle, waiting for water to boil, and placing the tea bags in individual cups. Just to...

Does anyone have the All Clad Tea Kettle?

by javaandjazz 12 years ago

I am reluctantly giving up my old large corningware tea kettle to my mom. I remodeled my kitchen and got a new stove and the old corningware does not look right in here anymore. Was thinking of thi...

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